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29 Mar 2009 Town Hall For Hope with Dave Ramsey

I am laying in bed this Sunday afternoon resting and watching NBC’s Dateline special on “Inside the Financial Fiasco.” The one I am watching is part 2 of a 3 part series. The 3rd part of the series is playing tonight at 7pm EST.  It’s disturbing to watch and see all  the scare tactics made to get people to pay their debt, which debt collectors get sued over. It makes me very thankful that Tim and I are out of debt and don’t have to worry about what these people on tv are dealing with.

Tomorrow Tim and I are speaking at a Total Money Makeover class that is being lead by the man in our church that introduced us to Dave Ramsey’s plan to become debt free. We’ve been told that there are about 400 people meeting at this class, which totally makes me nervous, but with watching Dateline I am just getting frustrated and can’t wait to tell people that if they take what they are learning from the Total Money Makeover seriously, it works. It takes discipline, but it is totally worth it to not be slave to the lender. (Proverbs 22:7) And it is possible to be debt free, we’re a living example of that! I love walking to my car in a parking lot because I admire my debt free sticker on my back window. It makes me proud to see that and know that all our hard work was totally worth it!

Tim and I are planning on being at the entire class tomorrow, and I really hope our story touches some people and that we’re able to talk to others tomorrow night and be an encouragement. These stories on dateline of people living okay until loosing a job because of the economy and then depending on credit cards to pay for groceries and essentials is just sad. Tim and I are currently building up a 6 month emergency fund so we don’t get caught up in that trap. We don’t have any credit cards and it is so comforting that when we have a medical bill or car problem that surprises us, we have the money to pay for it. We might have to cut eating out or put aside less for gifts for people that month, but we’re able to get by, and so far without having to dip into our emergency fund.

I want to encourage everyone to attend a Town Hall for Hope on April 23rd. You can go to the website and find somewhere locally hosting the live broadcast of Dave Ramsey speaking about the economy and lots more. And on top of that you can surround yourself by others in your community and be a support for each other. I don’t understand why people wont talk about money. I hear from so many people that it is a personal issue, but if it stays personal who does it help? Who do you learn from and who do you teach if you don’t share about your financial situations? There have been lots of people in our church who have gone through the class, Total Money Makeover. Some people go full speed through the process, some are slow at making progress, and some listen to the advice and that’s it, no actions are taken. You can guess how each of those situations end up. The huge topic on the news these days is how the economy is hurting greatly, and that’s not going to change until people get an understanding of money and realize that debt is dumb. Stop using credit cards and don’t buy something unless you have the money ahead of time to purchase it. If you don’t have the money to go out and get Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey right away, then start listening to his podcasts. You’ll learn a lot from other’s stories and what advice Dave Ramsey gives them.

08 Nov 2008 Support
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Thank you to everyone for all of your support with Tim and I getting out of debt. I have received so many wonderful emails of people congratulating us, and I know Tim has received a few too. I even got homemade chocolate chip cookies from a lady at work who was so excited for Tim and I!

If you didn’t see, Tim put our video up of us telling our story. You can visit his blog to see the video. I would post it on mine, except for I don’t know how, and am ready to go to sleep. It’s late. I just really wanted to thank everyone!

I also want to give words of encouragement to those of you trying to get out of debt, or who have debt, but haven’t thought anything of it. Tim and I didn’t know the way we were handling money wasn’t good. We thought we were doing well, we were just like most people we knew. Now most of the people we know are out of debt or working their way out. My encouragement though, is don’t give up. The first couple months are hard. Getting on a budget and sticking to it for the first time ever takes self control and discipline. When you’re able to get a handle on it, it is wonderful and God will bless you! Another thing to watch out for is people giving you a hard time for wanting to get out of debt. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard, “Everyone will always have some sort of debt.” Or, “It’s impossible to be debt free.” Are you kidding me! So many people have fallen into this trap of lies! We had people question what we were doing, not believing it was possible, and even laughing at how dedicated we are. Don’t let the discouragement get you down, use it as fuel to keep on digging your way out of debt.

The number one best advice I can give when you start to learn about your money and start getting out of debt is, give God the control. The money we have isn’t ours. God has entrusted us with what we have, to turn around and help those around us. If you give God control, and your serious about wanting to follow his will for the money he has given you, God will bless that decision. There were so many months that mathematically didn’t work out with what we needed for the month and what we were able to put on debt, but God doesn’t need our logic to make things work.

Trust God, use self control, and press on. You can be debt free!

Again, if you don’t have Dave Ramsey’s book, “The Total Money Makeover” I highly recommend getting your hands on a copy.