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10 May 2009 Hearing God’s Whisper in my Life
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God’s Plan is Much Better

22 Mar 2009 Baby and Spiritual Family
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A side not before I start my post… My brother-in-law scanned our ultrasound pictures of Baby Schmoyer for me over the weekend. I hope you enjoy looking at our baby’s pictures, if you click on them they’ll get bigger. Thanks David!


I know I have said this many times, but I am so thankful that God has brought Tim and I to the church we are at now. Whenever I talk to people around town about our church the number one description I always use to describe our church is “healthy.” I love all the support that Tim and I get and we have really developed great relationships with the people God has surrounded us by. When I think about us getting to bring our first child into this world I am so grateful to be at Alex Covenant and be able to have them be a part of this huge moment in our life.

Living in the small town where we get to run into people from church almost everywhere we go is starting to grow on me too. It’s fun to stop and talk to people when I’m out running errands. I was skeptical of that at first moving from a huge city and liking that we could go somewhere and do what we needed and get home, but it just brightens up my day to see people around town.

Today God totally showed me how blessed I am to have our church family here. And I really do feel like people from church are a part of my family. And I love that because family means so much to me, and with us not living near our extended families (for the most part) and not seeing family for months at a time it helps to have our spiritual family, who I have really come to love.

I hope God has plans to keep Tim and I in Alexandria for a while now. I have always wanted to live in one place for at least over 5 years and break my record so far. Although I’m not fond of the cold and snow anymore, which only took 2 years to get tired of, our church family God has given us, totally makes up for it.

06 Mar 2009 God’s Plan is MUCH Better!

I am spending the evening cleaning out our wrap-around closet under the stairs. I didn’t realize how much stuff we moved here with that I could’ve just thrown away, so now our garbage is full. In the process I was going through spiral notebooks clearing out sheets I don’t need, and came across one of my writings/prayers from college. I figured I’d share it ’cause this was a huge turning point in my life and about 3 months before Tim and I started dating, which wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t end up transferring schools. Good thing I followed God’s plan for me instead of my own, and transferred schools!

Here’s what I wrote:

So who would’ve thought that I might be transferring colleges. I know God sent me away to school for a purpose so I would grow and learn to be on my own. But lately, another thing came to my mind, maybe God wanted me to go away so I wouldn’t be naive anymore and I wouldn’t be blind to the world. I had always heard of things of the world, but never saw or experienced anything, so I was always very close minded. My temptations have gotten stronger, but I believe my faith is getting stronger lately. I’ve been able to notice my temptations and sometimes fight them. Do I need to leave to get away from it though? Am I not strong enough to stay here? Do I need to go back home so I can gain my strength back? I have everything in my life planned out until I graduate if I stay here at McMurry. But God knocked me aside the head last night and made me realize just that, “I” have everything in my life planned out until I graduate.

If I go back home, what will I be doing? What’s in store for me? I don’t know if 2 weeks is long enough for me to hear God and know exactly what he wants for me. Maybe I’ll have to wait until this summer and see how things go and what happens and then do what God wants of me. Who knows, maybe God is using this as a scare that I need to watch myself, or else He’ll have to do something drastic. I mean, everything is planned otu perfect for the next year, come back a week early and do soccer, play soccer & sub during season for a job, when soccer season is over I’ll get an actual job on top of subbing. Then I’ll stay here for my job, maybe even take summer classes next summer. I mean, seriously, what would I do if I go home? FUMC LP is looking for a youth director & youg life director, but I’m only 20, how would I possibly do it? Maybe volunteer for a year & if things go well, when I’m 21 maybe I can be the actual thing? Or is there someone else for the job & it’s just not the right time.

God, I’m scared to talk to you about this because I’m scared of what you have planned for me. I love you and you know I do, I just feel safe & secure here in Abilene even though I’m tired of all the drama and trash that goes down. If I leave here I have no clue what to expect, absolutely nothing will be in my hands. But now that I write this, maybe that’s what you are trying to teach me, that “I” don’t have control of my life, YOU do, & I need to let you take the wheel while I stand aside and let you use me. Lord I want to be your servant, do with me what you will. Give me the strength to step down, the courage to let everything go and the mind to let my heart be in control. Who knows, maybe I’ll grow so much this summer I’ll be able to come back and be a brighter light to this campus than ever before. But also again, you always have people step out of their comfort zones so that you may use them in miraculous ways.

God, I have so much to learn and so much room to grow. Stretch me, mold me, mend me, use me. Lord, change my plans I have for the rest of college, throw me a curve ball. My life is in your hands. Where I will be should be the least of my worries, WHAT I will be is what I need to focus on with you leading me. I love you God, I know you have the best plans for my life. I pray I will never stray so far that I will forget that. Always hold me near and dear and I will do the same. Blind me of my plans and let me focus on yours. Thank you so much for giving me Sarah to help me through this time, God that is one of the biggest blessings you have ever given me. Thank you so much, I love you. Amen.

12 Nov 2008 Don’t push it
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This week in small group we are learning about Isaac, Rebekah, Esau and Jacob. The stories about Rebekah favoring Jacob always bugged me. I don’t understand how a parent can favor one child over another, so it really bothers me to read the part where Rebekah helps Jacob betray his brother and trick his father into giving Jacob the blessing Esau was suppose to receive.

Well, today Genesis 25:21-23 finally clicked for me. I can’t tell you how many times I have read this passage and totally did not realize this.

Isaac pleaded with the Lord to give Rebekah a child because she was childless. So the Lord answered Isaac’s prayer, and his wife became pregnant with twins. But the two children struggled wtih each other in her womb. So she went to ask the Lord about it. “Why is this happening to me?” she asked. And the Lord told her, “The sons in your womb will become two rival nations. One nation will be stronger than the other; the descendants of your older son will serve the descendants of your younger son.”

It was God’s will for Esau’s line to be servants to Jacob’s line. God chose to tell Rebekah this ahead of time, and everything that happened was a part of this prophecy coming true. Would Rebekah have favored Jacob had she not known about this? Did she treat him better because she knew Jacob would prosper more? Or did she really just have a better relationship because their personalities got along better?

Then, later on in Genesis 37 we learn about Joseph who is Jacob’s favorite son. This to me seems like a pattern starting in this family line. Joseph is Jacob’s favorite, and Jacob was Rebekah’s favorite. Because Jacob favored Joseph so much the rest of his siblings were jealous, but Joseph goes even further…

Genesis 37:5-8

One night Joseph had a dream and promptly reported the details to his brothers, causing them to hate him even more. “Listen to this dream,” he announced. “We were out in the field tying up bundles of grain. My bundle stood up, and then your bundles all gathered around and bowed low before it!” “So you are going to be our king, are you?” his brothers taunted. And they hated him all the more for his dream and what he had said.

Again, God showed one of his servants a prophecy that would come true. In this situation I feel like Joseph pushed his luck though. This was very important information God shared with him, but sharing it with his brothers got him into trouble. I don’t know if it was God’s will for Joseph to have to endure so much after this dream, or if God simply used these situations and still held true to his word about Joseph becoming so important.

These passages really made me think about my own life. The day Tim and I met I felt God telling me that Tim is the guy I am going to spend the rest of my life with. I didn’t really believe it at first, so that night when I prayed I wrote my prayer down and said, “God, I really think I’m crazy, but just wanted to write this to see what happens in the future.” And come to find out, I heard God correctly. That day I didn’t even have a romantic attraction to Tim, I thought he was a nice guy, and we got along well, but come on, it was our first day to even meet!

What got me in trouble with knowing this, was after a little over a year of dating I started to really believe that Tim and I would get married, so I pushed things a little bit. I tried to see how selfish I could be, how much time I could claim of his to see if we would really end up together forever. Well, I ended up pushing it too far, which ended in an 8 month separation, and God working really hard in both of our lives growing us into the people we needed to be in order to have a marriage, and thankfully God prepared us for each other through the long and hard process.

God sticks to his promises. We need to make sure we are hearing the voice of God, and not any other voices. And when God does speak to us, we need to be grateful and not push our chances.

11 Nov 2008 Busy Week
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I am going to be so ready to see Saturday evening by the end of this week. Every night this week we have something going on, except for Saturday. Here’s a quick overview:

Sunday: Sr. High Youth group

Monday: I got my hair cut and highlighted/Tim had Sr. High small group

Tuesday: Tim and I are telling our testimony of getting debt free to a Total Money Makeover class taught by the man who got Tim and I started on our journey out of debt.

Wednesday: Journey – teaching my 9th grade girl’s small group

Thursday: Celebrating Davis’ 4th birthday with all of our young married couple friends! (We haven’t hung out with everyone is a really long time.)

Friday: My 9th grade girl’s small group is coming over for a sleep-over.

Saturday: Time to rest? (I sure hope so!)

Please pray for Tim and I throughout this week. We’ll get to see each other, but not have a lot of actual time together. Pray for rest, and the ability to stay excited and not get worn out. I’m really looking forward to everything, just a little worried that it’s all in one week!

08 Nov 2008 Support
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Thank you to everyone for all of your support with Tim and I getting out of debt. I have received so many wonderful emails of people congratulating us, and I know Tim has received a few too. I even got homemade chocolate chip cookies from a lady at work who was so excited for Tim and I!

If you didn’t see, Tim put our video up of us telling our story. You can visit his blog to see the video. I would post it on mine, except for I don’t know how, and am ready to go to sleep. It’s late. I just really wanted to thank everyone!

I also want to give words of encouragement to those of you trying to get out of debt, or who have debt, but haven’t thought anything of it. Tim and I didn’t know the way we were handling money wasn’t good. We thought we were doing well, we were just like most people we knew. Now most of the people we know are out of debt or working their way out. My encouragement though, is don’t give up. The first couple months are hard. Getting on a budget and sticking to it for the first time ever takes self control and discipline. When you’re able to get a handle on it, it is wonderful and God will bless you! Another thing to watch out for is people giving you a hard time for wanting to get out of debt. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard, “Everyone will always have some sort of debt.” Or, “It’s impossible to be debt free.” Are you kidding me! So many people have fallen into this trap of lies! We had people question what we were doing, not believing it was possible, and even laughing at how dedicated we are. Don’t let the discouragement get you down, use it as fuel to keep on digging your way out of debt.

The number one best advice I can give when you start to learn about your money and start getting out of debt is, give God the control. The money we have isn’t ours. God has entrusted us with what we have, to turn around and help those around us. If you give God control, and your serious about wanting to follow his will for the money he has given you, God will bless that decision. There were so many months that mathematically didn’t work out with what we needed for the month and what we were able to put on debt, but God doesn’t need our logic to make things work.

Trust God, use self control, and press on. You can be debt free!

Again, if you don’t have Dave Ramsey’s book, “The Total Money Makeover” I highly recommend getting your hands on a copy.

12 Oct 2008 My Weekend
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I just got home from staying with David, Adrienne, and Noah this weekend. Tim left Thursday evening at 7pm for his weekend in California and wont get back ’til early Tuesday morning, so I went down to visit family. I am very glad I did because not only did I have fun hanging out with everyone, but it helped me not to mope around our house all weekend missing Tim. I still miss Tim like crazy and had a really hard night last night, but I think it could’ve been worst. I got to talk to him for almost 30 minutes this morning which really helped. I think I wouldn’t be doing so bad if he had more breaks and time to call me to talk. If we could connect more while he is gone that would help a ton.

Friday I drove down to Dan and Maggie’s where I got to see Ti, Ruby and Noah and hang out with Dan, David and Adrienne for the evening while Maggie worked. Then Saturday we went to Cabela’s with the kids and got Sonic. That evening Adrienne Maggie and I watched the kids while the guys went to a volleyball game. And today was a great day to visit their church. Dan and David both did the music, playing piano, guitar and singing. And David and Adrienne both told their testimony as part of becoming a member of their church. I am grateful I got to be there for such a fun part of belonging to a church.

Before Tim left for California he asked me if I would like to be a guest blogger for him writing tips and advice for youth pastor’s wives. I thought that would be a great idea and really exciting until he left for the weekend and I have no clue how to handle a husband being gone. This is the first time Tim has gone on a trip and I stayed behind. I feel like I need to be reading someone else’s advice on how to be a good wife and not be so homesick for my husband. Maybe after Tim comes back home I’ll see about writing it, but right now I am in no shape to give another wife advice.

09 Oct 2008 National Youth Workers Convention
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NYWC 2005 Nashville, TN – At the end of mine and Tim’s 8 month break from dating. We went with a group of youth workers from our church.

NYWC 2007 St. Louis, MO – 2nd convention as a married couple hanging out with some guys from Dare 2 Share.

NYWC 2006 Austin, TX – First convention as a married couple! Our church’s funds were low so Marko comped our way to be able to go.

Tim just left to start his way to Sacramento, California for NYWC. This is the first time that I have stayed home from it, and the first time Tim has left for something more than a day. I wont see him again until Tuesday when I wake up, unless I wake up at like 3am when he gets home Tuesday morning.

I’m excited for Tim to get to go as an official blogger for the convention. I’m pretty bummed that I’m not getting to experience this with him, but we sent a male youth worker from our church that I think will benefit more from the training than I would. This will be his first time, and it would’ve been my 4th.

I also volunteered not to go so I can go to the National Youth Ministry Conference for the first time put on by Simply Youth Ministry. I absolutely loved going to NYWC, but I’d like to try NYMC and see which is better for me to attend in the future.

Also, I found out after the church had already bought Tim’s and the youth worker’s ticket that I was asked if I would come and be an official blogger. Man! If I had known that ahead of time, or in enough time, I would’ve been right on that! But again, this will be more beneficial for the youth worker joining him. I just need to stop being selfish.

Although I’ll be missing Tim a ton, I am excited to go down and hang out with Tim’s sister-in-law and brother and nephews and niece. I’m excited to spend more time getting to know each other, and keeping busy not thinking about Tim the whole time he is gone. I’ll go down tomorrow after work and stay through Sunday afternoon. I wouldn’t have been able to stay home that whole time, so I am very thankful to have family close by to help me out!

07 Sep 2008 Productive
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In my new school shirt on Friday before going in to work.

I am really enjoying my work schedule. I go in at 10am and am done at 4:30pm. It’s not many hours, but it will be good for me not to work a full time job. For instance…Friday I was tired during the day, but when I got home I was in the mood to clean. That is amazing all in it’s self. So this weekend I spent quite a few hours cleaning the house. I got all 3 of our bathrooms clean and disinfected. And I got a new shower curtain and window curtain for our basement bathroom. That bathroom kind of becomes neglected because it is used the least amount of time, and seen the least by company. But, when we have company spend the night that is the main bathroom they use. After spending the week in Virginia with Tim’s family I got motivated to get in the basement bathroom and make it nicer. I want to apologize to everyone who has had to use that bathroom while here and us not taking more pride in it. Come again and it’ll be much better!

I also vacuumed and dusted the whole basement, dusted and vacuumed the main floor and cleaned the kitchen really nice! Now tomorrow hopefully I’ll still have this cleaning energy and tackle our bedroom. We’ve been good at keeping our kitchen clean a couple weeks in a row now which has been so nice! Now we need to learn how to do that with our bedroom.

20 Aug 2008 Neighborhood Get-Together
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Yesterday our neighborhood through a cook-out/kid’s bike parade thing for all of us neighbors to meet each other. I am so glad they did this because ever since we moved here I’ve thought it’d be fun to do something like that, and I didn’t have to plan it! 🙂

Tim and I didn’t know until about an hour before it started that we’d be able to, so we ate dinner before heading over, and just spent our time meeting everyone we live around.

We already know 4 families in our church that are right in our neighborhood, but this was a great opportunity to see everyone we constantly pass by when we’re out for a walk or a jog. Most of the families are pretty young too. There were probably 4 that are older. Tim and I are probably the youngest in our neighborhood, but a lot of these people are still having babies, so they’re close enough to our age.

I love meeting new people, but I was actually really nervous to go to the get-together. Tim actually did most of the talking and I just tagged along behind him. We had a great time, hopefully this will open the door of a lot more get-togethers. I haven’t talked to Tim, but I’d love to do a sledding day at our house and invite the neighbors over this winter.