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31 Jul 2009 Baby Due in One Week
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babykissPretty much all that’s on our minds now days is the baby. We’re one week from the due date, and patience is starting to wear off. I have done great for the last 9 months with being patient about Baby Schmoyer’s arrival. This is the first thing that I have ever been patient about, and that has been a struggle the last 2 weeks. About 2 weeks ago almost everyone I came in contact with started saying, “Any day now!” And I know/knew that they were wrong, that it wouldn’t be “any day now,” that God isn’t done growing and strengthening Baby Schmoyer before s/he is suppose to come and join us. I am still patient with the baby waiting until the birthday God has planned, my patience with people is almost gone though. It really bothered me when one of the ladies at the doctor’s office that we make appointments with even told me, “Any day now!” And I was really turned off because they see pregnant women all the time and know that there is no for sure way of predicting what day any baby will be born. It just really bothered me that she even said it, I expected anyone in the doctor’s office to be the last one to say such a thing. I have been trying really hard to stay patient with everyone’s comments not making me eager to see our little one. I am excited for the day to come, but know that God has his timing all planned out, and I figure come Monday, it’s going to get a lot harder to be patient.

I have gotten the question asking if our doctor has said anything of when she thinks the baby will be born. I’m okay with that question, and my reply every time is no, she knows better than to play with the due date. She just had her first birth about 12 weeks ago, so this whole experience is very much still in her mind and knows not to play with mine.

Since we have started going to the doctor weekly I have been very happy to hear every visit how me and baby are progressing week to week. It makes me very happy to know that my body has less work to do than some people once labor starts happening. I did find out 2 weeks ago that I have been having contractions. All along I just thought it was Baby Schmoyer curling up until it happened during one of our doctor’s appointments, and we were told, “Nope, that’s a contraction.” So I have been very aware of the many contractions I’ve been having the past 2 weeks. Of what I can tell they’re not regular, so we haven’t timed them. I rarely notice when I’m having one anyways, I usually just get a tight feeling in my chest and am more aware of my breathing.

Yesterday I accidently tricked Tim into thinking I was going into labor. I stubbed my toes on our bathroom heater and did a little yell, of which he came running in to check on me, which I thought was very sweet. Until he found out that I hurt my toe, and in his dissapointment turned to leave me in my pain. He did stop and comfort me though, and bent down to check out my toe since that’s a little hard for me.  It didn’t even occur to me that he would’ve thought it was the baby coming, I guess we’ll find out soon enough as to how the whole thing will go down.

23 Jun 2009 Deep Cleaning Before Baby Schmoyer Arrives
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wetvacLast week I made a daily cleaning schedule for me to follow. I really want to get in the habit of keeping our house clean, and I only have a few weeks before Baby Schmoyer gets here to make this a habit. I did great for my first week. Yesterday got thrown for a loop because I cleaned carpet all day and neglected my regular schedule, but I think that’s okay. And today so far I’ve only done a little bit of my cleaning and went to the grocery store mainly for bananas, ’cause I’m pretty sure I pushed myself too hard yesterday. I need to make myself relax and take it easy today. My hands and feet are sore, and I woke up with the worst cramp ever in my left calf. Luckily Tim was already semi awake when I woke up freaking out. Tim tried to get me to relax by saying, “relax relax relax” that didn’t work too well, but once he said, “take a deep breathe” I was able to get under control. It was not a fun way to wake up, but I think now we know that when the baby is on the way Tim will have to be specific in his directions to get me to relax and calm down.

I was so worn out after working and sweating in our hot and humid house all day. I got everything piled back into the nursery and wanted to do one thing that I enjoyed yesterday, so before going to sleep Tim helped me put Baby Schmoyer’s crib together. I didn’t put any of the bedding on though ’cause I didn’t want to touch it with being so filthy. And still today I haven’t gotten around to putting the bedding on. Part of me is just too worn out, and the other part would really love to put it all on with Tim. He should be home soon, so hopefully we can get it done before we have company over this afternoon. Hopefully this evening I’ll feel rested enough to do some of my daily chores and get back into routine.

15 May 2009 I Passed my Glucose Test!
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Yesterday I had to go in to take the 3 hour glucose test ’cause earlier this week my one hour turned out a slight bit positive. I went in at 7:30 since I had to fast before it, and then got the test started a little before 8, and was done around 11 and I was eating soon after! It was not fun at all. I’ve had Tim come to all my baby appointments, but since I’d only be sitting in the waiting room for 3 hours with getting my blood drawn every hour I figured he didn’t need to wake up early too and sit through it with me.

The first hour of the test was the worst after drinking the sugary fruit punch drink. I felt pretty queasy for the first hour and was not happy at all. I was also really tired going in as early as possible to get it started and over with, which wasn’t fun. I brought 5 books with me to read so I wouldn’t get bored, but I was so tired I couldn’t concentrate on what I was reading to make it worth the time. Instead I ended up playing on my ipod the whole time with and listening to the tv on in the background.

I called today to see if I could get the results of the test. My doctor is out of town for a few days so I got passed around a little bit until they got me to another doctor that could tell me the results. I’m glad they were able to tell me, and very happy to hear that I passed and do not have gestational diabetes.

19 Apr 2009 My New Treadmill
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treadmillI have been wanting a treadmill for about a year now since we canceled our gym memberships to get out of debt. I figured right now would be the best time to find a good deal since it’s finally starting to get nice outside again and this is when people are more likely to get rid of their treadmill. I was able to find someone selling a treadmill with everything I was looking for and in my price range! I wanted an incline, up to 10mph, programs, calorie and mile counter, and the one I ended up with even has a heart rate monitor! All of this for a brand with good reviews online and sold to me for only $100. The owner had originally paid $1,100 for it, nothing wrong with the treadmill, just hadn’t been used in a while and they wanted their space back in the house. We were both thanking each other over and over for helping each other out! 🙂 I found the treadmill on craigslist, and was pretty nervous about getting it ’cause this was my first purchase using craigslist, but it worked out great! We were able to borrow a truck from a youth’s family and go pick up the treadmill Friday night. We also brought another youth with us to help with the heavy lifting, since I’m not supposed to be doing any of that with Baby inside. So we had a good evening getting my treadmill and investing some good time in to one of the youth. We were able to get the treadmill because Tim hadn’t taken any money as profit from his online ministry, and we finally paid ourselves this week with getting fitness equipment for me for in the winter, and a new bike for Tim this summer.

We were blessed to find this treadmill and to get such a great deal on Tim’s bike, and in perfect timing. The day we went in to purchase Tim’s bike, his old one that he had for almost 16 years finally bit the dust. Luckily it held up for him as he rode it to and from work, and then it gave out after getting home. It was pretty foreign to spend so much money this week, but I think it’s important to invest in our health. With Tim’s records on bikes we’ll have this bike for a really long time, and my treadmill will over and beyond save us on what paying a monthly membership at a gym would cost, plus with Baby Schmoyer coming, it would be pretty hard to get up and go to the gym to work out, and we like to go together, which wouldn’t happen because one of us would have to stay home and watch Baby. I even had my first work out on it yesterday ’cause the temp outside got cold again.

11 Apr 2009 Fatigued
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22-weeksI went to the library this morning to check out some more birthing books. I had to of been standing there for about 5 minutes when I all of a sudden got so worn out. I finished looking at books while I sat on the floor. Luckily I’m not embarassed by that ’cause I would do that if I was tired before I was pregnant. I’m still pretty fatigued being home for 30 minutes afterwards, which scared me, so I started looking things up online and contemplating if I should move my monthly checkup back to this week. I have my checkups on Mondays, and would normally go in this Monday, except our doctor wont be there the next 2, so I’m scheduled for the 27th. I did find a website that said that about this time in the pregnancy fatigue will start back up. Hopefully that’s the case, but if I have a rough weekend I think I’ll try getting in later this week. Tim took this picture of me last Sunday. I was excited to fit into this shirt, and finally had something to wear with the really cute and fun jewelry my brother, Jon, got me for Christmas!

16 Mar 2009 Getting Warmer
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We finally made it to above freezing! The news doesn’t cover our town specifically, but for the Minneapolis area (about 2 hours southeast of us) they usually stay 5-10 degrees warmer and they hi 50 degrees for the first time since the first week in November. We have yet to hit 50, and I’m guessing we weren’t in the 50s when November started. It will be a fabulous day when we get that warm!

17 Sep 2008 Calories
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Today was my first attempt ever to count calories. I’m using It has most foods in it’s system so you choose what you ate or what you will eat and it’ll calculate pretty much everything for you. Today I entered things as I ate to see how many calories I had left. While at school I was estimating what I thought I ate and ended up eating my alotted 1200 calories of the day in only breakfast and lunch. Then when I got home I noticed I messed up on my cereal this morning, and ended up being 500 calories off, giving me calories to use for dinner and a snack of popcorn after small group!

I already went through and entered in what I’ll eat tomorrow, and I have it worked out to eat a snack after each meal, so I’ll get to eat 6 times a day, which is ideal. I’m kinda excited to see how I follow this, and really not looking forward to it at the same time. I’m wanting to quickly finish this so I can go to sleep and put off eating for the night ’cause I’m still hungry.

My Dad has been a huge encouragement with me wanting to be healthy. He is able to limit himself and have amazing self control. Right now, I am really struggling with that. Tim can tell you, I was so whiny about being hungry! 🙂

This website also sets up a workout schedule for you of what different activities and days you choose. That looks like it should work really well. I’m mainly just nervous about the food part because I really like to eat!

21 Aug 2008 Addicted to Working Out
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If I haven’t jogged or biked in a day I feel so lazy! I’m not sure if it’s possible, or if it’s even happened, but I think I might be addicted to working out, or maybe just the feeling of being healthy. I highly doubt that I’m addicted to working out because it feels like such a chore to do, but then I love how I feel afterwards. Kinda weird. I worked out Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I skipped it Monday because I cleaned the house all day long and still felt like I got a work out. And today I haven’t worked out because it’s been super windy outside all day and now it’s dark. My knees don’t enjoy jogging anymore, so I’d rather bike, but it’s killer to bike when it’s windy. If it’s still windy in the morning I’ll have to jog instead ’cause we have company coming to stay that will be here a little after lunch. Then hopefully I’ll get myself up early Saturday before our training too.

Here’s a few tools I use for working out: David, my brother-in-law showed me this, which I really like to use. Mainly just to keep track of what days I work out. But it’ll calculate your calories if you put in your miles and time when you work out.

The Biggest Loser Fitness Plan – this link and exercises are different than the ones in the book I’m using, but I’m sure you could put all these together into a good circuit.

Crunch Fat Burning Pilates
, Crunch Burn and Firm Pilates and Crunch Pick Your Spot Pilates:
These three videos I really enjoy. They give you a challenge, but not one of those where you quit half way through. My favorite is the Fat Burning Pilates. Right after doing the 45 minute workout I feel great. When you do it for the very first time be ready to feel a bit of soreness ’cause it gives you a great workout! What sold me on all three of these videos is the trainer, Ellen Barrett. She is a nice calm trainer who isn’t one of the bubbly annoying ones I’m use to seeing that you get frustrated with how much fun and excitement their having when you feel like you’re dying doing the same thing.

03 Aug 2008 Getting Back in Shape
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I’ve used the excuse of living in Minnesota and having to be cooped up inside for long enough. I was so excited when the snow melted the first time here and went for a jog. The snow came back and I had to take a break and wait for it to melt again, and then again. I have really enjoyed jogging, but I noticed I hit a plateau. I bought The Biggest Loser book from Target and figured if I learned something about fitness and nutrition that should help. It helped Tim and I financially when we read a book about that.

I was excited and proud of myself while reading The Biggest Loser, and kept up my jogging. While on vacation I finished the book with the last chapter on the success stories of those who were on the show. I was shocked to read about the girls who weigh more than me but are fitting into smaller clothes. Come to find out I can’t just do cardio, I have to do a total body work out and work on my muscle which will then help burn more calories when I do cardio.

Their total body workout only takes about 20 minutes, but it is killer! I did it 3 days in a row hating to have to walk up and down our stairs when I needed, and I didn’t sleep well ’cause every time I moved I was in pain! Today was actually the first day since I started, that I walked down the stairs without hurting. What a nice feeling! After doing the routine for 2 days I told myself I’d give my muscles a break, but I could actually see a change physically and decided to do the routine again right before jogging. Wow that was a good work-out!

So that’s been going good, and I’ve been able to ride my bike twice this last week, once with Amanda, and then yesterday with Tim and Amanda and her family. I even pulled Amanda’s 2 kids in their trailer behind me.

I’m really enjoying being active. I am nervous about when the snow comes again this year. But I hope I have a long time until then. Our high today is 79, which is a great temperature to get out and do stuff. If the rain will hold out Tim and I are going skiing with the youth group on our lake. Should be fun!

09 Jul 2008 Cauliflower has Never Tasted so Good
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Tim and I just got back from a quick 2 mile jog, and I just scarfed down some cauliflower. I’ve never eaten a vegetable so hastily, and I’m glad I had it around to eat instead of something else.

Once the snow melted up here (and even when it came back) I started jogging and wanting to kick off my winter pounds I’ve been storing. I was doing pretty good for about a month, even worked my way up to be able to jog 4 miles, which I was very proud of! But then before we went to Belize I got sick, and during the mission trip I didn’t get much exercise, so I had about a month off from working out.

When we got back I was kinda bummed ’cause that was 3 weeks that I had lost with trying to get into shape. So I wanted to give me a kick start this time around and read something to give me more information on nutrition, so I got the book, The Biggest Loser. The show is amazing, so I looked at their website and was reading information, and instead of printing everything off I figured I might as well buy the book. I’m still reading through it, but the thing I’ve tried to implement already is eating a lot more fruits and veggies, and more veggies than fruits.

I figured fruits would be easy to eat, and veggies not too bad, but eating more veggies than fruits is something I mentally have to work on. While Tim and I were jogging our second mile and my stomach started to feel empty I started thinking of all the veggies we bought yesterday, and then was wanting some type of dip to go with it…luckily we didn’t have any. So we got home and I went straight to the fridge and the phone, for the cauliflower and to ask my Mom how to cut up a head of the stuff. I was really impressed with how good the cauliflower tasted (especially since we don’t have dip in the house). I hope it still tastes as good tomorrow when I eat it for a snack and not only after jogging 2 miles.