04 Aug 2010 Candy Coated Ice Cream Cones
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Friday Tim and I had a day long date in Minneapolis while waiting for Hannah and my mom to fly in for the week. We ended our date with a trip to an ice cream shop recommended by Tim’s friend. They had special cones covered in chocolate rolled in candy bars, which were delicious! We told mom about it and she said she’s never seen cones done like that, so when Tim and I went grocery shopping I decided to pick up stuff to make some special cones for our ice cream. I think we may have one cone left in our freezer, they sure went fast, and were fun to make!

Here’s what you do:

Buy waffle cones, chocolate dipping sauce that you would use for making chocolate covered strawberries or whatever, and whatever candy bars or nuts, or whatever you’d like to roll your cones in.

Go ahead and crush whatever treats you want before melting your chocolate, then dip the cone in your chocolate, covering about half the cone, roll the cone in your candy, then sit it on a wax paper covered pan to put in your freezer to harden the cones. Eat and enjoy!

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    I saw Tim’s video of that on Youtube and those ice cream cones looked so good. It’s definitely something I’d be willing to try making.