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13 May 2011 Family Update
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Well, today was the 2nd day in a row and ever that Hannah hasn’t had an accident during the day in her big girl undies. I went cold turkey two Mondays ago and gave up diapers with Hannah. She’s known how to potty for a while now, it’s just training myself to stop what I’m doing to help her out. And this week she totally shocked me when we were out grocery shopping and Hannah said she needed to go, and I wasn’t in any position to figure out how to juggle our stuff and Zeke and take her, so I assumed she went in her pull-up…and she waited until we were home! Bless her heart, she is growing up so fast, only 21 months old!

And Mr. Zeke. Not much older than 7 months, has been crawling on all fours like a champ since we got home from Easter. And today I caught him pulling himself up to standing twice. Seriously kid? Slow down! I thought about pulling him down and making him sit, but figured that would just give him more practice to go and stand up again. At least, I’m hoping this means before we know it he’ll be strong enough to defend himself from Hannah.

Tim has been the best husband ever. I have grown to admire him even more over the past year with everything we’ve been through, good and bad. He’s chasing after a dream right now, and I’m glad he has the opportunity. So many men go through life never taking the risk to pursue what they are passionate about, and I don’t want Tim to look back and regret taking advantage of this time. It has taken me a little bit to finally get to this point of being supportive and not stressed about how we’re going to make it financially. But, God has been blessing us through providing for our needs. We don’t have much extra, but we’re getting by and growing.

And then there’s me…

Every day I am forcing myself to work out. I’m doing Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred. It’s only a 20 minute workout dvd, but she is tough! And Weight Watchers is going well. I still have things to figure out so I’ll be eating healthier. Hopefully in a couple more weeks I’ll have a better handle on it. And juggling the kids in with all of this. On top of getting healthy physically, I’m doing a women’s Bible study on forgiveness with our church. This is a very timely study for me, and I’ll have to write more about it later.

23 Apr 2011 Easter Egg Hunting
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We enjoyed this morning hunting Easter eggs at my parent’s church. They set it up so different age groups were in different areas so the babies wouldn’t get ran over by the big kids.
I loved being in the toddler group where the kids shared eggs with each other and then got tired of cleaning up someone else’s mess on the playground and decided to swing or slide instead.
That was a much more relaxing egg hunt than I remember having in elementary.

16 Mar 2011 Reaching mile stones
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It has been so much fun to watch Zeke grow and develop, and to watch Hannah interact with him. Hannah absolutely adores her little brother, and Zeke is in awe of his big sister.

Hannah is 19 months and has an expanding vocabulary. It’s so much fun to review words with her, and give her a task to do, unsure if she will understand it, and she totally blows me away when she completes her task. Today I was tired of all of Zeke’s toys all over the living room floor, I simply asked Hannah to put all the toys in the box. I then continued to do some dishes, forgetting what I asked Hannah to do, and turned around to see our living room floor all cleaned up!

Zeke is 5.5 months old and keeps us on his toes. He has been sitting up on his own now, but we still put pillows around him for the occasional fall after sitting up for a while. Zeke has been able to put himself up in a pushup plank position, and can scoot backwards or sideways, trying to crawl after what he wants.

We tried to feed Zeke cereal the week before we went to Chicago, and it didn’t go over well. I took the cereal to Chicago with us, but didn’t feed him any because it wasn’t as convenient, plus he doesn’t need it until 6 months. The last few nights though, Zeke has been waking up at 2:30am, and last night was the first time he wouldn’t give up crying. The previous nights he was able to be settled back down without eating. So today I tried cereal with Zeke again, and he ate like a champ! Before Zeke hardly got any cereal down, and today he ate everything I gave him. I’m hoping tonight he’ll sleep better with getting more food in his belly today. I upped how many liquid feedings he had, but that didn’t seem to help, so cereal it is.

I’ve also been trying to figure out Zeke’s napping schedule. He pretty much only took one nap today and was super fussy. I had him lay down a few other times when I was sure he needed a nap, but he either fought sleep, or only slept for maybe a half hour if I was lucky. I’m really nervous about tonight and leading into our weekend traveling to Maine to visit a church. My energy is quickly draining with our nights turning rough, and I could use some extra energy for the weekend.

Hannah was such a “by the book” baby, and Zeke is throwing me for loops. Either that, or I haven’t read as much this go around since we just did this last year, but I have already forgotten so much about these baby stages. God’s gotta be using this to teach me something. I know patience is something I’ve been learning.

02 Feb 2011 Double check-ups
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Having 2 kids 14 months apart came in handy today. Hannah had her 18 month check up, and Zeke had his 4 month check up. So we made today a family affair and Tim came with us because both kids had shots. That was the low of the visit.

Zeke: Doing great, still fully breastfeeding, and loves to laugh! Zeke is constantly taking everything in and learning how to use his little hands. Tonight he even giggled when he was able to grab something near by that he was looking at. What a cutie pie! So at the doctor, we learned that Zeke is 25 inches tall weighing in at 13lbs and 4oz. And we also learned that his uvula is split! I’ve never heard of that before, and there is nothing wrong with it being split. It’ll just end up being something cool he can show his friends when he gets older.

Hannah: Growing so fast, and feeds herself soup, cereal with milk, and yogurt without making a mess. It’s crazy to see how fast she is learning. She is also using the potty regularly. It’s been a couple days since I’ve changed a poopy diaper (well one of Hannah’s), and I love it! Of course, we do spend quite a lot of time in the bathroom ’cause one of Hannah’s favorite readings spots is on the pot. Today we learned that Hannah is 33 inches tall and 25lbs 3oz.

Tim has been keeping us entertained by vlogging regularly. At least 2 or 3 times a week. Check the videos out on YouTube at Make sure you subscribe! Or if you don’t want to create an account you can go to and subscribe there.

26 Jan 2011 Hannah’s Big Girl Bed
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Before Christmas someone was giving away a crib/toddler bed mattress on freecycle. I went ahead and asked for it since I figured we’d be needing a toddler bed sooner than later. I got the mattress hoping that someone would be giving away a toddler bed frame later on. Last week I figured I’d go ahead and ask for a toddler bedframe on freecycle, and someone emailed me to come get theirs! It needed some paint, and we had to go buy screws, but other than that it’s in great shape and a really sturdy bed. They also offered me the mattress they had for it, which is in better shape than the first I got, so I went ahead and took it.

Hannah was so excited about all the random pieces of metal around Daddy’s office. She couldn’t leave them alone, and was even more excited when I gave her a screwdriver to help us.

What a cutie! She really got in to her work.

Finally in her room with sheets and blankets, and complete with the extra mattress underneath for a sleep over. She ran out of patience while Tim and I quickly threw everything on. Hannah kept climbing up and down, up and down, and running over to Tim and I to give us hugs. It was so cute to watch her excitement.

Hannah is almost 18 months old, and spending her first night in a big girl bed. How is this so?

I called my mom to get some tips on how to transition Hannah into the new bed. So Tim laid Hannah down under the covers, read her some books, and she was out. This went WAY easier than I would ever imagine. It could have to do with her staying up past her bedtime and starting to get a little cold. But her first day to see her bed all put together, she is asleep for the night in it. Crazy! Now we’ll just see if this continues and if nap times work as well.

17 Jan 2011 Zeke and Hannah just being cute
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18 Nov 2010 Adjusting to Two
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I was expecting to have a harder time adjusting to two kids in the house instead of one, but I honestly feel like adjusting to one child from none was a lot harder. This time around I have been a lot more relaxed and care free with things. I feel like I know a little more about what I’m doing this time around. I don’t have as much time as I did with one child, which is apparent by how I have neglected my blog, but I feel a lot more sane this go around. I have lots of videos to put together, one is almost done of the kiddos from last week, then I have bigger videos such as Zeke’s birth and dedication to do. Eventually I’ll get those up. Then I would love to vlog more often. I’ve done one, and videoed another that I didn’t get around to putting together.

I am impressed with how great Hannah has been with Zeke. I haven’t seen any signs of jealousy, even when she comes to me wanting to be held when I’m holding Zeke. And I am so blessed to have a son that loves to smile. It makes middle of the night and morning feedings go way better.

I’ve tested Hannah a couple times to see how she handles Zeke. The first time was the first week home from the hospital with Zeke. When getting Hannah up from a nap I brought Zeke in and laid him down next to Hannah. Then gave him Hannah’s blankie to see what she would do. She ended up giving him her favorite teddy bear too! Then today I brought Hannah with me to watch me lay Zeke down in her crib for his nap. She wanted to get in a lay next to him for a little bit before we went and ate lunch. I was a little nervous about transferring Hannah to a toddler bed sometime in the future and let Zeke get the crib, but I think if I nap him in the crib with Hannah knowing, it should go better. I’ve also made the decision that if I have to let Hannah cry for a little bit in her crib after a nap because I’m feeding Zeke, that I do not show up holding him. I make sure to put Zeke down in another room before getting Hannah. I just don’t want her to have ill feelings towards her brother for mommy holding him when Hannah has been wanting someone to come get her.

Tim and I are still learning with Hannah. I feel like we have the baby part down, but Hannah brings new surprises every day. Learning how to discipline Hannah is probably our biggest feat right now. A couple months ago she learned how to arch her back when she throws a tantrum, and when she knows she isn’t supposed to do something she’ll act like she is about to do it and stare us down. What fun!

I think the most exciting thing happening in our house is Hannah starting to use her potty more regularly. I started a few months ago with sitting her on the potty before taking a bath after she showed interest in the potty and loved to play with it when she was in the bathroom. She didn’t actually use the potty until recently, and now this week I started putting her on the potty after breakfast also, and there is rarely a time she doesn’t use the potty when she sits. Even this morning she let me know she needed to use it in the middle of breakfast, so we quickly went and sat her on the potty and it was a success! What a big 15 month old!

13 Sep 2010 False Labor and a Sick Baby
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Last week on Tuesday I got a scare that we might have been meeting baby boy. A little after 8pm I was feeling contractions pretty consistently and got my timmer app out on my iPod to see how close they were. They were averaging about every 3 minutes for almost a minute long. At that point Tim and I were trying to remember how far apart they’re supposed to be when you go to the hospital, so I had to go find the workbook we did in our birthing class last year. I hadn’t read up on anything until Tuesday night, and figured it might be time to start! When I read that you’re supposed to go in to the hospital when the contractions are 5 minutes apart, 1 minute long for 1 hour, I got a little nervous, but read to tell if it’s true labor to walk around and see if it gives any relief. So I decided to go upstairs and pack my hospital bag finally. While packing I couldn’t distinguish when one contraction was starting and ending, so I figured we were okay, and then went to Wal-mart to walk around a little more and pick up a couple items.

Good news, my hospital bag is finally packed! I’ve had Baby Boy’s hospital bag and Hannah’s overnight bag packed for a little while, but hadn’t bothered with mine.

So Thursday was our last check-up. I was 1 centimeter and 70% effaced and planning a trip down to the cities right afterwards. My doctor gave me the okay with the safety net of hospitals in the city, and one at the half way point to home. She told me she is waiting for our little boy to come any day now. Hearing that makes me nervous not knowing when he is coming. So I look forward to every Thursday to go in and see how I’ve progressed. Only 3 more days until our next check-up. Hopefully Baby Boy doesn’t come too early. I know he’ll be fine right now, but I’d rather go the whole 40 weeks if possible for him to fully develop and for the fact that right now he’s a lot easier to take care of than he will be out of the womb. Plus my mom doesn’t fly in until October 1st, so if we can meet little boy on his due date, that would be ideal!

Now for Hannah’s news…

Last Wednesday I took Hannah up to the church during the fall ministry registration for our daily outing. There were lots of kids there so I took advantage of standing Hannah up to walk instead of crawl as much as possible, and she did great! She watched the older kids and wanted to keep up and did a ton of walking all on her own, not holding on to anything. And to my surprise, for the very first time Hannah got herself back up to standing after falling down by just pushing herself up off the floor, not needing anything to pull herself up with! At home Hannah doesn’t have as much motivation to walk, but I’m trying to give her as many opportunities to get around other kids so she’ll walk. It’s a little tough to carry 2 kids all the time, so her walking will be a huge help. Thursday and Friday Hannah walked a bit while playing with cousins, and then yesterday after church service was over she did some walking around everyone visiting.

Most mornings Hannah is great at playing quietly in her crib until Tim or I go get her out. Which has been a huge blessing during the 3rd trimester and with how exhausted I’ve been. This morning though I heard Hannah crying for a little bit around 7am, so I went and picked her up and she just had a very sad cry that wouldn’t go away. I let her have her pacifier out of the crib, grabbed her blanket and doll and we cuddled on the couch for a while. Hannah is usually ready to play right away in the morning, but she wasn’t interested in anything but being held. So I held her until my back couldn’t take any more and we went upstairs and laid in mine and Tim’s bed, and ended up falling asleep, which never happens either. Hannah loves to play on our bed, but all she did was lay there and want to be held.

So the morning is almost over, and Hannah hasn’t played at all. All we’ve done is cuddle and sleep and try to make her comfortable. She doesn’t have much of an appetite either, which is opposite from any other time. Hannah wasn’t even interested in what I was eating. I forced one bite of oatmeal down her, and she willingly took a few sips of milk, but that was it. Pray for my little girl that her body will fight whatever is trying to take over. She’s not coughing or anything, no symptoms except for a low fever, no appetite, very tired and cuddly.

08 Jun 2010 Summertime Baby
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Hannah turned 10 months today and is learning and growing by leaps and bounds. Here’s a fun little video of the past couple weeks.

25 May 2010 Update on Hannah and Baby Boy Schmoyer
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I’m kinda frazzled right now. I think it’s a mix between pregnancy hormones and not getting a very good sleep last night. Hannah has been waking up a few times at 2am in the last week and eating about 12oz of her bottle before going back to bed. I didn’t realize how worn out I’ve been until these nights when Tim will get up with Hannah and sometimes I don’t even notice that she has been screaming at the top of her lungs, or not notice until Tim is already settling her down. Last night I got up in a hurry when I finally heard Hannah, and Tim was already down stairs in the kitchen getting her a bottle.

So this morning I’ve been reading a couple books trying to figure out why Hannah is getting up at 2am, and she’s just hungry. We need to increase the amount of food she is eating during the day. And I’m nervous about this. I haven’t cooked much since Hannah was born, it’s been almost 10 months and I just haven’t gotten back into my old routine. I’ve been reluctant to start ’cause our kitchen gets messed up enough as is without me cooking a nice meal every day, which I totally miss, but am kind of scared to start up again. I know I’d be proud of myself to get my act together and cook and let Hannah eat what we’re eating, ’cause she needs to. She is old enough to be done with pureed food, and I’m just too chicken to quit giving it to her. But yesterday at dinner was a total mess with her spitting almost every bite of her pureed veggies out, after doing so well with lunch, which was all finger foods. She’s ready to move on. I’m not.

On a very happy and exciting note….

Hannah started crawling! Sunday night after I got off the phone with my mom Hannah really wanted my cell phone, enough to actually army crawl to it for the first time. I called Tim in and we watched for a little bit, then got the camera out to capture her great achievement.  Also, Yesterday morning Tim and I got to feel Baby Boy move for the first time with our hands! Last doctor’s visit we found out that my placenta is on the top, which is why I hadn’t been able to feel him move yet, except for internally. I’ve been kinda bummed about not being able to feel him with my hand, and not be able to share the excitement. So that was a perfect way to start our day off.