28 Mar 2011 Sunday – An uphill battle
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Does anyone else feel like Sunday mornings are a battle? After about a week of not sleeping well and thinking it couldn’t get any worse, on Saturday I probably got a solid 2 hours of sleep between Zeke fussing all night (turns out he is going through a growth spurt) and Hannah waking up at 5am.

While getting around on Sunday with my almost 2 year old, who just discovered the terrible twos, throwing tantrum after tantrum and a mom (me) who pretty much didn’t have a fuse at all, things did not go well. I was thinking yesterday morning of how much spiritual warfare we battle on Sunday mornings. No wonder we grow up learning to put on our best faces when you walk in the doors of the church. We pushed through and went to the early service (for nap time schedule, and we were already up), and things luckily got better at church. When asked how our family was doing, my response was, “We probably just had our worst morning yet.” We weren’t good, or fine, or great. We already had a meltdown and forced ourselves to continue.

Going to church yesterday was an act of worship in itself. An act of sacrifice of not giving in to the battle of a changed schedule. And I have Tim to thank for being the level headed one yesterday making it work. All I was looking forward to was going back home and taking a nap.

Hannah did give me a little comic relief in the midst of her fits. She pushed Zeke down, therefore had to go sit in timeout. When she was done with timeout, she wanted Zeke to have to sit for a minute. Oh I can just imagine what these two will get in to when Zeke can fend for himself.



25 Mar 2011 God called Ezekiel
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I have no doubt that God is going to do amazing things through Ezekiel. Right now he just has to survive the parenting that Tim and I put him through. We pray every day for wisdom in raising Hannah and Zeke to grow up as believers in Jesus Christ, living out a personal faith.

When we were pregnant with Hannah we had Ezekiel picked out for a boy name, and when we got pregnant with Zeke and found out he was a boy, there was no doubt what his name would be. We knew that picking a name as strong as Ezekiel was bold in our expectations for our son and how God will use him. If you haven’t read the book of Ezekiel, I highly recommend it. It was the middle name that took us until the lady who needed his name for the birth certificate came in asking. And luckily he got a good one .

I can look back through my life and see God working in special ways to touch my heart. My first memory of this was when I was five. And God continues to do little things to keep me in awe of his wonder and love. So how do I know he is going to use Ezekiel? …

Before we got pregnant with Zeke I was struggling with God, wanting to control how many kids we will have an when. As if I knew the best timing, more so than God. So I had to give that control issue over to God. And what do you know, it didn’t take any time at all to be carrying my second child.

While in my first trimester Tim went to Haiti and came back knowing that he needed to return. I saw an incredible change in Tim from his time in Haiti. God really worked in him. I couldn’t put my finger on it at the time, but now I know that Tim grew in his understanding of God, being able to discern God’s voice and listen and be obedient. I have loved watching Tim grow over the last year, and leading others to do the same.

So Tim decided to go back to Haiti, and take whoever wanted to go along. I joined a team of adults and youth, some from our church, and some friends and family of ours from out of town. I was just in my second trimester while in Haiti and had no problems at all.

Later that summer, we went to Mexico with another team of adults and youth from our church for a missions trip. I was 30 weeks along in my pregnancy then, but again did well throughout our trip.

Soon after we got back from Mexico things started changing at our church and it soon became clear that our time there was coming to an end. I had my most difficult week of my pregnancy with how stressful things got. Luckily my doctor assured me that my level of stress wouldn’t effect Zeke, it just made me incredibly uncomfortable being pregnant. Then after Zeke was born I was blessed to have my mom around since Tim didn’t have time off.

In the midst of everything I thought that my pregnancy with Zeke was the worst timing ever. At one point close to delivery not only were we dealing with things at church, but also the question of Tim’s grandfather surviving some difficult health issues. (He’s still around and doing great!) I was so stressed, but gave it all over to God, because there was nothing I could do but trust.

I have come to find that Zeke and Hannah both have been a source of great joy during this season of life. We have been so blessed by our two adorable children, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Zeke has a special place in my heart with everything he has gone through with me before he was even born. And now we look forward to what God is going to do with what he is teaching us and taking us through. I’m not surprised to see this time of trial after how much Tim’s faith has grown last year, and us together as a married couple by sharing in the amazing experiences that drew us closer to God at the same time. I’m not exactly thrilled to be going through this time, but I do look forward to the fruit that will come from it.

16 Mar 2011 Reaching mile stones
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It has been so much fun to watch Zeke grow and develop, and to watch Hannah interact with him. Hannah absolutely adores her little brother, and Zeke is in awe of his big sister.

Hannah is 19 months and has an expanding vocabulary. It’s so much fun to review words with her, and give her a task to do, unsure if she will understand it, and she totally blows me away when she completes her task. Today I was tired of all of Zeke’s toys all over the living room floor, I simply asked Hannah to put all the toys in the box. I then continued to do some dishes, forgetting what I asked Hannah to do, and turned around to see our living room floor all cleaned up!

Zeke is 5.5 months old and keeps us on his toes. He has been sitting up on his own now, but we still put pillows around him for the occasional fall after sitting up for a while. Zeke has been able to put himself up in a pushup plank position, and can scoot backwards or sideways, trying to crawl after what he wants.

We tried to feed Zeke cereal the week before we went to Chicago, and it didn’t go over well. I took the cereal to Chicago with us, but didn’t feed him any because it wasn’t as convenient, plus he doesn’t need it until 6 months. The last few nights though, Zeke has been waking up at 2:30am, and last night was the first time he wouldn’t give up crying. The previous nights he was able to be settled back down without eating. So today I tried cereal with Zeke again, and he ate like a champ! Before Zeke hardly got any cereal down, and today he ate everything I gave him. I’m hoping tonight he’ll sleep better with getting more food in his belly today. I upped how many liquid feedings he had, but that didn’t seem to help, so cereal it is.

I’ve also been trying to figure out Zeke’s napping schedule. He pretty much only took one nap today and was super fussy. I had him lay down a few other times when I was sure he needed a nap, but he either fought sleep, or only slept for maybe a half hour if I was lucky. I’m really nervous about tonight and leading into our weekend traveling to Maine to visit a church. My energy is quickly draining with our nights turning rough, and I could use some extra energy for the weekend.

Hannah was such a “by the book” baby, and Zeke is throwing me for loops. Either that, or I haven’t read as much this go around since we just did this last year, but I have already forgotten so much about these baby stages. God’s gotta be using this to teach me something. I know patience is something I’ve been learning.

14 Mar 2011 God doesn’t give up
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I am so glad that I have a God that doesn’t give up on me. He loves me. He wants a personal relationship with me. And he hasn’t stopped showing me how much he loves and cares about me. There have been little things all through my life that show glimpses of God blessing me and giving me little “love notes” to show me how much he cares.

Throughout the time of Tim being unemployed God has really stepped it up. God has been providing for us financially in some unexpected ways. Some anonymous, some not. All of which have come as an unexpected surprise, and I cry every time in awe of how much God is taking care of our family. You’d think I wouldn’t be surprised that God is taking care of us. Matthew 6:26 says, Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far more valuable to him than they are?” But yet, in my little faith, I am still delightfully surprised when God proves his scripture is true.

We have also been bathed in prayer, and I am so thankful for family and friends who are covering us in prayer. And even people who we haven’t even met, or just met recently have been praying.

I have to admit that I have really been struggling and almost fighting with God to allow what happened in our last church to happen. The last two weekends while in Chicago for the Simply Youth Ministry conference and in Minneapolis for the Dare2Share youth conference God has sent people into my life to speak. I have been so self focused and pouting that I haven’t been allowing God to teach me through this valley.

This world wasn’t made to please Dana. The world doesn’t revolve around me. Christ didn’t call us to live a safe and easy going life. When we answer a call to ministry it’s going to be dirty. Ministry is rocky. Ministry is not about myself.

I have a long ways to go with learning what God is doing in myself and my family. I’m glad Christ has come before us as an example. I’ve just recently opened myself up to embrace what God is doing and be willing to learn.

09 Mar 2011 Sewing my Heart back Together
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Lately I have come to realize how important it is for me to do something I enjoy. Since Tim and I set up our weekly family schedule I have felt a lot healthier mentally with getting a break to enjoy something just for myself. Granted what I am sewing right now is Easter baskets for the kids, I enjoy my little project.

This past weekend we were in Chicago for the Simply Youth Ministry Conference and I brought my baskets to the seminars to give me something to fidgit with so I could better listen to the speakers. We had a wonderful time learning and connecting. Tim and I don’t spend a lot of time together througout the weekend with our individual busy schedules, which is okay, I do really look forward to our time afterwards. This year both kids came as well as Tim’s sister Grace to babysit for us. That worked out much better than last year, but I am still looking forward to the time we go alone, leaving the kids with someone at home.

My absolute favorite part of the conference was going to the “Married to Youth Pastor” connect group. I have been longing for some girl time and for some reason I have found that youth worker conferences are the only place other than in my house with my little family that I can totally be myself. I don’t worry about what others think of me because we all have a similar passion and can relate to one another.

Over the last 7 months since things started changing at our last church and 3 months of being out of that church I have been learning a lot about myself and ministry. I think we’re getting closer to me being able to share my struggles and joys that we have had through this process that isn’t over yet.

God showed me his love so much this last weekend with prayers and support coming from places I wouldn’t have expected.

09 Feb 2011 Schmoyer Family Schedule
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With Tim working at home now while searching for employment I have struggled with not trying to get his help with the kids all the time. When Tim was working at the church I would always keep the office door closed so Hannah wouldn’t go play in there and get in to stuff. Well sometimes with Tim home the door would get left open and I wouldn’t have a mental block that he wasn’t available to help with the kiddos.

So Monday night Tim and I sat down and wrote up a schedule with the time Tim works, when we have family time, and even set up alternating nights for date night and hobby night for the two of us. Over the weekend while Tim was gone I needed a breather one day and forgot about chores while the kids were napping, and I went and started working on the kid’s Easter baskets. I don’t think I’ve done a hobby of mine with some time alone for over 6 months. I realized it was really refreshing and good for me mentally to get some time alone to do something I really enjoy.

Today is day 2 of having a schedule, and I feel so much more at ease with some structure to live by.

A fun/cute side note… this morning after giving Zeke a bath he was so fussy and ready to nap, so I asked Hannah to go into the living room and find Zeke’s pacifier for me, and she did! I am just amazed that she understood and helped mommy out so much! She is really growing up fast. It’s also fun to watch Zeke around Hannah, it’s almost like he is just amazed by his big sister and thinks the world of her. I love watching our two little ones around each other.

03 Feb 2011 Magical Chili
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02 Feb 2011 Double check-ups
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Having 2 kids 14 months apart came in handy today. Hannah had her 18 month check up, and Zeke had his 4 month check up. So we made today a family affair and Tim came with us because both kids had shots. That was the low of the visit.

Zeke: Doing great, still fully breastfeeding, and loves to laugh! Zeke is constantly taking everything in and learning how to use his little hands. Tonight he even giggled when he was able to grab something near by that he was looking at. What a cutie pie! So at the doctor, we learned that Zeke is 25 inches tall weighing in at 13lbs and 4oz. And we also learned that his uvula is split! I’ve never heard of that before, and there is nothing wrong with it being split. It’ll just end up being something cool he can show his friends when he gets older.

Hannah: Growing so fast, and feeds herself soup, cereal with milk, and yogurt without making a mess. It’s crazy to see how fast she is learning. She is also using the potty regularly. It’s been a couple days since I’ve changed a poopy diaper (well one of Hannah’s), and I love it! Of course, we do spend quite a lot of time in the bathroom ’cause one of Hannah’s favorite readings spots is on the pot. Today we learned that Hannah is 33 inches tall and 25lbs 3oz.

Tim has been keeping us entertained by vlogging regularly. At least 2 or 3 times a week. Check the videos out on YouTube at www.youtube.com/godrox. Make sure you subscribe! Or if you don’t want to create an account you can go to godrox.tv and subscribe there.

26 Jan 2011 Hannah’s Big Girl Bed
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Before Christmas someone was giving away a crib/toddler bed mattress on freecycle. I went ahead and asked for it since I figured we’d be needing a toddler bed sooner than later. I got the mattress hoping that someone would be giving away a toddler bed frame later on. Last week I figured I’d go ahead and ask for a toddler bedframe on freecycle, and someone emailed me to come get theirs! It needed some paint, and we had to go buy screws, but other than that it’s in great shape and a really sturdy bed. They also offered me the mattress they had for it, which is in better shape than the first I got, so I went ahead and took it.

Hannah was so excited about all the random pieces of metal around Daddy’s office. She couldn’t leave them alone, and was even more excited when I gave her a screwdriver to help us.

What a cutie! She really got in to her work.

Finally in her room with sheets and blankets, and complete with the extra mattress underneath for a sleep over. She ran out of patience while Tim and I quickly threw everything on. Hannah kept climbing up and down, up and down, and running over to Tim and I to give us hugs. It was so cute to watch her excitement.

Hannah is almost 18 months old, and spending her first night in a big girl bed. How is this so?

I called my mom to get some tips on how to transition Hannah into the new bed. So Tim laid Hannah down under the covers, read her some books, and she was out. This went WAY easier than I would ever imagine. It could have to do with her staying up past her bedtime and starting to get a little cold. But her first day to see her bed all put together, she is asleep for the night in it. Crazy! Now we’ll just see if this continues and if nap times work as well.

25 Jan 2011 Life in Student Ministry
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Since I vlogged about some books I’m excited to be reading, I figured now would be appropriate to talk about another book I’m looking forward to reading when it comes out…

On Tuesday Zondervan mailed Tim some covers of his first book being published. It really never sunk in to me that Tim is going to be a published author until I was holding one of the covers in my hands. Now I am very excited for him and can’t wait to have my very own copy of Life in Student Ministry! You can already pre-order one of his books on Amazon too. It was fun to hear one of our students who graduated last year and is going to school for youth ministry now; tell us that she is very excited that she already pre-ordered Tim’s book.

I added a widget on the side bar of my blog for you to easily order “Life in Student Ministry” also. Or you can just click here to order one.