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14 Jul 2014 I really miss writing
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Our family enjoyed a trip to the Red River Gorge this summer. This was my last chance to go camping before baby #4 arrives.

It has been a VERY long time since I have posted anything in here. I stopped writing when I started concentrating more on making videos. Videos seem to be easier to make. They only take about 5 minutes to shoot, a few minutes to chop it down to as close to 3 minutes, and then upload. I feel like less thought goes in to it though, which I don’t enjoy. Because if I were to put all the thoughts I really want in to a video, it’d end up being a very long video, that I wouldn’t even want to watch. Seeing a personality on the screen is fun, but sometimes it’s just nice to skim someone’s thoughts, or even be able to take those thoughts and have them written out as a reminder.

I’ve been thinking for at least a month now about coming back and blogging more. I would love to post more than one video a week, but that is more of a commitment than I can make right now. Especially with Baby #4 arriving next month. But getting to sit down and write out some thoughts sounds absolutely wonderful to me. I don’t have to wait until a day when I’m not covered in food or not sweating from being pregnant in the summer, or even have to wait for the house to be quiet. As I write this, all 3 kids are around me playing, and Halle trying to type on my keyboard as well. Life as a mom. It’s wonderful, adventurous, tiring, and completely worth it.

I’m very curious though, to know who, if anyone is still getting emails or notices when I write on here. If I can avoid having Tim do too much work on my blog to get it back up and running, I’d like that. But I know I do want to redesign this blog soon and update it to reflect our family of 6! So if you are reading this blog, please leave a comment and let me know how you came to see it. šŸ™‚


03 Apr 2011 Go Vote! Help our family out!
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I apologize for copy and pasting an email….but we really need your help. This would be an incredible opportunity to open a bigger door on YouTube for youth ministry.
Here’s a message from Tim:
Hey everyone! I entered theĀ YouTube NextUp contest and am now a semi-finalist! To make it to the next round, I need as many votes as I can get!Ā You can vote once a day until April 8.
I’m pushing theĀ YouthQuestions channel where every week me and several other youth workers answer teenagers’ questions about the hard stuff they’re going through in everyday life. In the near future we’ll be including teenagers giving their advice and help, as well.
If you haven’t checked out the YouthQuestions channel on YouTube yet, it’sĀ
If the my video entry becomes one of the top 25 voted, I get:
  • $35,000 in funding to produce a new project, purchase new tools and advance my YouTube audience
  • A spot at a four-day YouTube Creator Camp in which I’ll benefit from one-on-one mentoring and learn an array of production techniques from leading industry and YouTube experts
  • Site-wide promotion of my final work and channel across YouTube
This could be anĀ amazing opportunity for helping so many teenagers online hear Godly voices and influences about the real issues they’re experiencing every day.
Please vote every day until April 8th and hopefully we can bring a Christ-centered message to impact teens all over the world through YouTube!! Get everyone you know to vote every day, too. Please leverage whatever networks you have and help me spread the word! (A YouTube account is required to vote, but getting one is free.) The direct link to share is:

03 Feb 2011 Magical Chili
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19 Jan 2011 New books to read!
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27 Dec 2010 On the road
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I just noticed I haven’t blogged all December long. Life has been a whirlwind lately. I’m hoping January will bring more time to blog.
Currently we’re on the road from visiting my parents for Christmas and we’re on our way back home to Minnesota with a two night stop at my sister-in-law’s house.
The first part of December was spent packing and a week in California checking out a possible church for us to move to since Tim was fired the Monday before Thanksgiving.
We’re not moving to California, at least that we know of at this time. We built great relationships while in California, but it was confirmed that we need to spend some time healing right now before jumping right into another church. Although that isn’t ideal financially, we need to be in a healthy state before proceeding to another church.
The kids are great. Zeke continues to be the most smiley baby I have ever seen. And Hannah continues to be talkative, but now with more teeth and words she can pronounce. Both of them light up when around each other. They have been a great addition to our little family.

26 Oct 2010 The Hannah Love Show!
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26 Sep 2010 I want to be done
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My alarm doesn’t go off for another half hour, but I give up on trying to get comfortable to sleep. Zeke feels like he grew quite a bit during the night, and I have a new little area of stretched out skin right above my belly button that I can see and it burns any time I move in any way that effects it, such as walking.

Friday night I was in bed at 8, feeling like I had some type of flu bug coming on. I laid in bed searching on line for the hopes that it might be a sign that we would be meeting our little boy very soon. And after finding out that it very well could be, a couple people reaffirmed that it might be early labor signs.

All through the night I had contractions, but I was able to relax enough and sleep through most of them. I figured i’d wake up if they got to the point of needing to go to the hospital. The morning came, and after being in bed for almost 13 hours I was feeling a lot better with not feeling like I was getting sick any more, but my body felt bruised all over my back, shoulders and belly.

I am so glad all of this discomfort happened over the weekend with Tim at home to help with Hannah. I have a hard time bending over now, and carrying Hannah is a chore. I’m not looking forward to this week with Tim going back into the office and not around to help as much. He was such a life saver with Hannah, and a great support for me throughout the weekend. I’m really regretting the fact that we canceled the induction for tomorrow morning now. I really want to be done.

My pregnancy with Hannah was so much easier, I guess that’s why I’m doing this again so soon. I don’t remember ever getting to the point of actually saying, “I want to be done.” feeling this way makes me really nervous because I’m not at the hard part yet.

03 Jul 2010 Baby Boy’s Registry
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We have been really busy with vacations and life is staying busy for the rest of the month and then some. We were in Texas for a week, came home for 3 days and left for Wisconsin for a week. I’ll post pictures later about those trips. Tomorrow we’re celebrating the 4th with Tim’s siblings down near the cities, then we have 2 weeks before we leave for Mexico. As much as I’ve enjoyed this summer so far, I’m looking forward to settling down.

Baby Boy should be about 2.5 pounds right now, and that feels about right. He is an active baby, and Tim and I enjoy feeling his kicks. I did a small baby registry at Target for Baby Boy. I’m not sure what the rules are with baby showers and gifts when you have 2 babies so close in age, but I figured since we’re having a boy this time I’d go ahead and register. It was more for fun for me. The main thing I’m wanting is the Baby Trend Double Sit and Stand stroller. We have one on the registry. I’ve been keeping my eye on craigslist for one, but so far no luck on buying one there. I was very tempted to put stuff on the registry that we’ll need for Hannah like a new carseat and at some point a little potty, and booster chair for the table, but I held back.

Hannah is doing great. She has weaned herself off of the bottle before 11 months. After putting up with several fits while I try to give her a bed time bottle, then putting her milk into a sippy cup instead and having a happy girl, we’ve switched completely to sippy cups. HannahĀ is now a fast crawler and loves to walk with her toy or holding on to someone’s hands. I spent some time searching on craigslist for walking wings to help her learn to walk and save my back now that I’m already in the 3rd trimester with Baby Boy. I can’t believe how soon we’ll be a family of 4!

24 May 2010 Are you actively working with Christ?
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Yesterday was our last night of Sr. High Impact for the school year. Our summer ministry takes on a different look, taking advantage of a new schedule for students, and allowing families to have more time together.

Tim challenged us to take advantage of the summer. There is no more school every day for our students on top of work and sports, or music. The summer is a season of extra time that we can devote to God and grow in our spiritual walk. We talked about spiritual food, and where we should be in our walk.

Hebrews 5:11-14 explains clearly that if you have been a believer for a number of years that you should be teaching others instead of being taught. But there are so many people that have not moved past the baby stage of needing someone else to feed them. If you are depending on someone to preach to you on Sundays, and teach you at a Bible Study, but are not digging into God’s Word on your own, and teaching others what God is teaching you, you are still stuck on milk and cannot handle solid food (vs 12).

Solid food is for those who are mature, who through training have the skill to recognize the difference between right and wrong. Hebrews 5:14

Are you training yourself? If you’ve ever exercised, played a sport, dieted, played a musical instrument, gone to school to one day have a career, you know that it takes training and discipline. It’s the same with your spiritual walk with Christ. It’s more than just believing and making the choice to follow Christ. You must train yourself. Dig into God’s Word on your own. Don’t just read over the words, but really dig in and find the meaning and listen to what God is teaching you in your own life through scripture. The study Bible I have has probably twice as much explanation for each scripture I read, and I really like how it helps me to understand more and open my eyes to a meaning I may have missed.

So what is holding you back? Are there distractions? Are you afraid you’ll loose some friends if you decide to follow Christ whole heartedly and truly seek Him? Your rewards for following Christ instead of man are so much more worth it. This world is temporary, but eternal life with God is forever. How about your hobbies or even what you do when you’re bored, do those things stand in your way of spending time with God? Tim and I got rid of tv in our home, partly to save money, but mostly because it was a huge distraction for me. It was so much easier for me to sit infront of the tv to rest than for me to pick up my Bible and read and study God’s Word. Which, when you start to study and get closer to God, there is nothing else that can give you rest and fulfillment like God.

Even though we don’t have tv, I still have temptations to do other things besides spend time studying scripture. Today when Hannah went down for a nap I finally got around to doing a work-out video, and then wanted to just play a game on the xbox, but felt God telling me to go grab my Bible and take advantage of this quiet time in our house. I wanted so badly to put it off, and thought to myself, “Oh, I’ll have time later.” But listening to God and knowing better was much better than playing a mindless game. The verse that stuck out to me the most today in Matthew 12 is verse 30, “Anyone who isn’t with me opposes me, and anyone who isn’t working with me is actually working against me.” That really got me thinking. Am I actively working with Christ? If I chose to ignore God telling me to spend time in His Word, who was I working with? The extra study at the bottom explains this verse more: It is impossible to be neutral about Christ. Anyone who is not actively following him has chosen to reject him. Any person who tries to remain neutral in the struggle of good against evil is choosing to be separated from God, who alone is good. To refuse to follow Christ is to choose to be on Satan’s team.

24 Jun 2009 Free Yourself from Shame
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freeyourselftolove“Memories can drench one is shame, but the battle is won as we drench ourselves in the truths of God’s satisfaction with us (pg. 39 ‘Free Yourself to Love’).”

We’ve all done something we regret, and even if it’s something that has happened years and years ago, every once in a while a haunting memory can creep it’s way back into our thoughts, and it usually creeps back up in the worst time. If we’re lucky we can just shake the thought and move on with our day. If we let those thoughts meddle in our lives we’ll get worn out and torn down. Instead we need to fill our minds and hearts with God’s words, God’s truths. Any time an unwanted thought comes into my head I try to remember Philippians 4:8 “And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.” Find verses that really stick out to you in each of those areas and meditate on them, so when something comes to mind you need to fight off, you can.

“If you find yourself overreacting to a suggestion or constructive criticism, ask the Lord to show you whether or not your reaction is based on pride or unhealthy shame (pg. 47).”

Shame can come from not only past regrets, but from holding on to something we know we shouldn’t. When I hold on to past hurts and have a hard time letting go to be free to forgive someone it causes shame inside knowing what I should do and knowing that after all this time it gets harder and harder to forgive. When I hold on to a grudge it eats at me, and I end up getting use to it, which is not healthy. When someone comes to you in love and correction do you welcome it or do you shut them out and refuse to listen? If you shut them out is it because of pride, not wanting to admit that there is a fault that needs to be worked on? Or is it because you are ashamed of something that you just want to shake away and not work through?

Here are a list of verses suggested by Jackie Kendall to help work through shame and forgiveness.

Psalm 119:42, Psalm 34:5, Isaiah 54:4, Isaiah 61:7, Ephesians 4:32, Matthew 18:7, 1 John 4:20