21 Aug 2010 Love – A Great Middle Name
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Hannah turned one year old, two weeks ago tomorrow. We had a nice party with good friends and family. She is such a joy to be around, constantly making me laugh and wearing me out. (Oh! And Hannah finally got her first tooth! A day after she turned one, and then tooth 2 and 3 came in later that week. So far we’re still at 3, but her teeth are a little too sharp for me to spend much time searching anymore.)

So after turning one, Hannah’s schedule has kept me guessing. Some days she is more than ready for a morning and afternoon nap. Other times she is exhausted and wanting nothing but a nap right before lunch, but then sleeps very little to wake up hungry and think she doesn’t need another nap even though she is totally exhausted. And then there are days like today when I have Tim at home to help me deal with a fussy baby in the morning just to stretch her until after lunch time so she can at least get one good nap, which made a happier baby the rest of the day (for the most part) as long as we were outside or in public.

I have to confess, that I’m one of those people who uses middle names when they get frustrated with someone. It’s hard to stay frustrated or get angry at something Hannah does when I say her middle name, Love. As soon as I say “Love” I stop, think about why we gave her that name based on God’s love and one of the fruits of the Spirit. Then I’m able to put myself in check.

For a while now I’ve liked the idea of using the fruits of the Spirit for middle names if God blessed me with a daughter or more. I’ve thought of using patience for a name. Tim and I have joked about how hard that would be when getting on to our kids. But after Love has actually stopped me in my tracks and made me think of why I’m actually getting worked up, I’m thinking patience wouldn’t be too bad for a middle name.

But now we’re having a boy, and I don’t think the fruits of the Spirit really fit well for a middle name for a boy. We’re 5.5 weeks out from the due date, and have yet to think of a good middle name for Ezekiel. I want something “normal” that he could use if he really ends up disliking Ezekiel or Zeke. I’d like to use a boy name that means “joy” but so far of what I’ve found those names are even more different than Zeke. Oh well, eventually we’ll figure something out right? 🙂

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  1. Seems like some of the fruits of the Spirit could sound masculine in greek or hebrew. Maybe Tim would know that?

    Kristen and I have been kicking around names. It’s funny because we always had two kids in mind since we were dating… a Megan and a Paul. Now with #3 on the way we’re kind of at a loss. We’ve been calling the baby Tres since we found out. Then in Haiti it became Trois. Funny thing is, Tres is kind of growing on us! So, long story short… we were just talking about making the babies middle name Tres if its a boy.

  2. 2
    mom s 

    yeah it’s hard to ge upset with THAT middle name.LOL…mom s