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03 May 2010 I needed Haiti
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Haiti didn’t need me.

We’re all back. The moment I stepped on to the walk way in to the Miami airport I wanted to turn around and get back on the plane. Walking up to customs I wanted to stick with the Haitians that were going to the States instead of having to split and go with the locals.

I’m still trying to process the whole trip. Sunday night was wonderful to tell stories, along with most of our team that went to Haiti, to our Sr. High students about how amazing God was during the week.

Tons of people were concerned about me going to Haiti ’cause I’m pregnant, and more than anything I’ve had people coming and asking how I’m doing. So to put that question to rest, I’m fine. I never got sick, neither did anyone on our trip. The heat was okay, I slept great. There was always plenty of food. I had no problem adjusting to the food in Haiti, and have actually had trouble adjusting back to American food. Tonight for dinner I made rice and beans, a staple we had, along with goat. Yumm!

I think I’m experiencing more of a culture shock coming back to the States than I did going in to Haiti. I love having my family back together. It’s wonderful to hug and laugh with Hannah. I really wish I was back in Haiti though. God did amazing things in me during the trip to Haiti. He stretched me and is still molding me from the week. I loved getting to know our translators personally and hear them tell us what all God is doing in Haiti. I’ll have to leave those stories for later. I really am frustrated with being back, and I have a feeling it’ll take me a while to adjust. My prayer right now is that God will break my heart for Americans. You can see God moving in Haiti. Haitians are open and ready to accept Christ. Of what I’ve seen even today while out at the mall, it’s not the same here.

I apologize for not jumping right in to what I’ve learned and experienced. I still need some time. But, I did want to let people know that we’re home.

05 Jul 2008 We’re Back!
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We’ve actually been back for a little while. God did some pretty amazing things while we were in Belize. We mainly did VBS, had a couple days of construction on the Christian camp in Hattieville, visited a nursing home, orphanage, and did outreaches in the market place on the main land and island.

God used me mainly as a behind the scenes person with administration and discipline. Not my favorite choice, but God knows what He is doing. It was great seeing the kids stepping up to something they weren’t exactly comfortable with, but being open to what God wanted to do through them. The nursing home was a huge place for that. We couldn’t even understand half of the people there, but God used us to paint their nails and just love on the women. Something they don’t usually get… physical attention.

All the pictures are posted on our youth group’s website if you want to check them out.

This was mine and Tim’s first missions trip to go on as a married couple. That was pretty special, and I think God helped us out a lot trying to learn how to shift over to ministry as a married couple. Pretty exciting.

Tim and I are home for two weeks before we head south for vacation with my side of the family. I am trying to get back into my jogging routine after being off of it for 3 weeks because of Belize and getting sick before the trip. I jogged 3 miles yesterday and 2.5 with Tim today. Both days pretty much killed me. I’m completely sore, but hopefully I’ll get use to it again.

26 Mar 2007 Welcome Caden!
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Another precious baby has been born. My cousin Ben had his first child on Saturday. Which is also my Uncle Denny’s first grand baby! So congratulations to the new parents and grandparents! 🙂 I am really looking forward to our family reunion this summer. There are so many new people to meet this time around. Babies and in-laws. It will be a great week!

Tonight the youth did a baby shower for Connor and Amanda. Bria is 2 weeks old now. I am loving having all the babies around!

Tomorrow Tim and I have a missionary that we support coming to stay with us. He is coming through in between stops he is making at various churches. So he will go to small groups with us tomorrow and then get on his way Tuesday. So today Tim and I set up our basement. It looks really nice! I need to go buy a couple more items for the bathroom to make it complete. I’ll try to take some pictures tomorrow. I just realized today that we have shown people pics of our house before we moved in, but don’t have any pics with it all decorated. If I have time after cleaning tomorrow and before Jeremy gets here then I’ll snap some photos.