13 Oct 2010 Zeke’s 2 week check-up
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Tomorrow Zeke will be 2 weeks, but we went in for his check-up a day early because Thursdays are my doctor’s days off. I have been very intentional about nursing Zeke, but probably a little too intentional. I’ve gotten to the point to where I don’t let Zeke cry, and any time that he does I’ll nurse him. After what I went through with Hannah, still feeling like I starved my little girl for the first 3 weeks of her life, I don’t want to go down that path ever again. I really needed today’s doctor’s visit, and I am so thankful for our doctor and how understanding, caring, and helpful he is.

The check-up was great! Our goal was to have Zeke back up to his birth weight of 7lbs 9oz, and he weighed in at 8lbs 4oz! While in the hospital Zeke only lost 5oz which the doctor said was great, and it was due to my milk coming in on the second day from Zeke eating so much. Hearing that Zeke has gained a whole pound in the last 11 days since we left the hospital helped me relax a ton!

I talked to my doctor about how things are going with nursing, that they are going a whole lot better than it did with Hannah, but I that I have been struggling in the evenings because I have been nursing pretty much non stop from the early evening until around 11pm. That has been exhausting and frustrating because Zeke just had not seemed satisfied in the evening, and we even supplemented with formula 2 nights in a row. I started pumping for 5 minutes after my morning and afternoon feedings to get breastmilk supplements for Zeke right before my sleep time, which had seemed to help.

The biggest help my doctor told me was that with how much weight Zeke has gained I can relax and let him fuss in the evenings, and not have to feel like I should nurse him every time he fusses. I have rarely even let him wriggle around and find his fists because I don’t want my baby to be unhappy, and he would get a little fussy, so I would keep him swaddled. I’ve been doing the extreme opposite that I did with Hannah.

So this evening…

Zeke took a good nap after eating when we got home from the doctor’s appointment. He was a little fussy after eating, and just wanted to be held. I tried giving him a pacifier, which he has refused to take the last few days. He finally took it! And he wasn’t upset that it wasn’t mom! Then while heating up dinner and letting Hannah play Zeke ate again, and by the time Tim got home I laid him down for another nap, and he took his first evening nap for me so far! I’m so glad he is taking a pacifier now to give me a break, and help him sleep for me!

Zeke slept while Hannah and I got to play all evening and gave me time to get her in bed before it was time for Zeke’s next feeding, which went great and he fell right to sleep for the night! So now it’s my time to go to bed, and doing it without fighting my sweet little angel.

My biggest blessing from the evening was time to play with Hannah. I haven’t spent a whole lot of time with her lately since Zeke has been pretty much glued to me. I’ve been pretty hard on myself about not giving Hannah the time and attention she needs. Now if our days keep this up I’ll be able to read up a little more and start working on some good discipline and structure for Hannah so she doesn’t continue to get spoiled rotten like she has been for the past 2 months.

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