28 Jul 2010 We’re home from Mexico
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We had a wonderful trip and got home at 2:30 this morning. Hannah is still at my parent’s in Texas and will be flying home with my mom on Friday. I miss my little girl, but it’s nice to have some recovery time before jumping right back in to being a mom. Baby boy is keeping me in my mom phase enough for now. Traveling to Mexico was fine, but I feel like Baby Boy grew a ton over the week, and traveling home was not comfortable at all. I’m glad we don’t have any big plans until the holidays, ’cause I’m planning on staying put for a little while. My ankles and legs were so swollen by the time we got home this morning that my socks had cut in to them. Ouch! After getting a few hours of sleep they were still a little swollen, but my afternoon nap helped a ton!

Tim and I stayed in an amazing house while in Mexico, with our friend Zoe from Texas. Our hostess Diana was amazing, I really enjoyed getting to know and spend time with her. You can find Diana in the picture to the left of me in the pink striped shirt. She came to the church every day to help out with VBS, and was at almost every event we had. The Pastor of the church was wonderful. You can see his heart for his congregation and community, and it shines through his wife too.

I’m thankful that during the trip I didn’t compare what we were doing in Mexico to what we did in Haiti. On our first full day in Mexico we had a women’s tea and had a time of worship through music which brought me back to my love of Mexico, the culture, and how God has used Mexico in my life. I love the discipleship training we got in Haiti and our debriefing every day. And both of those things make it hard for me to compare the two trips. I’m curious about what a trip to Mexico with AIM would be like. Today though I have been comparing our time in Haiti and our time in Mexico and how everything went, especially the attitudes of the people on the trip. I probably wont end up blogging about it, but picking some people’s brains instead.

I’m still way behind on blogging, not blogging about specific events that took place in Haiti yet. I need to do that and now blog about Mexico. It’ll take time, but I’ll get some done.

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