18 Nov 2010 Adjusting to Two
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I was expecting to have a harder time adjusting to two kids in the house instead of one, but I honestly feel like adjusting to one child from none was a lot harder. This time around I have been a lot more relaxed and care free with things. I feel like I know a little more about what I’m doing this time around. I don’t have as much time as I did with one child, which is apparent by how I have neglected my blog, but I feel a lot more sane this go around. I have lots of videos to put together, one is almost done of the kiddos from last week, then I have bigger videos such as Zeke’s birth and dedication to do. Eventually I’ll get those up. Then I would love to vlog more often. I’ve done one, and videoed another that I didn’t get around to putting together.

I am impressed with how great Hannah has been with Zeke. I haven’t seen any signs of jealousy, even when she comes to me wanting to be held when I’m holding Zeke. And I am so blessed to have a son that loves to smile. It makes middle of the night and morning feedings go way better.

I’ve tested Hannah a couple times to see how she handles Zeke. The first time was the first week home from the hospital with Zeke. When getting Hannah up from a nap I brought Zeke in and laid him down next to Hannah. Then gave him Hannah’s blankie to see what she would do. She ended up giving him her favorite teddy bear too! Then today I brought Hannah with me to watch me lay Zeke down in her crib for his nap. She wanted to get in a lay next to him for a little bit before we went and ate lunch. I was a little nervous about transferring Hannah to a toddler bed sometime in the future and let Zeke get the crib, but I think if I nap him in the crib with Hannah knowing, it should go better. I’ve also made the decision that if I have to let Hannah cry for a little bit in her crib after a nap because I’m feeding Zeke, that I do not show up holding him. I make sure to put Zeke down in another room before getting Hannah. I just don’t want her to have ill feelings towards her brother for mommy holding him when Hannah has been wanting someone to come get her.

Tim and I are still learning with Hannah. I feel like we have the baby part down, but Hannah brings new surprises every day.Β Learning how to discipline Hannah is probably our biggest feat right now. A couple months ago she learned how to arch her back when she throws a tantrum, and when she knows she isn’t supposed to do something she’ll act like she is about to do it and stare us down. What fun!

I think the most exciting thing happening in our house is Hannah starting to use her potty more regularly. I started a few months ago with sitting her on the potty before taking a bath after she showed interest in the potty and loved to play with it when she was in the bathroom. She didn’t actually use the potty until recently, and now this week I started putting her on the potty after breakfast also, and there is rarely a time she doesn’t use the potty when she sits. Even this morning she let me know she needed to use it in the middle of breakfast, so we quickly went and sat her on the potty and it was a success! What a big 15 month old!

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    GG'ma B 

    They ARE smart.. look who their parents are!!

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    Jennifer McVeigh 

    Hi Dana, my name is Jennifer and our husbands are friends through their blogs and possibly twitter, I’m not sure. His name is Benjer and he is the senior high pastor at our church in Utah (Washington Heights). I wanted to chime in to say that I agree the adjustment from none to one was way harder for me than the adjustment from one to two. And, I am amazed at your ability to do any of the extra stuff you are doing with your kids only 15 months (or 14?) apart! I am amazed. It took me a few months after having our second (ours are 21 mos apart) to be able to do things extra like a blog. Benjer enjoys Tim so much and he has highly recommended your blog to me. So thank you for your thoughts and sharing! I really liked your last post on Acts and Haiti.

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    GG'ma B 

    Those little human beings are so innately smart.. where do we lose it??? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  4. @GG’ma B – Thank you Grandma! πŸ™‚

    @Jennifer McVeigh – I have heard a bit of Benjer. Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m glad I’m not the only one whose world was turned upside down with 1 kid, and then pleasantly surprised that the second was easier. πŸ™‚
    I’m unable to blog as much as I’d like now with 2 kids…obviously now that I am finally responding to your comment now. πŸ™‚ But I enjoy it, and think of it often.