14 Mar 2011 God doesn’t give up
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I am so glad that I have a God that doesn’t give up on me. He loves me. He wants a personal relationship with me. And he hasn’t stopped showing me how much he loves and cares about me. There have been little things all through my life that show glimpses of God blessing me and giving me little “love notes” to show me how much he cares.

Throughout the time of Tim being unemployed God has really stepped it up. God has been providing for us financially in some unexpected ways. Some anonymous, some not. All of which have come as an unexpected surprise, and I cry every time in awe of how much God is taking care of our family. You’d think I wouldn’t be surprised that God is taking care of us. Matthew 6:26 says, Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far more valuable to him than they are?” But yet, in my little faith, I am still delightfully surprised when God proves his scripture is true.

We have also been bathed in prayer, and I am so thankful for family and friends who are covering us in prayer. And even people who we haven’t even met, or just met recently have been praying.

I have to admit that I have really been struggling and almost fighting with God to allow what happened in our last church to happen. The last two weekends while in Chicago for the Simply Youth Ministry conference and in Minneapolis for the Dare2Share youth conference God has sent people into my life to speak. I have been so self focused and pouting that I haven’t been allowing God to teach me through this valley.

This world wasn’t made to please Dana. The world doesn’t revolve around me. Christ didn’t call us to live a safe and easy going life. When we answer a call to ministry it’s going to be dirty. Ministry is rocky. Ministry is not about myself.

I have a long ways to go with learning what God is doing in myself and my family. I’m glad Christ has come before us as an example. I’ve just recently opened myself up to embrace what God is doing and be willing to learn.

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    Girl, I totally relate… πŸ™‚ When God answers a prayer or showers me with His blessings, I often find myself amazed and in awe! I have the head and heart knowledge but when I actually SEE it unfold before my eyes, I’m at a loss for words πŸ™‚
    Don’t you know God just LOVES to see us so excited… like a kid opening a present and jumping up and down, screaming!! That’s me πŸ™‚
    Praying for your family!!! Keep trusting and leaning on Him πŸ™‚
    smiles and hugs,

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    Yeah for Dana !! We call it ‘growing’… and we ‘grow’ all our lives.. ALWAYS something new to learn.. and God teaches us thru all these happenings in our lives.. That’s what makes the Bible stay ‘alive’ ! and God so real..
    Hangeth in there.. it will be worth it all….