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07 Apr 2009 Phone Scam
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We just received a phone call from 1-305-836-7371. I normally don’t answer calls that show up “Out of Area” because 9 out of 10 times it is nothing that has to do with us. When I answered this call it was a recording saying that we were called about our credit card acount, “Press 1 to speak to a representative, Press 2 to …” So I pressed one and less than a minute later someone answered the phone saying they were with Visa/Mastercard. I asked who they were trying to get ahold of and the lady said, “The primary card holder on your account.” Then I started to ask, “And what is the name on that…” And I was hung up on! I so wish the lady would’ve stayed on the phone, I would’ve loved to talk to her about the scam they were trying to pull because Tim and I don’t own any credit cards and we have the papers to prove that our accounts were paid off and closed. We have gotten calls from people looking for a name of someone that we don’t know, so my first goal was to make sure they know that they have the wrong number, but apparently they weren’t interested in that. I am assuming that they were trying to pull a scam like the ones Dateline showed a week or two ago. These scam artists use scare tactics to get people to wire money to someone’s personal account and that’s how they make their living. I tried calling the number back and it came up as a disconnected number. Total scam. Too bad the lady was more scared of me asking her for the name of the person they were looking for and didn’t bother to go any further. I think I could’ve had some fun with that!

I looked up online to see what other people have experienced with this phone number. It appears that they have many different facades that they try to play to scam people over on. And one person’s note I saw said that they got a call from the number and the only thing the person that called did was cuss them out! Terrible. I emailed our local FBI about this info to see if they can do anything. I’m not sure who is the best to contact to put an end to these scam artists.