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29 Apr 2009 New Dining Room Set
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diningMarcia, my co-teacher for confirmation had a dining room set to give away and offered it to Tim and I. I have been wanting a new table and chairs for a while now since all we had was a small table (even with the leaf in) and 4 chairs. Whenever we had company over we’d either not even sit at the table, or crowd around. Our new table is bigger without leaves than our old one with it’s leaf. And our new table has 2 leaves that go with it! I am super excited about it. The table is gorgeous, and the chairs will be after some loving. I need to reupholster the seats and paint the mesh backs that have gotten a little discolored. They’re still better than our old ones that were falling apart, and I came across some fabric that I like when shopping for fabric for the glider I reupholstered. So I’ll have some fun shopping for the fabric.

There is also a matching tall hutch that goes with the table and chairs, but Tim and I don’t have any place to put it in our dining room/den/kitchen area. And we don’t have storage to put it in until we’re in a house where we can use it. I’m bummed that we couldn’t take it, and I think Marcia’s husband was bummed too. He was looking around to see where it could go. 🙂

I am very excited to see God continue to bless us in ways that we forget about. I started wanting a new table and chairs about a year and a half ago when we had family over for the holidays for the first time. While showing my side of the family around town we went into a thrift store that had a really nice dining room set, but we didn’t have the money for it. A few months later I went back in to see if it was still around, and it wasn’t, so I soon gave up on the idea of getting a new table of chairs.

Next Monday will be our first time to use the dining set with company when my Dad and Grandparents come up to visit after my cousin’s wedding. I’m excited that we’ll already get to use it! If you click on the picture you can see the set better. The table has a really pretty diamond pattern in the wood.

01 Apr 2009 Bored
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April 1stI have been really bored lately. We don’t have nice weather anymore, that only lasted about a week, and we’re covered in snow again. Yesterday the blizzard hit and school was canceled, but Tim had a few guys over from the youth group, and that added something fun to the day. I’ve mainly been bored ’cause I didn’t get many subbing jobs in March, which is why I had time to make 2 quilts and reupholster a glider, which really didn’t take long, because usually when I start a project I don’t stop until it’s done.

I’m assuming that March was pretty slow with subbing jobs because the first week was Spring Break, and I expected teachers to be back in the classroom and not taking off soon after. I did however work almost every Thursday and Friday in March and a random day here and there. Which is good news for next year when the baby is here… I am planning on subbing only on Fridays when Tim has the day off, and it’s good to know that even during a slow month of subbing it shouldn’t be hard to get a subbing job.

With being bored I started watching TLC again, lots of baby stories, stories of families with 10-18 kids (yikes!), and shows on finances and any other specials I’ve been able to catch. I have also spent more time online than I would like, but have done research on different baby stuff, looking at my registries, and reading my emails I get from Jackie Kendall with being on her mailing list. I really like the book, Lady in Waiting that she wrote, and want to get her newest book, Free Yourself to Love. I like what Jackie Kendall has to say, challenging me and inspiring me at the same time.

Hopefully this month subbing will pick up. I didn’t sub today because I had an eye appointment, and I’m okay with not subbing today with the snow day yesterday. I’d rather the teachers get their classes back on track than me. The more days I have without subbing or something keeping me constantly busy the more impatient I get with not getting to see Baby Schmoyer until August. The picture for this post was my attempt to go to my eye apt. The plowers for the township we live in plowed our whole neighborhood except for our part of the road, I had to call to get it cleared.

16 Mar 2009 Getting Warmer
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We finally made it to above freezing! The news doesn’t cover our town specifically, but for the Minneapolis area (about 2 hours southeast of us) they usually stay 5-10 degrees warmer and they hi 50 degrees for the first time since the first week in November. We have yet to hit 50, and I’m guessing we weren’t in the 50s when November started. It will be a fabulous day when we get that warm!

06 Mar 2009 God’s Plan is MUCH Better!

I am spending the evening cleaning out our wrap-around closet under the stairs. I didn’t realize how much stuff we moved here with that I could’ve just thrown away, so now our garbage is full. In the process I was going through spiral notebooks clearing out sheets I don’t need, and came across one of my writings/prayers from college. I figured I’d share it ’cause this was a huge turning point in my life and about 3 months before Tim and I started dating, which wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t end up transferring schools. Good thing I followed God’s plan for me instead of my own, and transferred schools!

Here’s what I wrote:

So who would’ve thought that I might be transferring colleges. I know God sent me away to school for a purpose so I would grow and learn to be on my own. But lately, another thing came to my mind, maybe God wanted me to go away so I wouldn’t be naive anymore and I wouldn’t be blind to the world. I had always heard of things of the world, but never saw or experienced anything, so I was always very close minded. My temptations have gotten stronger, but I believe my faith is getting stronger lately. I’ve been able to notice my temptations and sometimes fight them. Do I need to leave to get away from it though? Am I not strong enough to stay here? Do I need to go back home so I can gain my strength back? I have everything in my life planned out until I graduate if I stay here at McMurry. But God knocked me aside the head last night and made me realize just that, “I” have everything in my life planned out until I graduate.

If I go back home, what will I be doing? What’s in store for me? I don’t know if 2 weeks is long enough for me to hear God and know exactly what he wants for me. Maybe I’ll have to wait until this summer and see how things go and what happens and then do what God wants of me. Who knows, maybe God is using this as a scare that I need to watch myself, or else He’ll have to do something drastic. I mean, everything is planned otu perfect for the next year, come back a week early and do soccer, play soccer & sub during season for a job, when soccer season is over I’ll get an actual job on top of subbing. Then I’ll stay here for my job, maybe even take summer classes next summer. I mean, seriously, what would I do if I go home? FUMC LP is looking for a youth director & youg life director, but I’m only 20, how would I possibly do it? Maybe volunteer for a year & if things go well, when I’m 21 maybe I can be the actual thing? Or is there someone else for the job & it’s just not the right time.

God, I’m scared to talk to you about this because I’m scared of what you have planned for me. I love you and you know I do, I just feel safe & secure here in Abilene even though I’m tired of all the drama and trash that goes down. If I leave here I have no clue what to expect, absolutely nothing will be in my hands. But now that I write this, maybe that’s what you are trying to teach me, that “I” don’t have control of my life, YOU do, & I need to let you take the wheel while I stand aside and let you use me. Lord I want to be your servant, do with me what you will. Give me the strength to step down, the courage to let everything go and the mind to let my heart be in control. Who knows, maybe I’ll grow so much this summer I’ll be able to come back and be a brighter light to this campus than ever before. But also again, you always have people step out of their comfort zones so that you may use them in miraculous ways.

God, I have so much to learn and so much room to grow. Stretch me, mold me, mend me, use me. Lord, change my plans I have for the rest of college, throw me a curve ball. My life is in your hands. Where I will be should be the least of my worries, WHAT I will be is what I need to focus on with you leading me. I love you God, I know you have the best plans for my life. I pray I will never stray so far that I will forget that. Always hold me near and dear and I will do the same. Blind me of my plans and let me focus on yours. Thank you so much for giving me Sarah to help me through this time, God that is one of the biggest blessings you have ever given me. Thank you so much, I love you. Amen.

04 Mar 2009 God’s Reassurement
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17 weeks prego

I absolutely loved this past weekend getting to network with other youth workers. I got to meet 2 amazing women who we keep up with each other through our blogs and some amazing men that Tim has connections with through his blog. There were tons of other people we got to connect with and it was totally natural. I realized afterwards that I was totally myself and I didn’t hold back anything.

There are way too many times where I close myself off and not let my true personality come out. I do this because I am afraid of what people will think of me and that I would scare someone off. What I realized this past weekend though, is when I let myself be who I truly am I like myself a lot more and have way more fun. I know what situations I don’t let myself be myself, and it usually surprises me when I do let go and be myself. There are different groups around the church that I hold back, and I also hold back around Tim’s side of the family. I wish I didn’t, and I don’t know how to kick myself out of my shell I close myself into, but I want to learn how. I shared the other week in our Sr. High Monday night C-Group about this and added, “I know I can be a really fun person!” And this weekend proved it to me. Not once did I question how people would see me, and I got the biggest compliment which is what made me realize that I was being myself all weekend long. Now how do I do this all life long?

With my mind whirling of what kind of impact can I make in our church now that I am back and had amazing training I already contacted a few Moms of teens in the church and got an affirmation from God through one of the Moms that my heart is really in this, and with God’s help amazing things will happen. I think a big part of letting God work through me is to be open and let him work through me, the true me, not the me that holds back because of fear of what others think of me. I know God is totally in love with me and he loves the way he made me. I need to feed off of God’s love for me and embrace the way he made me so others can see Christ’s love through me.

After this weekend I am realizing God’s love for me again and how he loves the way he made me. In a way I am starting a new journey with looking only to God for my reassurement and not earthly reassurement. God pretty much knocked me aside the head to remind me that he made me for a purpose and I can’t hold it in anymore. And I am glad he used the people I met this past weekend to help me realize that.

01 Dec 2008
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I wanted to spread the word for this wonderful website. It is a group of people in different areas who post items that they are giving away for free, and you can post items that you want/need from others. I love checking to see if there is anything Tim and I have laying around that someone is asking for, or if there is anything that we can post to give away.

We have benefitted by getting things from people on the website too. I asked people for coupons with trying to start to learn how to shop with coupons, and a lady sent me a whole envelope stuffed full. We also got 2 boxes of children’s books, and my favorite, a Christmas tree! I’m in the middle of setting it up, wanting to see what it looks like, and it’s a great tree. It’s little, only 6 feet, but it’s free, in good condition and it’s ours!

To check and see if there is one of these groups in your area go to Search for your town, sometimes you might have to search for your county. You wont be able to see what kind of things people are posting until you join the group and are approved by the moderator. It is a great thing to get into. Go ahead and sign up, it may take a few days to get approved, but when you do it is very exciting! I’ve seen everything from furniture to pets given away.

19 Nov 2008 Another option?
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Anyone remember these brown YS bags? They are from NYWC in 2005 I believe. Since I don’t have a bag for my computer and was wanting to bring it with me to the church tonight, the first bag that came to my mind to use with my macbook and everything I need for small group was this one. It never occured to me before, but was this bag designed to use with a laptop? It has a skinny pocket with a velcro strap to go over the item you put in it.

With not liking to spend money, I am kind of toying with the idea of using this bag instead and not buying a bag for my macbook, only thing is that I’m a little nervous that the YS bag is too flimsy to really protect it. Those of you that remember this bag, what do you think?

18 Nov 2008 Macbook case
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I have been searching a few hours now for a good case for my laptop. And thanks to me being a girl, I really want a cute one too. My main goal is for one that is safe, but I really do want it to look great too. I have my eye on 2 different cases that I am trying to decide between, but that means I’m gonna have to spend my blow money that I’ve been saving up, and it really kind of hurts to spend money after saving it for so long. I haven’t been saving it for anything in particular, so this wouldn’t be a bad buy, plus Tim told me, “It’ll be an investment to keep your macbook safe.”

So if I do finally break down and buy one of these, I want some help deciding.

This is the BE.EZ Le Vertigo for 12″-15″ laptops. I love the color, but I’m afraid the laptop wont be as safe in it.The thinness of this bag is pretty nice too.

And here’s the other one…

This one is the BE.EZ La Besace. I like that it’s made for a 13″ laptop, which is the size of mine. And I like the different pockets it’s showing. I’m not a huge fan of the orange, but I don’t mind it. I’d rather have the blue interior, but they don’t make it with blue. The base on this one is pretty wide, making the bag a lot wider than the first.

For more info, you can go to the BE.EZ website and check them out.

Please comment back and tell me which one you think is better. There is only a $3 difference between the two, so the price doesn’t factor in.

02 Nov 2008 Hair Bummer
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I’ve been searching for a new hairstyle. Tim and I budgeted for me to get my hair cut this month, so I was excited to look for a new look. We’ve all seen those websites where you can upload a picture of yourself and try on all the different hair styles. Well, most of them you have to pay a pretty penny to use it for a month or more. I just need one day to see what I look like, and I don’t want to pay anything. So I found this one website that let me upload my picture and even did the whole process at pinpointing the different features of my face and head to get it as accurate as possible. I was so excited to get this website for free, then started browsing the different styles they have, but by the 3rd click of looking at styles they want you to pay! And of course they don’t give their bests styles for free, they were pretty horrible. It’s sites like these that I keep my email address from junior high active ’cause I don’t want spam in my current emails I use.

I am so bummed that this website tricked me. It took a while getting all my features pinpointed, and Tim even helped me out getting the correct pictures to upload for it. I’ll have to see if my friend is okay with just playing around and maybe trying something new if she wants. I want to keep my length, I just want something to freshen up my look.

26 Oct 2008 First Snow of the Season
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When I got into my car last Wednesday after my bus route, this is what I was sitting in, a car with snow on it. Hello! It’s not even November yet! To be honest, I am not ready for the cold, not looking forward to it, and just not happy that Fall has already left us. We didn’t have much of a summer either. I just hope the cold will pass early in the Spring. Wishfull thinking!

Then today was a snowy day. We actually got a snow fall that has made the ground half-way white. If we were in Texas everyone would be outside playing in what we got, despite the 36 mph winds bringing it in. Everyone was walking into the church cold not quite ready to get out their winter gear. As for Tim and I, we had our heavy duty coats on and ran from the furthest parking lot in because the wind made the snow pelt us in the face. It really feels to early to be talking about snow…on the other hand…

I realized yesterday that from yesterday Christmas Day is exactly 2 months away. Wow that seems soon! And, thinking back to last year Tim, Mom, Dad, Katelin and I all walked across our lake on Christmas Day. So I’m thinking that it’s about to get to below freezing and stay there for a long time. Tomorrow the snow we have today should be melted though. I haven’t even begun to think about decorating and shopping. This time last year I was itching to decorate for Christmas.