13 Sep 2010 False Labor and a Sick Baby
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Last week on Tuesday I got a scare that we might have been meeting baby boy. A little after 8pm I was feeling contractions pretty consistently and got my timmer app out on my iPod to see how close they were. They were averaging about every 3 minutes for almost a minute long. At that point Tim and I were trying to remember how far apart they’re supposed to be when you go to the hospital, so I had to go find the workbook we did in our birthing class last year. I hadn’t read up on anything until Tuesday night, and figured it might be time to start! When I read that you’re supposed to go in to the hospital when the contractions are 5 minutes apart, 1 minute long for 1 hour, I got a little nervous, but read to tell if it’s true labor to walk around and see if it gives any relief. So I decided to go upstairs and pack my hospital bag finally. While packing I couldn’t distinguish when one contraction was starting and ending, so I figured we were okay, and then went to Wal-mart to walk around a little more and pick up a couple items.

Good news, my hospital bag is finally packed! I’ve had Baby Boy’s hospital bag and Hannah’s overnight bag packed for a little while, but hadn’t bothered with mine.

So Thursday was our last check-up. I was 1 centimeter and 70% effaced and planning a trip down to the cities right afterwards. My doctor gave me the okay with the safety net of hospitals in the city, and one at the half way point to home. She told me she is waiting for our little boy to come any day now. Hearing that makes me nervous not knowing when he is coming. So I look forward to every Thursday to go in and see how I’ve progressed. Only 3 more days until our next check-up. Hopefully Baby Boy doesn’t come too early. I know he’ll be fine right now, but I’d rather go the whole 40 weeks if possible for him to fully develop and for the fact that right now he’s a lot easier to take care of than he will be out of the womb. Plus my mom doesn’t fly in until October 1st, so if we can meet little boy on his due date, that would be ideal!

Now for Hannah’s news…

Last Wednesday I took Hannah up to the church during the fall ministry registration for our daily outing. There were lots of kids there so I took advantage of standing Hannah up to walk instead of crawl as much as possible, and she did great! She watched the older kids and wanted to keep up and did a ton of walking all on her own, not holding on to anything. And to my surprise, for the very first time Hannah got herself back up to standing after falling down by just pushing herself up off the floor, not needing anything to pull herself up with! At home Hannah doesn’t have as much motivation to walk, but I’m trying to give her as many opportunities to get around other kids so she’ll walk. It’s a little tough to carry 2 kids all the time, so her walking will be a huge help. Thursday and Friday Hannah walked a bit while playing with cousins, and then yesterday after church service was over she did some walking around everyone visiting.

Most mornings Hannah is great at playing quietly in her crib until Tim or I go get her out. Which has been a huge blessing during the 3rd trimester and with how exhausted I’ve been. This morning though I heard Hannah crying for a little bit around 7am, so I went and picked her up and she just had a very sad cry that wouldn’t go away. I let her have her pacifier out of the crib, grabbed her blanket and doll and we cuddled on the couch for a while. Hannah is usually ready to play right away in the morning, but she wasn’t interested in anything but being held. So I held her until my back couldn’t take any more and we went upstairs and laid in mine and Tim’s bed, and ended up falling asleep, which never happens either. Hannah loves to play on our bed, but all she did was lay there and want to be held.

So the morning is almost over, and Hannah hasn’t played at all. All we’ve done is cuddle and sleep and try to make her comfortable. She doesn’t have much of an appetite either, which is opposite from any other time. Hannah wasn’t even interested in what I was eating. I forced one bite of oatmeal down her, and she willingly took a few sips of milk, but that was it. Pray for my little girl that her body will fight whatever is trying to take over. She’s not coughing or anything, no symptoms except for a low fever, no appetite, very tired and cuddly.

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