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10 Jan 2011 The kids are on YouTube!
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I haven’t organized my days or weeks well enough to regularly blog. My last couple of blogs I wrote quickly on my droidx that I got for Christmas. That may be the best way I can get a blog done. I have a couple ideas for blogs in my head, but just haven’t been able to sit and write for a bit yet. In the mean time, Tim has been putting together vlogs on You can go enjoy some videos of our family (mostly the kids) there.

Here’s the most recent one of yesterday…

Every once in a while I may post videos too, randomly though out the day. Here’s my most recent of a few days ago…

01 Jan 2011 New Years Retreat
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This weekend we are at a camp where Tim is speaking to young adults. I brought all our winter gear and borrowed a sled from a friend so we could have fun playing in the snow.
Well, I checked the weather for today and it looks like all our snow gear will be used as survival to get from the dining hall and back throughout the weekend. The high today is 11, and the ground is covered in snow so our stroller is useless outside. Glad I have a sling to carry Zeke and the sled to pull Hannah! I did figure out the stroller will be good for laying Zeke while in the dining hall. Just have to figure out how Tim and I will haul what we need for the morning, the kids, and the stroller over there.
Pray for our health while out here. We are all already congested, but luckily Zeke doesn’t have a fever anymore. Poor kids, what were we thinking?

18 Nov 2010 Adjusting to Two
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I was expecting to have a harder time adjusting to two kids in the house instead of one, but I honestly feel like adjusting to one child from none was a lot harder. This time around I have been a lot more relaxed and care free with things. I feel like I know a little more about what I’m doing this time around. I don’t have as much time as I did with one child, which is apparent by how I have neglected my blog, but I feel a lot more sane this go around. I have lots of videos to put together, one is almost done of the kiddos from last week, then I have bigger videos such as Zeke’s birth and dedication to do. Eventually I’ll get those up. Then I would love to vlog more often. I’ve done one, and videoed another that I didn’t get around to putting together.

I am impressed with how great Hannah has been with Zeke. I haven’t seen any signs of jealousy, even when she comes to me wanting to be held when I’m holding Zeke. And I am so blessed to have a son that loves to smile. It makes middle of the night and morning feedings go way better.

I’ve tested Hannah a couple times to see how she handles Zeke. The first time was the first week home from the hospital with Zeke. When getting Hannah up from a nap I brought Zeke in and laid him down next to Hannah. Then gave him Hannah’s blankie to see what she would do. She ended up giving him her favorite teddy bear too! Then today I brought Hannah with me to watch me lay Zeke down in her crib for his nap. She wanted to get in a lay next to him for a little bit before we went and ate lunch. I was a little nervous about transferring Hannah to a toddler bed sometime in the future and let Zeke get the crib, but I think if I nap him in the crib with Hannah knowing, it should go better. I’ve also made the decision that if I have to let Hannah cry for a little bit in her crib after a nap because I’m feeding Zeke, that I do not show up holding him. I make sure to put Zeke down in another room before getting Hannah. I just don’t want her to have ill feelings towards her brother for mommy holding him when Hannah has been wanting someone to come get her.

Tim and I are still learning with Hannah. I feel like we have the baby part down, but Hannah brings new surprises every day. Learning how to discipline Hannah is probably our biggest feat right now. A couple months ago she learned how to arch her back when she throws a tantrum, and when she knows she isn’t supposed to do something she’ll act like she is about to do it and stare us down. What fun!

I think the most exciting thing happening in our house is Hannah starting to use her potty more regularly. I started a few months ago with sitting her on the potty before taking a bath after she showed interest in the potty and loved to play with it when she was in the bathroom. She didn’t actually use the potty until recently, and now this week I started putting her on the potty after breakfast also, and there is rarely a time she doesn’t use the potty when she sits. Even this morning she let me know she needed to use it in the middle of breakfast, so we quickly went and sat her on the potty and it was a success! What a big 15 month old!

03 Oct 2010 Ezekiel Ryan
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Ezekiel Ryan was born at 12:02am Thursday September 30, 2010. He weighed 7lbs, 9oz and was 20.25 inches long.

Wednesday afternoon (the due date) we had our last check up and I was dilated 3cm and 80% effaced, and my doctor went ahead and stripped my membranes. That was at 1:00pm.

2:30pm I started having some uncomfortable contractions and after a Wal-mart run I started timing my contractions right away to see if I was in actual labor or not. I called the Birth Place around 5:30pm because the longest time between my contractions was 6 minutes, which had only happened twice in the last hour, and some of them were coming as close as 2.5 minutes. The nurse told me to not come in yet, but soak in the tub and lay down and see what that would do for the contractions.

Tim had a junior high small group to lead from 6:30-8pm, so I sent Hannah with him to play in the nursery so I could labor at home. There was no way I’d be able to entertain and work with Hannah while trying to labor. I soaked in the tub for a good while, until I really couldn’t handle the pain any longer. Soaking seemed to make my contractions hurt worst, so I moved to the couch to watch the last half of Biggest Loser that I had started earlier during the day to hopefully get my mind off of the pain. While soaking and laying down my contractions hurt a lot worst, but they became more consistant coming about every 5 minutes and lasting almost a minute at that point. After the show was over I started walking around again to cope with the pain and the contractions jumped to coming every 2 or 3 minutes, but only lasting about 30 seconds.

When Tim and Hannah got home around 9:00pm I had him keep Hannah up as I called the Birth Place again to see if I could come in and see what was going on. The nurse didn’t sound convinced that it was true labor ’cause my contractions were getting sporadic again, but I decided to go in anyways because of the pain I was in. I called Robyn and arranged for her to come get Hannah for the night, and said bye to our hyper and excited little girl around 9:45pm.

We got to the hospital a little before 10:00pm. I had a contraction on the way in through the hospital door, got in the wheel chair to be taken to the Birth Place, and worked through a contraction on the way, and then had another one a couple minutes after getting to the room. They were all set to check me in a small room and send me home, but after that last contraction the nurse said they were going to move me since that sounded a little more serious than they were expecting. They checked me out at I was at 5cm and in full labor. Our nurse worked quickly at getting everything set for a fast delivery, saying she was expecting Zeke to come before 11:30pm when her shift was over. I asked if she was kidding, and she said no, things are moving along.

10:30 I was checked again and was dilated 8cm. My doctor was called in and she started talking options to deal with the pain because they weren’t sure the anesthesiologist would make it to the hospital in time. With my luck she walked in during the conversation! I was really hoping for an epidural after not getting one with Hannah and being completely sore afterwards because I couldn’t relax at all through her contractions, even after reading book after book on different relaxation tips and practicing. I didn’t get an epidural, but they did give me a spinal block that would last an hour, since apparently, that was all the time I needed. Labor slowed down a little bit, which was good, and at 11:45pm it was already time to push.

12:02am little Zeke was welcomed into our world!

With being born after midnight I had the option to stay until Saturday. I contemplated going home Friday because I was feeling pretty good, and my mom was in town by then, but our nurse Mary (A very sweet lady from our church.) at the time talked me in to taking advantage of one more night in the hospital, and I’m glad I did because I was feeling a lot more confident about going home after another night’s rest.

Zeke is doing great. Nursing is going way better with Zeke than it did with Hannah. Zeke lost 4 ounces after his first day of life, and only 1 ounce on his second, which made his doctor very happy to know especially after the difficulties I had nursing Hannah. This time I’m a lot more relaxed and was a lot more intentional about learning how to make sure I was nursing correctly. And this little man loves to eat!

Being home is nice. It’s going better than I expected. Hannah loves to give Zeke kisses and just look at him (or poke him). My mom is a huge help with chores around the house and keeping Hannah occupied while I take care of myself and Zeke. Hannah doesn’t seem to mind all the time I’m spending with Zeke instead of her since she has her daddy and grandma to give her lots of love and attention. We get our play time in, it’s just not as long right now.

Continue to pray for us through this transition. Pray for Tim as he is already back at work after the weekend. I know he would much rather be spending time at home with all of us and taking in these first few days of Zeke being in our arms. Pray for Zeke and I that nursing will continue to go well. We’re still on the learning curve, but making adjustments and figuring things out is going well being patient about it. Pray for my mom that she wont get worn out helping us, and my dad as he flies up tomorrow night. Pray for Hannah as her world doesn’t revolve around just her any more.

27 Sep 2010 Family Outing
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26 Sep 2010 I want to be done
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My alarm doesn’t go off for another half hour, but I give up on trying to get comfortable to sleep. Zeke feels like he grew quite a bit during the night, and I have a new little area of stretched out skin right above my belly button that I can see and it burns any time I move in any way that effects it, such as walking.

Friday night I was in bed at 8, feeling like I had some type of flu bug coming on. I laid in bed searching on line for the hopes that it might be a sign that we would be meeting our little boy very soon. And after finding out that it very well could be, a couple people reaffirmed that it might be early labor signs.

All through the night I had contractions, but I was able to relax enough and sleep through most of them. I figured i’d wake up if they got to the point of needing to go to the hospital. The morning came, and after being in bed for almost 13 hours I was feeling a lot better with not feeling like I was getting sick any more, but my body felt bruised all over my back, shoulders and belly.

I am so glad all of this discomfort happened over the weekend with Tim at home to help with Hannah. I have a hard time bending over now, and carrying Hannah is a chore. I’m not looking forward to this week with Tim going back into the office and not around to help as much. He was such a life saver with Hannah, and a great support for me throughout the weekend. I’m really regretting the fact that we canceled the induction for tomorrow morning now. I really want to be done.

My pregnancy with Hannah was so much easier, I guess that’s why I’m doing this again so soon. I don’t remember ever getting to the point of actually saying, “I want to be done.” feeling this way makes me really nervous because I’m not at the hard part yet.

23 Sep 2010 It’s all in God’s hands
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We just had our 39 week check-up, and I still haven’t progressed from 2 weeks ago. Baby did drop to station 1 or 2, so that’s good, he doesn’t have too much further to go. We canceled the scheduled induction for Monday, and moved it to next Friday, the day my mom flies up, in hopes that I’ll go into labor on my own. My next appointment is on Wednesday, the due date. We’ll strip my membranes and that’ll hopefully get things going on their own instead of having to induce if Zeke isn’t here yet.

God is really teaching us a lot while we wait for Zeke’s arrival. One of those things having to do with Tim’s grandfather who isn’t doing well, and we’re just waiting for the time God welcomes him home. If he goes before Zeke is here then Tim will definitely stay in MN. If Zeke is born before Tim’s grandfather goes, then there may be a chance of Tim getting to go out for the funeral depending on timing and everything. Tim’s brothers are flying out to PA tomorrow to see him, it’s just not possible for Tim right now to go with them.

It’s a good thing God is in control of everything, ’cause we would totally screw it up, and that has been a huge discussion lately on trying to figure out if we try to rush getting Zeke here so his birth is out of the way so Tim can be free to go be with family when the time comes. We’d rather let things happen naturally, and that sets everything completely in God’s hands this next week waiting for life and death, and that’s how it should be.

Please pray for Tim and his family through this sad and exciting time. It’s been hard to be excited about getting to meet our son soon, and I really want to be able to concentrate on the excitement we should have about a new birth in our family. I’m looking forward to the end of this process, while trying to be open to what God is teaching us right now.

20 Sep 2010 Help Us Choose a Middle Name
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We are 9 days away from Baby Boy (Zeke)’s due date and still haven’t figured out a middle name for him. The first thing on my mind this morning when I woke up was trying to figure out a middle name and came up with a list of names with Tim while he was still half asleep.

So here’s the list of middle names we’ve thought of for

Ezekiel ________ Schmoyer…







Leave a comment on which you like best (not a reply to email if you’re getting this by email) or if we’re friends on facebook you can give your vote on my profile page where I put up the pole on there. I’d like to keep the votes in one area, but will do a 2nd for my blog readers to have a voice too. That way I wont have to go hunting all over to try to tally up the score.

If you have any other recommendations we’re willing to hear those too.

17 Sep 2010 Prepping for Baby Boy
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13 Sep 2010 False Labor and a Sick Baby
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Last week on Tuesday I got a scare that we might have been meeting baby boy. A little after 8pm I was feeling contractions pretty consistently and got my timmer app out on my iPod to see how close they were. They were averaging about every 3 minutes for almost a minute long. At that point Tim and I were trying to remember how far apart they’re supposed to be when you go to the hospital, so I had to go find the workbook we did in our birthing class last year. I hadn’t read up on anything until Tuesday night, and figured it might be time to start! When I read that you’re supposed to go in to the hospital when the contractions are 5 minutes apart, 1 minute long for 1 hour, I got a little nervous, but read to tell if it’s true labor to walk around and see if it gives any relief. So I decided to go upstairs and pack my hospital bag finally. While packing I couldn’t distinguish when one contraction was starting and ending, so I figured we were okay, and then went to Wal-mart to walk around a little more and pick up a couple items.

Good news, my hospital bag is finally packed! I’ve had Baby Boy’s hospital bag and Hannah’s overnight bag packed for a little while, but hadn’t bothered with mine.

So Thursday was our last check-up. I was 1 centimeter and 70% effaced and planning a trip down to the cities right afterwards. My doctor gave me the okay with the safety net of hospitals in the city, and one at the half way point to home. She told me she is waiting for our little boy to come any day now. Hearing that makes me nervous not knowing when he is coming. So I look forward to every Thursday to go in and see how I’ve progressed. Only 3 more days until our next check-up. Hopefully Baby Boy doesn’t come too early. I know he’ll be fine right now, but I’d rather go the whole 40 weeks if possible for him to fully develop and for the fact that right now he’s a lot easier to take care of than he will be out of the womb. Plus my mom doesn’t fly in until October 1st, so if we can meet little boy on his due date, that would be ideal!

Now for Hannah’s news…

Last Wednesday I took Hannah up to the church during the fall ministry registration for our daily outing. There were lots of kids there so I took advantage of standing Hannah up to walk instead of crawl as much as possible, and she did great! She watched the older kids and wanted to keep up and did a ton of walking all on her own, not holding on to anything. And to my surprise, for the very first time Hannah got herself back up to standing after falling down by just pushing herself up off the floor, not needing anything to pull herself up with! At home Hannah doesn’t have as much motivation to walk, but I’m trying to give her as many opportunities to get around other kids so she’ll walk. It’s a little tough to carry 2 kids all the time, so her walking will be a huge help. Thursday and Friday Hannah walked a bit while playing with cousins, and then yesterday after church service was over she did some walking around everyone visiting.

Most mornings Hannah is great at playing quietly in her crib until Tim or I go get her out. Which has been a huge blessing during the 3rd trimester and with how exhausted I’ve been. This morning though I heard Hannah crying for a little bit around 7am, so I went and picked her up and she just had a very sad cry that wouldn’t go away. I let her have her pacifier out of the crib, grabbed her blanket and doll and we cuddled on the couch for a while. Hannah is usually ready to play right away in the morning, but she wasn’t interested in anything but being held. So I held her until my back couldn’t take any more and we went upstairs and laid in mine and Tim’s bed, and ended up falling asleep, which never happens either. Hannah loves to play on our bed, but all she did was lay there and want to be held.

So the morning is almost over, and Hannah hasn’t played at all. All we’ve done is cuddle and sleep and try to make her comfortable. She doesn’t have much of an appetite either, which is opposite from any other time. Hannah wasn’t even interested in what I was eating. I forced one bite of oatmeal down her, and she willingly took a few sips of milk, but that was it. Pray for my little girl that her body will fight whatever is trying to take over. She’s not coughing or anything, no symptoms except for a low fever, no appetite, very tired and cuddly.