25 Aug 2010 Girl Time
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I love hanging out with girls. Which, if asked in junior high or high school, I wouldn’t have ever thought that I would prefer to hang out with girls. But now, I love it! It’s just fun to be girly and talk about random stuff that only girls really get. Especially the way that topics flow, which was actually a topic in and of itself tonight. Today I got to go out to Caribou with a friend, which I really needed and enjoyed, and after that I couldn’t imagine staying in the house for the rest of the night, so I asked Tim last minute and changed my evening plans of staying at home with Hannah, to going to the senior high small groups with her for the evening. And I’m glad I did! There were mostly girls there tonight, so it was fun catching up on people’s lives and having girl chat. Pretty sure I was an effective form or birth control for the few that were asking questions about labor and delivery.

I’m really looking forward to helping out with the senior high again this year. The summer break has been nice, but I miss my weekly encounters with our youth girls. I’m also really looking forward to our church’s Love & Respect class that will be starting up soon. There are a few couples we know who are going to attend, and it’ll be so much fun to get to know them better and have a time of hanging out with others in our same stage of life.

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    When I was in youth group, I hung out with mostly guys. Totally a tomboy. Then after a year of college and going into my sophomore year now, I’m trying to be more girly. I would rather hang out with girls than guys nowadays. I’m totally changing my style and I’m wearing make-up. College does interesting things to people, but I’m loving it. At the same time though, there are times when I wish I could go back and be friends with guys again. The guys in my youth group did not intimidate me as much as the college guys I go to school with. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that I grew up with the guys in youth group, but I’m new to the whole college thing.

  2. Yeah, that sounds a lot like me. I started hanging out with girls more in college, which is actually good to learn I think, ’cause now with being married it’s better to have close friends that are girls instead of guys, because our husbands should be our closest and most special guy friend.