28 Mar 2011 Sunday – An uphill battle
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Does anyone else feel like Sunday mornings are a battle? After about a week of not sleeping well and thinking it couldn’t get any worse, on Saturday I probably got a solid 2 hours of sleep between Zeke fussing all night (turns out he is going through a growth spurt) and Hannah waking up at 5am.

While getting around on Sunday with my almost 2 year old, who just discovered the terrible twos, throwing tantrum after tantrum and a mom (me) who pretty much didn’t have a fuse at all, things did not go well. I was thinking yesterday morning of how much spiritual warfare we battle on Sunday mornings. No wonder we grow up learning to put on our best faces when you walk in the doors of the church. We pushed through and went to the early service (for nap time schedule, and we were already up), and things luckily got better at church. When asked how our family was doing, my response was, “We probably just had our worst morning yet.” We weren’t good, or fine, or great. We already had a meltdown and forced ourselves to continue.

Going to church yesterday was an act of worship in itself. An act of sacrifice of not giving in to the battle of a changed schedule. And I have Tim to thank for being the level headed one yesterday making it work. All I was looking forward to was going back home and taking a nap.

Hannah did give me a little comic relief in the midst of her fits. She pushed Zeke down, therefore had to go sit in timeout. When she was done with timeout, she wanted Zeke to have to sit for a minute. Oh I can just imagine what these two will get in to when Zeke can fend for himself.



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  1. This is too true! I can’t even count all the times crazy things have happened right before church either on Saturday night or Sunday morning. It’s happened so much now that even our kids recognize it for the spiritual warfare it truly is. So glad you were able to choose worship in spite of it all. Thanks for sharing!