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08 Mar 2007 American Idol Top 12
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Wow was tonight a surprise! I made my predictions of who would be voted off this week before even seeing them perform, and I was only 50/50. I think the judges shared in my shock with 2 of the outcomes. When they called Jared Cotter up I told Tim I wouldn’t be surprised if he went home before they said anything. But when it came down to Sundance Head and Sanjaya Malakar…I was expecting Sundance to stay, but nervous because Sanjaya isn’t as good as the rest of the guys, but has managed to stick around, so he does have a big following which made me nervous for good reasons.

With the girls I was glad to see Antonella Barba finally off. I thought she should have been the first to go. I was sure last week that the other girl voted off would have either been Gina Glocksen or Haley Scarnato. I thought Gina was outstanding in her performance this week, so after that I was almost sure Haley would go home. I was thinking Haley and Sabrina Sloan were at the lower end of the girls…but think Sabrina did much better than Haley. So to see the two of them brought out together and told that one was staying and one going I thought surely Sabrina would stay.

My favorite 3 people are: Melinda Doolittle, Blake Lewis, and Gina Glocksen now. We’ll see how they continue to do the rest of the show.

01 Mar 2007 Disappointed with American Idol
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Alright. Our makeshift tivo hasn’t been the greatest with American Idol this week. I didn’t get to see but maybe 4 people sing this week because it kept on restarting, so because of that I didn’t vote this week. But man! The votes tonight, and by last weeks performances and the recaps tonight, I am shocked by the results! I thought Nick would have lasted a couple more weeks at least. And I am disappointed that Antonella is still in the running. I have thought she is the least talented out of all of the contestants and I don’t like the way she acts when then judges are giving their opinions. Tim wasn’t surprised that Alaina was voted off, but I would have rather seen her stay around than Antonella.
I was glad last week that Sanjaya got to stay around one more week. But I really think that he should have gone instead of Nick.
My predictions for next week getting voted off before even hearing them sing are:
Antonella, and Haley or Gina, then Sanjaya and Jared. Unless they can all step it up next week.
Or I think some people just know a lot of people and thats how they’re getting the votes. Good for them, but I sure hope one of these people with true talent makes it all the way.
I’ll have to go and watch this weeks performances sometime at Amanda and Connors house.
I am very glad that Melinda Doolittle is still in, not that I’m surprised though. I didn’t get to see her performance, just the judges talking about it.

24 Feb 2007 American Idol
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For the first time I am following a whole season of American Idol. And I feel like I have already gotten to know each of the singers. I actually even voted on Wednesday night for my favorite girl. Since American Idol is on during youth activities I have to record it and watch it when I get home…which is when the show is usually over. They leave the lines open for votes for at least 2 hours after the show, so I had a chance to vote.

I have liked Melinda Doolittle’s story since I saw her at the first additions. And when she sang Wednesday night I was blown away, so Tim said, “why don’t you vote for her?” I didn’t ever think about actually participating in these shows, but it was nice to!

I was a little surprised with the results of people voted off of the show, but for the most part in agreement. My main shock was the first person voted off, Paul Kim. I actually liked this guy, and was impressed to see a different nationality out there. I didn’t think he did so bad, and thought in all sincerity Sanjaya should have been the one voted out instead of Paul…but I like Sanjaya too, I do think he could have done a lot better Tuesday, but I am glad that he is getting another chance.

Rudy and the 2 girls voted off were ones that I thought if they weren’t going this week, then next week they would be off.

My top favorite guys are, Blake, Phil, and Nicholas. And my favorite girls other than Melinda are Jordin and Lakisha.

I’m looking forward to next week’s performances, and voting again! 🙂