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23 Nov 2015 Thanksgiving Craft for Kids with Toilet Paper Rolls
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The kids had a great time making some pilgrim and indian people to play with and to use to decorate our Thanksgiving table this week! I saw this idea online, but couldn’t find good a good template to help with making these, so I made my own template for us to use, and also made it available so you can use it too! Click the link below to download the template.

Download the Template: Thanksgiving Pilgrims and Indian from Toilet Paper Rolls

Cut the shapes out from this template, trace them onto construction paper, cut out the construction paper, and glue them onto your toilet paper rolls to make a fun Thanksgiving table decoration!

14 Jul 2014 I really miss writing
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Our family enjoyed a trip to the Red River Gorge this summer. This was my last chance to go camping before baby #4 arrives.

It has been a VERY long time since I have posted anything in here. I stopped writing when I started concentrating more on making videos. Videos seem to be easier to make. They only take about 5 minutes to shoot, a few minutes to chop it down to as close to 3 minutes, and then upload. I feel like less thought goes in to it though, which I don’t enjoy. Because if I were to put all the thoughts I really want in to a video, it’d end up being a very long video, that I wouldn’t even want to watch. Seeing a personality on the screen is fun, but sometimes it’s just nice to skim someone’s thoughts, or even be able to take those thoughts and have them written out as a reminder.

I’ve been thinking for at least a month now about coming back and blogging more. I would love to post more than one video a week, but that is more of a commitment than I can make right now. Especially with Baby #4 arriving next month. But getting to sit down and write out some thoughts sounds absolutely wonderful to me. I don’t have to wait until a day when I’m not covered in food or not sweating from being pregnant in the summer, or even have to wait for the house to be quiet. As I write this, all 3 kids are around me playing, and Halle trying to type on my keyboard as well. Life as a mom. It’s wonderful, adventurous, tiring, and completely worth it.

I’m very curious though, to know who, if anyone is still getting emails or notices when I write on here. If I can avoid having Tim do too much work on my blog to get it back up and running, I’d like that. But I know I do want to redesign this blog soon and update it to reflect our family of 6! So if you are reading this blog, please leave a comment and let me know how you came to see it. 🙂


24 Jul 2011
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Tim has been working on a new blog for a few weeks now, and I get to be a co-author! I’m not sure when Tim is officially launching it, but a few people have found it already and started leaving comments and interacting. It’s focus is for people who serve in ministry. There are so many blogs we can go to get advice about how to do ministry, but we wanted to make a place that will serve people who serve.

I’m really excited about the blog for a couple reasons.

1. I haven’t been very good at keeping up with this blog with taking care of 2 babies now. When I just logged in to type this up I noticed a blog post I wrote a while ago and just saved to publish, and didn’t even get around to doing that. Now I can write posts and Tim will get them published. Maybe sometime when the kids are a little older I will “re-launch” a personal blog to keep family and friends informed.

2. I have always dreamed about writing a book about life experiences of what I have learned going up as a PK and then becoming a Pastor’s wife. The blog isn’t a book, but it’s a start for me to share my experiences and hopefully help others.

If you want to keep up with our family personally, there is a variety of places to do that… – I’ve mainly been doing my weight loss updates. I’ve been trying to get them up every Monday, so tune in soon for the newest update! I’ve lost almost 30lbs in the last 3 months! I want to start doing a second update each week about what God is doing in my life, which has been a LOT lately, and it’s been great! I have really enjoyed making the youtube videos because it’s about as lazy and quick as it can get when I just use the camera on my computer and record right into youtube. – Almost daily vlogs of our family. Just a sneak peak into what we do each day.  – And of course, our newest blog. I am really excited to see how God uses it!

Go check out and please pass it on to those you think it could bless.







13 Jun 2011 Making Life Changes
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I almost constantly think of blogs that I can write, I just don’t take the time to sit down and write. I love to write, but usually Tim, the kids, laundry, dishes, and pretty much everything else comes first. So right now Hannah is napping, Zeke is feeding himself lunch, and the laundry is staying put.

This past weekend we had a few different graduation parties to go to. It was really fun to see people that we haven’t seen since last November and catch up on life. Probably the most common comment we got was about how big the kids have grown over the last 7 months. And the most common question I got was, “How are you doing?” and “What are you doing?”

I am very excited that my response to those questions is finally positive and life is looking up.

At the beginning of May I made the decision to attack every part of my life. From the physical to the spiritual. I started weight watchers, and began Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred, and also started attending our church’s women’s Bible study on forgiveness.

When everything started I was still dragging my heels, fighting with God, feeling like I had a right to be down in the dumps like I had been the previous 6 months. And now I am so thankful that those 6 months are over, and I am allowing God to work in my life again.

I am still doing weight watchers, for at least two more months. I completed 30 days straight of Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred, making it all the way to doing the last 10 days on level 3 difficulty. I have switched to working out three times a week with the 30 Day Shred, doing a different level of intensity each work out day, and going on a jog afterwards anywhere from 15-30 minutes. And the Bible study on forgiveness is still going strong.

As of today I have lost 18lbs with the combination of strength training with Jillian Michaels, jogging and weight watchers. I have also opened up to listening to God and what He wants to do with me. For six months I tried to figure out what happened at our last church. What were the motives behind the pastor? Why such a harsh exit? But through studying about Joseph and the way his brothers treated him, God showed me that it doesn’t matter why and how things happened. What matters is that I hand the situation over to God and trust God in what He is going to do, because God allowed everything to happen.

Probably one of the best things that has happened lately is that Tim and I became members at our church last week! I’ll have to write a separate blog about this good news.

Life is so much better now with so many changes going on. I feel good about myself for the first time in a long time. Too long of a time. I have energy to work with the kids and keep our house cleaner. And I’m learning to deal with life issues as they come and hand them over to God instead of holding on to a grudge like it’s my right.

13 May 2011 Family Update
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Well, today was the 2nd day in a row and ever that Hannah hasn’t had an accident during the day in her big girl undies. I went cold turkey two Mondays ago and gave up diapers with Hannah. She’s known how to potty for a while now, it’s just training myself to stop what I’m doing to help her out. And this week she totally shocked me when we were out grocery shopping and Hannah said she needed to go, and I wasn’t in any position to figure out how to juggle our stuff and Zeke and take her, so I assumed she went in her pull-up…and she waited until we were home! Bless her heart, she is growing up so fast, only 21 months old!

And Mr. Zeke. Not much older than 7 months, has been crawling on all fours like a champ since we got home from Easter. And today I caught him pulling himself up to standing twice. Seriously kid? Slow down! I thought about pulling him down and making him sit, but figured that would just give him more practice to go and stand up again. At least, I’m hoping this means before we know it he’ll be strong enough to defend himself from Hannah.

Tim has been the best husband ever. I have grown to admire him even more over the past year with everything we’ve been through, good and bad. He’s chasing after a dream right now, and I’m glad he has the opportunity. So many men go through life never taking the risk to pursue what they are passionate about, and I don’t want Tim to look back and regret taking advantage of this time. It has taken me a little bit to finally get to this point of being supportive and not stressed about how we’re going to make it financially. But, God has been blessing us through providing for our needs. We don’t have much extra, but we’re getting by and growing.

And then there’s me…

Every day I am forcing myself to work out. I’m doing Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred. It’s only a 20 minute workout dvd, but she is tough! And Weight Watchers is going well. I still have things to figure out so I’ll be eating healthier. Hopefully in a couple more weeks I’ll have a better handle on it. And juggling the kids in with all of this. On top of getting healthy physically, I’m doing a women’s Bible study on forgiveness with our church. This is a very timely study for me, and I’ll have to write more about it later.

09 May 2011 My First Weigh In
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Last Wednesday I vlogged a little bit about what is going on in my life on a very personal level. I’m excited to see the outcome over the next 3 months. You can watch it here…

The only motivation I have right now to get healthy is that I want to feel better about myself. That motivation doesn’t get me excited to work out and eat healthy, but it’s enough to force myself to make better decisions.

Last Monday I started counting calories and on Wednesday I joined Weight Watchers. Last Monday I also started Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. I did day 8 today, moving up to level 2 for the first time. Both have taken lots of self discipline to do, and so far it’s paying off.

So after living this new way for a week I’ve lost…*drum roll please…* 8 lbs!

With being a fan of The Biggest Loser, I’m expecting a low number next week, which is probably healthy. Although I do believe on the Weight Watcher’s site it said the average to loose “after the first 3 weeks” is 1-2lbs. I’d be pretty pumped if I can loose quite a bit more in the next 2 weeks. It didn’t seem too hard to loose these first 8lbs while my body is just in shock from doing something healthy for the first time in a LONG time. Most of my struggle is how long it takes me to figure out what I can eat, and what to cook for dinner. I was about to eat some cheesy noodles with the rest of the family and put myself 3 points over my daily allowance, but I opted out and got more salad which made me hit my daily allowance perfectly.

I’m signed up with Weight Watchers for 3 months, and I’m praying I can stick with it. We’ll see what happens. I’m not sure how much I’ll blog about it, but I’m planning on making weekly videos on my youtube channel.

01 May 2011 Trusting God
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I was talking to my sister-in-law last week about how my faith in God has really grown over the last 9 months. One of the biggest areas I have grown in is my trust that God will provide the needs of my family. Its one thing to know in your head that God keeps his promises and will take care of us, but when you live through a situation when all you can do is trust, a whole new aspect of your beliefs come in to play.

My nervousness about how our family will make it financially surprised me. God totally blessed Tim and I while getting out of debt. And over the last few years I would’ve said my security is not in money. But when Tim lost his job I quickly learned that I had a tight grip on our money, trying to find security in it. I immediately worried about how we would pay for bills and groceries. And God immediately started providing for us.

Luckily we had our finances set up to where the money Tim made in the current month would pay for the next, the denomination we were in helped us out some, and God worked through people in the church to send us anonymous gift cards to walmart and target. Every time we got a gift card in the mail I cried thankful tears and was amazed with how amazing God is to provide just when we need it. And he provided again this morning at church from someone I don’t know.

I am thankful for this time of trials, and know we aren’t near the end. God has humbled me many times in the last several months and is teaching me a lot about myself.

23 Apr 2011 Easter Egg Hunting
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We enjoyed this morning hunting Easter eggs at my parent’s church. They set it up so different age groups were in different areas so the babies wouldn’t get ran over by the big kids.
I loved being in the toddler group where the kids shared eggs with each other and then got tired of cleaning up someone else’s mess on the playground and decided to swing or slide instead.
That was a much more relaxing egg hunt than I remember having in elementary.

06 Apr 2011 Keep on Voting!
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Don’t forget to vote each day through Friday for Tim in the YouTube Next Up contest.

Go here to vote.

If you see this Wednesday night make sure to put a vote in for Wednesday. And then you have 2 more days to vote. Tim needs all the votes he can get in order to make it to the next round, and then it’s out of our hands. And after Friday we’ll stop bugging everyone several times a day, and go back to our normal lives.

03 Apr 2011 Go Vote! Help our family out!
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I apologize for copy and pasting an email….but we really need your help. This would be an incredible opportunity to open a bigger door on YouTube for youth ministry.
Here’s a message from Tim:
Hey everyone! I entered the YouTube NextUp contest and am now a semi-finalist! To make it to the next round, I need as many votes as I can get! You can vote once a day until April 8.
I’m pushing the YouthQuestions channel where every week me and several other youth workers answer teenagers’ questions about the hard stuff they’re going through in everyday life. In the near future we’ll be including teenagers giving their advice and help, as well.
If you haven’t checked out the YouthQuestions channel on YouTube yet, it’s
If the my video entry becomes one of the top 25 voted, I get:
  • $35,000 in funding to produce a new project, purchase new tools and advance my YouTube audience
  • A spot at a four-day YouTube Creator Camp in which I’ll benefit from one-on-one mentoring and learn an array of production techniques from leading industry and YouTube experts
  • Site-wide promotion of my final work and channel across YouTube
This could be an amazing opportunity for helping so many teenagers online hear Godly voices and influences about the real issues they’re experiencing every day.
Please vote every day until April 8th and hopefully we can bring a Christ-centered message to impact teens all over the world through YouTube!! Get everyone you know to vote every day, too. Please leverage whatever networks you have and help me spread the word! (A YouTube account is required to vote, but getting one is free.) The direct link to share is: