26 Sep 2010 I want to be done
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My alarm doesn’t go off for another half hour, but I give up on trying to get comfortable to sleep. Zeke feels like he grew quite a bit during the night, and I have a new little area of stretched out skin right above my belly button that I can see and it burns any time I move in any way that effects it, such as walking.

Friday night I was in bed at 8, feeling like I had some type of flu bug coming on. I laid in bed searching on line for the hopes that it might be a sign that we would be meeting our little boy very soon. And after finding out that it very well could be, a couple people reaffirmed that it might be early labor signs.

All through the night I had contractions, but I was able to relax enough and sleep through most of them. I figured i’d wake up if they got to the point of needing to go to the hospital. The morning came, and after being in bed for almost 13 hours I was feeling a lot better with not feeling like I was getting sick any more, but my body felt bruised all over my back, shoulders and belly.

I am so glad all of this discomfort happened over the weekend with Tim at home to help with Hannah. I have a hard time bending over now, and carrying Hannah is a chore. I’m not looking forward to this week with Tim going back into the office and not around to help as much. He was such a life saver with Hannah, and a great support for me throughout the weekend. I’m really regretting the fact that we canceled the induction for tomorrow morning now. I really want to be done.

My pregnancy with Hannah was so much easier, I guess that’s why I’m doing this again so soon. I don’t remember ever getting to the point of actually saying, “I want to be done.” feeling this way makes me really nervous because I’m not at the hard part yet.

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    Mrs. H 

    Sending you . Hang in there!! As tough physically as it is now, you will appreciate having your mom here and Tim home for the weekend when you get induced. Bringing Zeke home will bring a whole new type of tiredness and the extra hands will be great. Hit the library for some videos, stock up on easy mac&cheese for H’s lunch, and don’t feel guilty about a low-key, easy-on-you week for Hannah this week!

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    Mrs. H 

    How crazy – I wrote “hugs” but it left it out! That’s what I meant, lol.

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    Hey girl…. praying for you!!!
    I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me! Just keep saying that over and over 🙂