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19 Sep 2008 Day 3 doing okay
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Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is day 3 of counting calories. Today was my splurge day. I actually ate 1600 calories, and burned 600 exercising. The worst of these 3 days, but it was the one time for Tim and I to go out to eat. Who knew nachos were so bad for you! 🙂 We ate at Bennigans and split a 12oz steak and the Southwestern Sampler. It actually kinda made me sick after watching very carefully what I’ve been eating for just a couple days. I’m glad we ate then went exercising ’cause I feel a lot better now. Tim was a good sport to do the cardio of my workout with me. Okay, he actually fussed a LOT! But, he still did it with me.

I’ve completed 3 weeks working at the high school. It’s still going well. Some days are better than others and it all depends on the student’s moods. We have to feel out how they’re doing each day and some each hour to know how to deal with some of them. Please keep these kids in your prayers. I pray for them every day. I didn’t exactly enjoy high school, and to be on this side watching kids go through it is interesting, especially the ones that don’t know Christ.

Pray for me. My biggest thing for the year is to stay committed and on track with teaching 2nd grade Sunday school, 9th grade confirmation, and doing the 40 Days of Purpose small group. Also pray that this weekend wont be tempting being home and around food all day. It’s been easy at school ’cause I just don’t take much food, and I’m forced to follow my meal plan that way.

04 Sep 2008 Change of Schedule
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My schedule is really different now for school, but I still like it. Now all day I am in one classroom, which means no aquaculture class, and I have one student I give most of my attention to in the last 2 classes of the day.

I went in to the district office this morning and also got my lunch break figured out for the day. I will start at 10am each day and be done at 4:30. I am at the high school from 10-2:30 with an unpaid half hour lunch, which apparently is common? And then from 2:30-4:30 is my bus route.

I’m kinda bummed that I’m not in aqua culture ’cause I don’t get a class with 2 really neat kids, but I do get to ride the bus with them which is nice. I was also kinda worried about the kid who was the attention of the punks the day before in class. I hope things went well and there wont be anymore problems. When I showed up this morning and was told about my new schedule it’s because the other para that is in the class is working specifically with some of the students in there, so I was moved to a class without a para. They also told me that the teacher was impressed with me handling the boys yesterday and that he wanted me to stay instead, but that couldn’t happen. I’ll be praying for that class.

03 Sep 2008 First Day of School
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I started my first day of school today. I think this is the first time I’ve actually started at the beginning of the school year. Granted, today was actually the 2nd day of school, but that’s close enough.

The Wedding was beautiful. Glory was gorgeous. And we had a wonderful time with Tim’s side of the family. It was so much fun to get to play with Ruby, Noah and Ti. We had such a busy summer we didn’t see our niece and nephews much. Hopefully within the next week I’ll have the wedding pictures on my computer to post a few.

I was so incredibly nervous to start work today. The week after Tim and I moved to Minnesota I got a call from the high school principal about a para position they had open, so I went and tried it for 2 days, and it was a total wrong fit for me. After that I didn’t even choose to sub at the high school. I prayed and prayed and prayed about today. I really didn’t want to try something out again that wouldn’t work and be on the look for another job. And to my surprise I had a great day today!

I got to the school an hour early since I missed all the meetings before school since we were in Virginia. I had some paper work to fill out then needed to get my schedule and find out what I’d be doing. The principal briefly spoke to me, just long enough to bring me down to my special ed supervisor, who surprisingly is the special ed teacher that I loved working with when I subbed at one of the elementary schools last year. That completely started my day of on the right foot being so excited that I get to work with Paula! And…I am helping out in the ed support classes, which was my preference. I didn’t want to go class to class following students around. The last class of the day I am in an elective class to help out students though. That was kind of interesting. I had to get on to some guys in the class that were teasing another student, which I do not tolerate at all. So in the middle of the class watching a video I called the guys out and fixed the problem. Come to find out, it’s some of the guys on the wrestling team. I’ll have to ask Tim if I can borrow his wrestling shirt to wear on Friday so we can hopefully get to know each other and they’ll know I’m watching them and have an in with the coaches. 🙂

To end my days every day I have a 2 hour bus route, which is only 1 hour this week until the preschool starts up. I was nervous about that too ’cause I was thinking I’d be on a regular bus helping students out, but luckily, it’s only for students with special needs, and they are so sweet! I am very glad I don’t have any punks to deal with.

I am very pleased with the position I have. Tomorrow I go in for more paper work, and hopefully try to convince them that I need a lunch break in my 6 hour day. (Remind me, and I’ll explain that later.) I completely failed at trusting God to put me in a good position that He knows I will be good at. But I am very thankful that He was faithful and did.

I would love to hear how God is working in y’alls lives right now!

26 Aug 2008 New Job
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I just accepted a job today that starts the morning we get back from Virginia. Actually, if we weren’t going out of town I would have a couple meetings to go to and start a day early. I am nervous about this, so it doesn’t help to know that I am missing out of some information that would help me with my position, so I would really appreciate a lot of prayers!

I will be working at the high school as a special ed paraprofessional. This was actually my last choice of what I wanted to do in the school district, but I can already hear God telling me He can teach me many things (probably including patience) and that I will be a good fit for this as long as I let God do all the work through me. I will be working about 6 1/2 hours a day. My day will start at 10am on a regular morning and end around 4:30 after I help on the bus route.

Tim and I are fixin’ to get on the road to go to David and Adrienne’s. Then in the morning we fly out to VA with the other Schmoyers in MN, then Tim and I are driving to Virginia Beach, then Friday we’ll meet back up with Tim’s side of the family for all the wedding festivities. Then Tuesday we’ll fly home and I’ll start work Wednesday morning.

Along with praying for my willingness to listen and be stretched with this job and the ability to do what is needed, also pray that I wont let it stress me out during vacation so I can relax and enjoy everything.

I’m not sure how much I’ll be blogging if any while we’re gone. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to blog about when we get back though! You can follow me on Twitter while we’re gone though and see what we’re doing throughout each day.

06 May 2008 Three More Days
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I am so excited that I have three days left in my long term subbing position! I am very glad that I had this opportunity to teach, and I will miss a handful of kids, but over all I am ready for it to be over. This week has been going okay so far. Today I had 8 kids sent to the office to fill out a responsibility plan. Not the greatest, but I love this new discipline plan that we are following and it totally takes the stress off of me and hands the situations back to the students. I have one kid getting the first after school detention tomorrow. I’m interested to find out how that goes.

Next week I already have subbing jobs for Monday-Wednesday. It’d be nice to have work Wednesday-Friday instead to get a break in between, but I am looking forward to not having to do the lesson plans for those days!

This week has mainly been focused on grading papers and trying to get things in order for the teacher to come back. I’ve gotten a lot done with a help of some great girls in the class. They have really been a blessing.

Time for bed. Three more days!!!

19 Apr 2008 Over Half Way
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I have subbed 4 weeks, and have 3 left. I am getting really worn out. I had to leave early Thursday and take Friday off this past week because I have been worn so thin. The academic part is good, I’m struggling with being the one the students come to when they let a rumor or whatever drama is going on to explode and then they tell me about it. I need to learn how to not take anything personal. I care for the students, but I am empathizing too much with them. I need to take their problems and hand it back to them, to teach them how to handle their problems. Pray that God will give me the strength to finish up this position. And pray that I will sleep extremely well every night so I get all the rest I can.

My mind has been so wrapped around this classroom that I haven’t had much time to think of the girls in my small group, which I hate. I love seeing these girls every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening, but they deserve more of my attention than just then.

God blessed me with a great break this weekend. Last night Tim and I went down to the city to watch Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. I won a free viewing of it for our youth group, but the movie isn’t lined up to come to our town, so Tim and I previewed it before deciding to promote it and bring it to town. Tim blogged about it, and we figured since it originally wouldn’t be coming to town, it’s worth taking advantage of my winning and bring it here.

We spent the night at Dan and Maggie’s and hung out there all day. David and Adrienne were out doing a half marathon, so we got to play with not only Ruby and Titus, but Noah also. Maggie and I got to go to David’s Bridal to search for a dress for her for Glory’s wedding. That was pretty fun, then we had dinner when we got back, with David and Adrienne there.

24 Mar 2008 Real Quick…
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The other day we got 8-12 inches of snow. I was pretty upset at first, but then had some fun. Here’s how it started:

We went to Target, the church, and the post office today, then checked our mail at the end of the road and got stuck! 2 neighbors came to help which was fun. Then Tim got unstuck and drove on home. Our neighbor gave me a ride to the house since he has a 4WD truck, and we found Tim stuck again in front of our garage!
I ran to get the camera and start taking pictures, and on my way back out I noticed our neighbor stuck who gave me a ride! LOL lots of fun! We got my car in the garage then, went to help the neighbor, by that time the city plow had come and pulled out neighbor out.

After that Tim was actually in the mood to go play in the snow, so of course I had to take advantage of that time! We built a snowman (my 3rd one ever) and then Tim built an igloo.
You can see more pictures at our web album.

Today was my first day of my 6 week subbing assignment. It went well, but I am still nervous. I would really appreciate all the prayers y’all can give me! My goal is to be in bed by 9:00, but it’s 9:40 right now, so that didn’t happen. But I should be in bed and asleep in time to get at least 8 hours of sleep. I’ll be waking up at 6:30 every morning. So what to pray for: Wisdom for me to know how to handle different situations that come up. Peace with teaching a classroom of 29 students, both 5th and 6th grade. Joy that I will appreciate where God has put me where I am right now. And also pray for the students that they will be respectful of me, and that we can develop a relationship that will let things run smoothly.

08 Mar 2008 Dog Days
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I only worked three days this week, but I am still tired. Monday David and Adrienne came up and visited for a little bit so we got to see Noah and hear his adorable laugh. They are down in Texas for a wedding so Tim and I are dog sitting for them. Tuesday I was home all day with the dogs, and then subbed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Subbing was fun, I had the same 6th grade class all three days. I prefer being in a classroom for a series of days. Friday I also subbed for an after-school program, so I worked from 7:40-5:50. That made for a really long day. We’re also not used to taking care of two other beings beside ourselves, so that has been tiring. It was a good run for us to figure out if we ever want a dog or not. We never talked about wanting a dog before, but I think we can say we agree that it is not for us.

06 Jan 2008 Quick Update
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Christmas was wonderful. Mom, Dad, and Katelin all came up on Christmas Eve and stayed ’til the 29th. We had a great time. We went sledding every day but one, played a lot of games (mainly Mexican Train) and gave my parents a tour around town. It was a nice relaxing and fun time having them up here. Hopefully I’ll get the pictures on my computer soon so I can post them.

Tim has been doing some free websites to get fun toys. So far he has gotten an xbox 360 elite and an ipod touch for free! So he pretty much had his Christmas before Christmas thanks to himself. The junior high youth leaders all pitched in and got Tim Guitar Hero III for the xbox, that has been a fun game. Before Christmas we had the junior high kids over for a game night of xbox and card/board games. Then on New Years Eve we had the senior high kids over for another game night and sledding. Needless to say, I’m tired of all the songs on Guitar Hero, but it was worth it to spend time with the youth.

My work life has calmed down dramatically. Hallmark was done before Christmas and Friday was my last day to teach at the pre-school I was at all December long. Now all I am doing is substitute teaching. It’s a bummer going from a steady position for a month back to a random class each day blindly, not knowing what to expect of the students and what they are working on.

My voice came back which was nice, too bad I didn’t have it for work though. Oh well. This morning I was sneezing and blowing my nose constantly so I took some allergy medicine before church which made me really loopy. I am still feeling the effects of it, so I guess it’s a 12 hour thing. Hmm.

Sundays will be even busier for Tim and I for a couple months. We’ll be going to the 8:30 service, teaching 7&8th grade Sunday School at 9:45 then at 11:00 help out with another class teaching Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. Today was the first day with that schedule, so I’m pretty tired. Hopefully I’ll get use to it and I wont be so drained each Sunday.

17 Dec 2007 Woohoo! A Good Day!
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I made it through a whole day of work and I’m okay! 🙂
I was pretty tired after teaching pre-k, but I rested (meant to take a nap) by trying to get our Christmas cards out…hopefully they’ll be in the mail tomorrow, otherwise I’ll be sad if they don’t get to people before Christmas. I also did pretty good at Hallmark. I got into a coughing spell so I took a Mucinex, it seems to work and says it’s 12 hours, so hopefully tonight I’ll get a good night’s sleep unlike last night with a lot of coughing until 3:43 when I remembered about Mucinex.

So Pre-K was good. Friday I called in sick, but they did have class, the teacher’s assistant took over for the day. Bless her heart, on top of cooking for the day care she works so hard with the pre-k class too! She is an amazing woman, I should probably get her a thank you card from Hallmark. Going to school today I didn’t know what we would do ’cause I didn’t have the lesson plans for this week ’cause I get those ready on Fridays, and I wasn’t sure if the Assistant did the art project that I had planned for Friday or not. I was good either way ’cause I would’ve done it today and had something for the kids to do, but I’m glad she did it Friday so she wasn’t high and dry. I had talked to her about it Wednesday and she knows where I put the stuff for my class. She really is such a sweet lady! So today I winged it. We cut circles that we will need for our art project on Wednesday, that we were suppose to do today, but no problem. And the kids had Christmas coloring sheets and practiced writing their name on dry erase boards. It’s a life saver having the main part I have to prepare for be centers and they’re mainly self discovery. I’ll have actual things for them to do on Wednesday.

Hallmark went well too. Pretty much all night I just organized and stocked Webkinz. I haven’t even heard of these things until I started work here, but apparently they’re a pretty hot item. Just as hot as Ty Beanies were when I worked at Hallmark in high school. The mall is open until 10 this week before Christmas, so that is late and I was done and ready for bed at 9, but then now here I am at 10:45 blogging. So much for coming home and going straight for bed. I was hungry since I ate dinner at 4:30, so I got a bowl of Ohs and decided to check mail and then I wanted to blog! 🙂

Alright, I am super tired now, goodnight!