09 Feb 2011 Schmoyer Family Schedule
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With Tim working at home now while searching for employment I have struggled with not trying to get his help with the kids all the time. When Tim was working at the church I would always keep the office door closed so Hannah wouldn’t go play in there and get in to stuff. Well sometimes with Tim home the door would get left open and I wouldn’t have a mental block that he wasn’t available to help with the kiddos.

So Monday night Tim and I sat down and wrote up a schedule with the time Tim works, when we have family time, and even set up alternating nights for date night and hobby night for the two of us. Over the weekend while Tim was gone I needed a breather one day and forgot about chores while the kids were napping, and I went and started working on the kid’s Easter baskets. I don’t think I’ve done a hobby of mine with some time alone for over 6 months. I realized it was really refreshing and good for me mentally to get some time alone to do something I really enjoy.

Today is day 2 of having a schedule, and I feel so much more at ease with some structure to live by.

A fun/cute side note… this morning after giving Zeke a bath he was so fussy and ready to nap, so I asked Hannah to go into the living room and find Zeke’s pacifier for me, and she did! I am just amazed that she understood and helped mommy out so much! She is really growing up fast. It’s also fun to watch Zeke around Hannah, it’s almost like he is just amazed by his big sister and thinks the world of her. I love watching our two little ones around each other.

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4 Responses

  1. Very nice idea. Schedule’s are so helpful to us too! How is Hannah doing in the big girl bed?

  2. She is doing great! Naps are a little shorter now, but she seems to be doing okay if she ends up waking up earlier, we just have a little more fussing in the evening. Today she did a full nap, and was a very pleasant little girl afterwards. Thanks for asking! Are you and your hubby going to the Simply conference next month?

  3. That’s great to hear! We aren’t, I don’t even know where it is, ha! Are ya’ll going? If so hopefully it will be a good “break” for you.

  4. Bummer. It’s in Chicago. The kids are going with us, so not much of a break, but Tim’s little sister is flying out to watch the kids at the conference for us. Should be fun/interesting to try the conference that way! 🙂