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17 May 2010 Welcome our little baby boy!
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Today has been such a fun day! First Hannah had her 9 month check-up. She is in the 84th percentile on height, measuring in at 28.75 inches, 57th percentile for weight at 19lbs 6oz, and 89th percentile with head circumference at 18 inches. The doctor said she looks completely healthy and is on track developmentally. Yay for Hannah!

And then half an hour later we got to go see Hannah’s little brother! I even wore blue ’cause I had a hunch God is giving us a boy this time. I had no clue with Hannah, which made it easier with keeping her a surprise. Baby boy was very active for us on the ultrasound moving around like crazy while the tech tried to measure everything. And then when she was going to let us have fun looking at him he decided to take a nap and wouldn’t move no matter which way I laid. So far it sounds like we’ll have another good baby like Hannah. Our doctor said that my placenta is on the top, so that would explain why I’ve had a hard time feeling Baby Boy move with my hand. He is an active baby, and I enjoy the movements I can feel internally, but it’s so fun to share the movement.

I am super excited that we’re having a boy! I wanted a girl first ’cause I was a little nervous about trying to raise a boy first, and felt comfortable with a girl since I kinda had practice with having Katelin as my little “real life doll” growing up. I’m still a little nervous, but am excited about all the fun a boy will bring to our little family. Now I just want to spend the rest of the evening getting things ready for Baby Boy! Only 20 more weeks!

08 May 2010 Play Time with Hannah
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20 Apr 2010 Hannah Growing Up
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It’s been a while since I’ve posted a video of Hannah and I found some videos from 3 months ago to add on to the one I wanted to add today. So the video is a little longer than I was planning. Enjoy!

09 Mar 2010 Photos of Hannah
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I just had to share some cute pictures of Hannah!

I’ve been trying to help Hannah start to figure out how to crawl. She still gets stuck on her tummy with her arms in the air and legs kicking. Today she let me put her in the crawling position and she actually held it long enough for me to take some pictures!

We spent Saturday down at Tim’s brother Dan’s house while Glory and Michael were in town helping Dan and Maggie install new floors. Hannah had a great time hanging out with her oldest cousin Ruby. It is so cute to watch these two play!

When Hannah and I were down in Texas for vacation and Tim was in Haiti, her G’ma and G’pa Wayman took her shopping in the church book store. Hannah got 2 tutus with 2 matching headbands. Tim wasn’t too thrilled to find out when he got home, but she sure is cute!

08 Mar 2010 Bringing Hannah to SYMC didn’t work for us
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In previous years Tim and I always saw couples bringing their babies to conferences and we kind of day dreamed about getting to do that one day and how fun it would be. However, it didn’t end up being as ideal as we thought it would be. Hannah is a great baby and we had lots of help from our team of youth workers that came to the conference with us, but I still got stressed.

Before we had Hannah I would go to everything. With Hannah at the conference I took my time in the mornings, missing the general sessions so I wouldn’t have added stress of trying to hurry around in the morning. Of the 6 general sessions I made it to 3. Of the 5 seminar slots I had 2 by myself, which was my favorite part of the weekend. I met 2 wonderful yp wives in the girl’s ministry seminar and had a great time visiting with them. I made the mistake of not getting their contact info to keep in touch with though. Oops! Luckily Alisha found me on facebook, and Jackie, if you read this, please get in touch with me!

Getting around the conference with the stroller wasn’t a problem. The first day we stumbled across an elevator that went all the way to the international level, which I think was mainly a service/handicap elevator, but it was great, and we didn’t get in the big lines for the main elevator!  We also saved money on never taking a taxi anywhere around town because we didn’t bring Hannah’s carseat. Instead we got our exercise and walked to a couple different restaurants. The furthest one was a hair over a mile, which wasn’t bad coming from Minnesota, it was nice to get outside for a walk and enjoy the warmer weather. I didn’t enjoy having to sit in the back of seminars though, in case Hannah started really fussing and I needed to take her out. It was also harder for me to hear the speaker from the back, and Hannah loves to talk so it was hard to keep her quiet, especially since I don’t want to have to contain her all day long, she needs time to talk. I couldn’t explain to her that, yes there is someone else talking, so it would seem like it’s okay for you to talk, but you can’t.

I would love to hear how other people have handled bringing kids to youth conferences. Did it work for you? Did it not work for you? How did it go, and why? Next year we’ve already decided we’re going to try to find a baby sitter for our 2 babies. Anyone want to volunteer to baby sit an 18 month and a 5 month old on March 4-7 2011?

13 Feb 2010 Hannah and I are in Texas
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And Tim is in Haiti. I’m glad that Hannah and I get to spend this week with my side of the family while Tim is gone. It doesn’t make this week easy, but it makes it better. It’s nice to have lots of help with Hannah. Especially since she started teething and is not doing well with that. The day we arrived in Texas I hurt my back trying to lift our big bag into the back of my friend’s vehicle. I was thinking the bag was pretty heavy, but didn’t think anything of it. It wasn’t until the middle of the next day that I was in a lot of pain. My back hurt with every small breath I took and every slight move I made. I called my OB and she wasn’t in the office, so I called our family doctor’s cell and left a message for him asking what I could do. He called me back soon after and talked to me about the options. Luckily there is a great doctor in my dad’s church that he was able to call and get a prescription for a little stronger Tylenol than we had and that was still okay for me to take with being pregnant.

My back is still hurting a little. Hannah didn’t have a fever today (as far as I know), at least she wasn’t acting as miserable as she was the other day. Tim has been able to contact me in one way or another at least once a day. It really helps me to follow him and the rest of the team on twitter. I’m missing him more and more each day. I thought I’d be distracted most of the time while here at my parent’s, but I can’t even count how many times I check my computer for twitter updates and look at people’s pictures hoping to see a glimpse of my husband for the day.

I can’t wait for Tim and us to fly back to Minneapolis on Wednesday and I get to hear his stories of this week. I’m thinking it might be a quiet car ride home though at Tim will still be processing everything he is seeing and learning while in Haiti. It’ll be wonderful to get to wrap my arms around him again and hold each other. I miss Tim like crazy and I know Hannah does too. It’ll be fun to see them reunite also.

I love you Tim and am proud of you for following God’s will for you this week. Be open to all that God has to teach you and open to all the ways he wants to use you to help those in need.

20 Jan 2010 Cloth Diaper Tushy
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Ever since we found out we were pregnant with Hannah I started doing some research about cloth diapers. The biggest piece of advice I took was to wait until Hannah got older and I wasn’t changing her diaper as often, because with cloth you have to change more often than disposables. (Thank you Ashley!) When Hannah got over 15lbs I looked back in to cloth diapers because then I wouldn’t have to buy a smaller size and switch to a bigger size soon after.

Luckily Tim’s sister-in-law started trying cloth diapers  a couple months ago ’cause I then could look at a cloth diapering system in person instead of everything I’ve read online. I was wanting to go a cheap and easy route, and I think I’ve got it! I mimicked Adrienne’s system ’cause it was the happy median of the two different Bummis diapers I was looking at. One of the Bummis was all cloth which meant you had to change out the cover almost as much as the prefold inside. The other Bummis option was all plastic and I didn’t want that all over Hannah’s skin. So what I have is the gdiaper, which is kinda the new fad in diapers. I like it though because it’s a cotton cover and then has a plastic liner that the prefold goes in to, so you don’t have to change the cover very often. They’re mainly advertised as the hybrid disposable because you can buy flushable disposable inserts, which you have to rip apart and stuff down the toilet with the swish stick they give you. I’m not sure if you go that route that you’re saving money, but it is to help save our earth. But honestly, I’m only in this to save money, and helping the earth is just a plus to it. Gdiapers can be kind of pricy, but I found a great deal on the ones I have! is a great website if you’re looking for discounted new or used cloth diapers. I went with the used route since I hadn’t even tried cloth diapers yet and wasn’t sure if I’d stick with it. Now that I’m in the 2nd week of cloth diapering I am pretty sure I’ll stick with it, but I think I’m still kind of in the “honeymoon” stage. I don’t mind the extra work and cleaning of the diapers, I just have to get in the mindset that every time I have to change Hannah it is going to take a little more time than before.

If you’re thinking about cloth diapering, here is what I recommend with it working for Adrienne, me and someone else I was reading about on…

Use gdiapers and then buy the prefolds from The small yellow edged prefolds fit inside the medium and large gpants. For the small gdiapers buy the infant orange prefolds. From all the research I’ve done and talking to people about cloth diapering Green Mountain has the best prefolds out there. They are super absorbant, and that’s what you want! I found both my gdiapers and prefolds at diaperswappers used and in great condition!

I think I have the absolute best set up/lay out of our house to use cloth diapers. Hannah’s changing table is in her bedroom and the bathroom is connected to her room with the laundry room across the hall. Everything is very close and accessible. To save even more money…at least trying, they say to do a pre-rinse before washing, and then run it through another rinse to get all the soap out. I do the rinsing by hand in our utility sink. It doesn’t take much time.

16 Jan 2010 BONK!
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Hannah was cracking up at Tim tonight. This lasted for a really long time before and after this video. He wasn’t doing anything except what you hear. Too funny. I hope you enjoy!

09 Dec 2009 Change the Channel
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Hannah had her 4 month check-up today! She is 25 inches tall now and weighs 14 pounds and 9 ounces. Hannah is in the 75-85 percentile for her height, weight and head circumference, which was 16 and 3/4. She checked out great and did much better with her shots than last time. Hannah didn’t even notice that she got the first one, and then cried for the 2nd, but it wasn’t a screaming fit like she had for her 2 month appointment.

While we were waiting to go in for Hannah’s check-up the tv playing in the waiting room had some trashy news show that updates people on all the Hollywood gossip. Today they were talking about Tiger Woods and whatever is going on in his life. I first heard that something is going on with him from someone in our church last week, and it annoyed me that someone was talking to me about it, because it is not my business, nor theirs. And so today when this show came on and was talking about all the drama I really felt like I needed to change it, but there were 2 men sitting there looking at the screen off and on, so I wasn’t sure if they were interested in the show or not. After sitting there for a couple more minutes fighting with the thought that I really shouldn’t be listening to the garbage, and really neither should anyone else because it’s just gossip. It wasn’t uplifting in any way. I asked the men around me if they were watching and if they minded if I changed the channel. Luckily they weren’t interested in it, and it sparked a quick conversation about unnecessary gossip, which all gossip is unnecessary. It caught a few people’s eyes that I got up and changed the channel vocalizing why I didn’t want to watch it. It’s been a while since I have boldly stood up about my morals, and I was hesitant to do so, but am glad I did.

30 Nov 2009 Exploring Hands
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