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26 Apr 2008 Texas Rebel
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After having such nice weather on Wednesday and going for a jog I am really bummed that we are covered in snow again. It’s 34*, feeling like 23* with the wind blowing at 17-23mph, and I just got back from jogging. All day long I have just been itching to go jogging again. I’d been complaining thinking there is no way I could go jogging, when finally (I guess Tim got tired of my whining) I was told, “Just go, you can do it.” So I mapped out a 2 mile route a little different than our 1.5 mile loop around our neighborhood. Turns out Google map was a little wrong though, and the side road that goes in a loop I was going to jog around, ended up being a dead end, so I just mapped out what I jogged and I only did 1.9 miles. Disappointed, but I did go for 20 minutes, and I’m happy about that.

Walking home for my cool down I felt like such a rebel being from Texas and so determined to go jogging even though the ground is covered in snow except for what has been plowed on the roads. Maybe it’s just Spring fever. I can’t wait to see our apple trees in bloom again!

24 Apr 2008 Happy Birthday to Me!
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I turned 25 today! My class asked yesterday if I was going to take the day off, but I told them no. I kind of wish I was there all last week so I could have taken today off. Oh well. Thank you to everyone who sent birthday cards. I put them all on my desk at school. That gave me good days looking at them.

This evening Tim and I tried out the new restaurant in town, Whiskey Creek. There is finally a place around with good bbq! We ordered an appetizer, split a full rack of ribs, and got a dessert on the house and sung “Happy Birthday” to. Our waitress was super nice. Tim got me some gloves for when we start biking when the weather gets nice. I went jogging yesterday in shorts ’cause it was in the 60s! I did 3 miles on a new route I mapped out. And guess what…tomorrow we’re expecting so much snow that the schools are expecting a 2 hour late start tomorrow. No lie. Will it ever stop!?

After dinner Tim and I rented a couple movies and watched “Bee Movie” tonight. It was really good. And I got a nice surprise in the middle of it… Jon called! That was the only thing I really wanted for my birthday, and I got it. Thank you God! I also got to talk to my Mom, Dad and Katelin. We’re trying to figure out when Tim and I will get to go to Texas this summer. I’m really excited!

I need to get some rest. I left school this afternoon without setting up completely for tomorrow, so I have a few things to do in the morning still. Tomorrow will be a good day. The students have math, and two tests tomorrow, then lunch and we leave for a field trip for the rest of the day. Good day to have after my birthday!

24 Mar 2008 Real Quick…
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The other day we got 8-12 inches of snow. I was pretty upset at first, but then had some fun. Here’s how it started:

We went to Target, the church, and the post office today, then checked our mail at the end of the road and got stuck! 2 neighbors came to help which was fun. Then Tim got unstuck and drove on home. Our neighbor gave me a ride to the house since he has a 4WD truck, and we found Tim stuck again in front of our garage!
I ran to get the camera and start taking pictures, and on my way back out I noticed our neighbor stuck who gave me a ride! LOL lots of fun! We got my car in the garage then, went to help the neighbor, by that time the city plow had come and pulled out neighbor out.

After that Tim was actually in the mood to go play in the snow, so of course I had to take advantage of that time! We built a snowman (my 3rd one ever) and then Tim built an igloo.
You can see more pictures at our web album.

Today was my first day of my 6 week subbing assignment. It went well, but I am still nervous. I would really appreciate all the prayers y’all can give me! My goal is to be in bed by 9:00, but it’s 9:40 right now, so that didn’t happen. But I should be in bed and asleep in time to get at least 8 hours of sleep. I’ll be waking up at 6:30 every morning. So what to pray for: Wisdom for me to know how to handle different situations that come up. Peace with teaching a classroom of 29 students, both 5th and 6th grade. Joy that I will appreciate where God has put me where I am right now. And also pray for the students that they will be respectful of me, and that we can develop a relationship that will let things run smoothly.

29 Jan 2008 Feels Like…
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Wow it’s cold outside! I subbed today, and from my car to the building my eyes would not stop watering. I crossed the parking lot and got to the side of the school as fast as possible in hopes to block some of the wind. Little did I know, it would get much colder by the time I would leave at the end of the day.

My car was on E, so I stopped at the gas station and struggled to shut my door when I got out. The wind was so fierce I had to use all my strength. And thanks to Myth Busters I know it is smart to touch a metal part of the car with a bare hand before getting near the gas in order to discharge any electricity and prevent starting a fire. In less than 5 seconds of having my hand out of my glove it was numb. I couldn’t believe how cold it was. I thought about standing outside so not to get more static electricity, but there was no chance I could have survived that cold.

So the first thing I do when I get home…check www.weather.com. My car was registering -13 outside, but I really wanted to know what the wind chill is at, and the wind is blowing much harder than usual. The wind is at 33mph and with the wind chill it feels like -44! Yikes! I’m not surprised to see it that low, ’cause it sure feels that way.

Yesterday I was lazy and didn’t go work out, decided I’d wait ’til today. I am sure sorry I did that. So Tim and I will go work out after dinner, then go coach the K-1st wrestling team, then go to the varsity wrestling match. While we’re out doing that it should be around -20 with the wind chill making it feel like -50. I’m not looking forward to that.

06 Dec 2007 Stuck in the Snow
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We have received a lot of snow lately. I’m hoping it will all stay around for when my family comes to visit. I’m really looking forward to playing in the snow with Katelin and taking everyone to the ski slopes near by.

I have officially been stuck in the snow now! Luckily it happened at the beginning of our drive way so home was only a walk away. I stopped to check the mail and when I turned to go into our driveway there was a big pile of snow that I couldn’t get through. I tried rocking the car back and forth, but couldn’t get it. So I called Tim, then walked home and he came to get it out. I figured since I wasn’t doing anything else until my car was unstuck, it’d be a great time to get some snow pictures too.

We got some more snow last night also. The city plows cleared our long driveway, and this morning it is covered again.

03 Dec 2007 Weekly Update
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I am so tired. This have been busy lately and will only get busier until Christmas. Then time to relax! We are also covered in snow right now! I’m not sure how much actually is on the ground, I haven’t had time to just go have fun yet. I hope soon though. We’re supposed to get 2-5 more inches of snow tomorrow. It’s gonna be really deep after that! I am starting to feel a little more comfortable driving on the roads. It’s much easier to drive right now than in the spring when the roads get icy.

So what has been going on…Tim had the stomach flu. I stayed away sleeping in our living room and didn’t catch it! Woohoo! Tim lost at least 20lbs with it. Not fun! Same day he got sick I had a terrible class that I substitute taught. I am thinking about not subbing in that school anymore, we’ll see. There is one class that I know I could handle, but for the most part the kids are rough. So I was completely stressed and upset about my day and came home to find Tim sick in bed, so I was hoping to get sympathy until I saw him, and I gave sympathy instead.

Friday night and Saturday we were suppose to be in the city for Planet Wisdom with the kids. We still went Friday, but because of the snow on Saturday we came home that night too, at 2:30am. It was fun, just a bummer to leave early. We had such a great group of youth go, I wish we had more time together.

Tim’s xbox also came this weekend, so we spent a lot of time playing on Saturday. Then forced ourselves to take a break and clean the house. Tomorrow we have the youth worker’s Christmas party at our house. We still have a few things to do to be ready for it, but either way we’ll have it! 🙂

I haven’t been out to take pictures of the snow, hopefully tomorrow I can do that. I wish I had my camera at pre-school today. We went outside for recess to let the kids play in the snow, and at one point 4 of my girls were sitting in a row with a big chunk of snow eating. I had to make one girl go in that was shaking a LOT because she was so cold, but she didn’t make the decision for herself ’cause she was enjoying the snow so much.

Hopefully I’ll get better at blogging more often. I miss it, I have just been busy.

Oh! Tonight working at Hallmark was fun. Our senior pastor’s wife was in there shopping so we got to talk for a little bit, and then she came back and her son who is in the youth group came too. It’s so much fun to see people in there!

26 Nov 2007 Full Day
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Tim and I got home last night at 9:30 for me to get some sleep before teaching pre-k today. Too bad I wasn’t asleep at 9:30, but I made it through the day and even did a little cleaning and decorating! 🙂

My day started at 6:15 getting up in time to leave by 7 to go to the pre-school to teach the 4 year olds. Had 3 kids absent, so only 17 today! Which surprisingly made a huge difference which was good since there wasn’t a parent helper. School was good, and we went out for a full length recess since it was really nice today. I stayed until about 1:30 getting things ready for Wednesday and Friday centers.

Then I had about 2.5 hours at home which I thought about taking a nap, but was afraid that would make me even more groggy, so instead I cleaned, decorated and ate an early dinner.

I went into Hallmark at 4:30 and had a great time. There was lots to do so we kept busy the whole time, and I got my December schedule and I am working a lot! I love it! I am only working for the holiday so I’m on the schedule for tomorrow night and then December 3rd-22nd for every Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and one Tuesday. It’ll be a busy month, but I’m really looking forward to not having the chance to veg out on the couch and watch tv. So I’m really not going to have much free time in December. My Saturdays luckily don’t start ’til 1 or 2 and only go until 7, so that is nice. Tim and I will still have time for each other. Speaking of which, Tim came and visited me today at work! 🙂 I don’t know what their policy is with that, but it was nice to see his face on his way home from wrestling practice. I am so excited that we are working on getting out of debt, so I guess thats why I’m mainly excited about my busy December schedule.

And to top the day off, I just got off work less than an hour ago and it is so super windy and snowy! I was crunching in the snow on the way to my car and I had to dust off the snow from my windows. The roads aren’t icy which is very good, but I did have a tiny minor skid in the snow on the way home once. It was nuts to see such a change from a nice sunny time at recess this morning!

11 Sep 2007 Here’s Whats Going On
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Tim and I at the Twins/Rangers game in Minneapolis.

I have been deciding what to do career wise. I want to be flexible with my days so I can support Tim in youth ministry. So I was stuck between finding a permanent job or do substitute teaching and find a part time job for the evenings.

Well, today I had an interview for a different department at the company I am hired out to right now. The position is for an administrative assistant. So it’s actually an office job which I’m excited about! Leaving the interview I was thinking it went well, but wasn’t too sure trying to guess the vibes I was getting by the people in the interview. I admit, I was pretty intimidated because I was interviewed by 4 people at once for a 3 month temporary position. I haven’t gone through an extensive interview before for any temp work. It didn’t take long to hear back from the temp agency about the verdict if they wanted me or not…they decided to hire me. Now it’s just a matter of time of when I switch over from my current position to the new position. I figured I might as well try this out because it is definite work every day for the next 3 months, and it could possibly turn into something permanent, but I get to try it out by going through the temp agency first.

I am exhausted. I have been trying to teach myself how to keep our house clean…mainly the kitchen. I need to catch up on laundry, it’s all clean, just not put away. Anyways, I am trying to train myself to have the kitchen clean before I go to sleep and tonight is the 2nd night in a row. I had the day off today so I cooked a lot. I cooked an apple crisp from the apple trees we have and baked a simple lunch for us, but the downside of liking to cook is all the cleaning I have to do.

Tomorrow we start up confirmation at our church. I am really excited ’cause I’ll be co-teaching one of the 8th grade girls classes. We’ve got 6 girls so far, and I can’t wait to build strong relationships and teach these girls about Christ and the basics of the Bible, and to learn a lot myself.

I am absolutely loving married life. Tim and I have been getting along really well. We are just having fun together, and it’s nice getting to participate in his ministry, and everything is very exciting with the school year starting up. I am helping Tim in the 7th and 8th grade Sunday School class, and will help out Sunday evenings for youth group, and then Wednesday nights for 8th grade girls confirmation.

Tonight it is suppose to get down to 35 and tomorrow’s high is 64. Burr! It’s only September! I am not ready for cold weather. I was wanting to work out today, so I tried to go on a bike ride, but after only 5 minutes I was tired of the wind and my hands were getting very cold, so I turned around to come home and to my surprise I was already riding with the wind and I was miserable, so then it took me even longer to get back home fighting against the wind and thinking that the first part of my bike ride was pretty nice. So I got out my work out videos and am thinking I’ll have to stick with those ’til next June.

03 Apr 2007 It’s Not Over Yet
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I thought Spring was here. But man was I wrong! We have about 4 or more inches of snow on the ground right now. It’s April! Sad news, I was told that Minnesota can even get snow in May. That’s just crazy! All the snow from our previous snow fall had melted and the lake has even begun to defrost. In one of the pictures you can see the water (not ice) on the lake with the snowy ground. This snow is wet, as our last fall was dry. So the roads were very scary to drive on. I went to Amanda’s today to hold Bria for about 4 hours while she was able to get some cleaning done around the house. I slid a couple times, but God kept me safe. I think I’ll stay off the roads for now on until things are clear though.
A good side to this cold…I’m really hoping that the temperatures in the high teens will kill off all those nasty black bugs that popped up on our warm days. That would be wonderful! I felt bad for all the birds that had already migrated back up here though.
I wonder when it actually gets warm for at least a week at a time up here. 🙂

01 Mar 2007 First Day for Work, and School is Canceled
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Yep, I was suppose to start today as a sub for a para position. But as most of you probably know, Minnesota has been getting a lot of snow. I woke up at 6:30 to give me enough time to get ready for school, then checked the weather and found out school was delayed for 2 hours, then woke up later and saw that it was canceled.
I wasn’t too bummed, because Thursdays are Tim’s days off, so it was nice to spend the whole day with him. AND…I went skiing for the first time ever! I was so nervous at first, the skis’ felt very slippery at first. Tim and I went up the bunny hill and down okay, then they turned on the thing to hold on to get up to the hill, and I couldn’t quite juggle my poles like Tim, and dropped them, then ended up falling over while trying to pick them back up and hold on. And then I couldn’t figure out how to get up! I was pretty embarrassed.
The ski instructor came over about that time and helped me back into my skis’. Then he told us to forget about the poles, that with starting out it would just make it harder. Once I made it up to the hill without the poles, when he told me to let go, and I fell over once again.
We made it down the hill, then back up and learned how to turn. Then we went down the green hill, and it was great. After my 2 initial falls I did pretty good, no more falls. I was shaky every once in a while, but for the most part just had a wonderful time! Snow skiing is much better than water skiing!