01 Jan 2011 New Years Retreat
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This weekend we are at a camp where Tim is speaking to young adults. I brought all our winter gear and borrowed a sled from a friend so we could have fun playing in the snow.
Well, I checked the weather for today and it looks like all our snow gear will be used as survival to get from the dining hall and back throughout the weekend. The high today is 11, and the ground is covered in snow so our stroller is useless outside. Glad I have a sling to carry Zeke and the sled to pull Hannah! I did figure out the stroller will be good for laying Zeke while in the dining hall. Just have to figure out how Tim and I will haul what we need for the morning, the kids, and the stroller over there.
Pray for our health while out here. We are all already congested, but luckily Zeke doesn’t have a fever anymore. Poor kids, what were we thinking?

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    poor baby Hope you enjoyed it otherwise mom s