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11 Aug 2008 Summer Vacation 2008 Pictures 3 of 3
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Kathryn and Laura (2 of Tim’s childhood friends) and Tim and I eating out at On the Border in the Dallas area. One of my favorite Mexican food restaurants!
My first snocone from a sno-cone stand since moving to Minnesota. I was looking forward to this moment for a while. 🙂 Banana-colada with cream. Yummm!
The Minters. Tim and I spent the night with them our first night of vacation. This family has been there for me for almost mine and Tim’s whole relationship. Debra (the mom) has been with me through so much. She means so much to me being a friend of faith.
Sarah! And her baby boy in the belly! 🙂 My favorite friend from my college days. I am so blessed for God introducing us and having us be accountable to each other in our walks with God while we were single. She is such an amazing friend! I am so glad we got to visit.
The youth and a couple leaders from Redeemer (our last church). We had a good time visiting and eating out (Mexican again). So many of them have grown up tons since we last saw them!