13 May 2011 Family Update
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Well, today was the 2nd day in a row and ever that Hannah hasn’t had an accident during the day in her big girl undies. I went cold turkey two Mondays ago and gave up diapers with Hannah. She’s known how to potty for a while now, it’s just training myself to stop what I’m doing to help her out. And this week she totally shocked me when we were out grocery shopping and Hannah said she needed to go, and I wasn’t in any position to figure out how to juggle our stuff and Zeke and take her, so I assumed she went in her pull-up…and she waited until we were home! Bless her heart, she is growing up so fast, only 21 months old!

And Mr. Zeke. Not much older than 7 months, has been crawling on all fours like a champ since we got home from Easter. And today I caught him pulling himself up to standing twice. Seriously kid? Slow down! I thought about pulling him down and making him sit, but figured that would just give him more practice to go and stand up again. At least, I’m hoping this means before we know it he’ll be strong enough to defend himself from Hannah.

Tim has been the best husband ever. I have grown to admire him even more over the past year with everything we’ve been through, good and bad. He’s chasing after a dream right now, and I’m glad he has the opportunity. So many men go through life never taking the risk to pursue what they are passionate about, and I don’t want Tim to look back and regret taking advantage of this time. It has taken me a little bit to finally get to this point of being supportive and not stressed about how we’re going to make it financially. But, God has been blessing us through providing for our needs. We don’t have much extra, but we’re getting by and growing.

And then there’s me…

Every day I am forcing myself to work out. I’m doing Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred. It’s only a 20 minute workout dvd, but she is tough! And Weight Watchers is going well. I still have things to figure out so I’ll be eating healthier. Hopefully in a couple more weeks I’ll have a better handle on it. And juggling the kids in with all of this. On top of getting healthy physically, I’m doing a women’s Bible study on forgiveness with our church. This is a very timely study for me, and I’ll have to write more about it later.

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    Mrs. H 

    Just something about the blessing of kiddos to make the days fly by, even when this time of life isn’t anything you’d like to repeat (or at least that’s what I’d say for us!).
    Congratulations on starting a new, healthy routine. I have a Biggest Loser video that I’d like to start incorporating into my daily routine as well. Maybe I’ll pull that out on Monday…

  2. Yeah, these last few months is a season I’d rather not re-visit. So I guess I better learn these lessons now huh! 🙂 Do the Biggest Loser video and let me know how it goes. I see the previews of some before my workout, and wonder how I would like to see the contestants work out at the same time.

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    Ginny Mote 

    Dana, you are beautiful!
    -Aunt Ginny

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    Melinda Meisenheimer 

    You look so great! Am so proud of you. Am having such a hard time with my weight, & the Dr.s keep telling me they want me to loose it. It has been so hard cause I keep falling and then they do not want me to exercise a lot till I heal. On top of it all, having surgery. As we all know it comes from Grandpa Toony Zentgraf side of the family. It will all ways be hardier for us to get it off & keep it off……….. Last night I went swimming. Am going to try that more this summer & work really hard at getting it all down. I have to make myself do a little bit each day. I cant run, but I can walk. Your babies are so adorable. : * ) They are growing so fast. By seeing them do new little things. You can see. You & Tim are truly blessed! Enjoy every min. with them. Am so glad that know God, Believe there is a God, and go to God when you need him. Keep all our family in your prayers. I am too. The devil is working over time on so many families. I have found even more so with the mind, like the book of Joyce Meyers ” Battlefield of the minds”. Great Book & DVD. God Bless your family. Love you all.
    Aunt Melinda