19 Jul 2010 Leaving for Mexico
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I didn’t have time to do a real post, so here’s some quick thoughts on my iPod touch before I go to bed for a couple hours, and then head out for Mexico.

We’re meeting at the church at 1:30am to leave by 2am to get to the airport with everyone in plenty of time. We have a one hour layover in Houston where my parents will hopefully be through security and at our gate to pick up Hannah, then off to the gate for our flight to Mexico where we’ll meet Zoe and take off!

Prayer requests:
safe travel to the airport, flying and driving to Morelos, Mexico.
Tim’s health, that his throat will heal quickly from the antibiotics and his cough will go away so he can sleep well.
Healing for me. Today I started getting a sharp pain in my tailbone with every step I take, which kept getting worst and worst as the day went on. I think I figured out why the pain started, because Thursday I sliced my heal pretty good, which hurt to walk on, so I haven’t put much pressure on my right foot since then, and the pain I have in my tail bone now is on the left side probably from all the pressure I’ve been putting on it.
For Hannah to travel well and do well leaving with my parents.
For Tim and I not to miss Hannah too much, and be able to focus on what God wants us to do in Mexico.
That our hearts and those we come in contact will be open to the love and work of Christ.
That my parents will get through security in the morning to get Hannah.
That Zoe will jump right in and become a natural part of our group.
That we all keep God’s plans first and remember that we are going to Mexico to share Christ, and put our personal agendas aside.

Here’s a list of everyone going to pray for:
Zoe, our friend from Texas

Oh, and keep my mom and dad in your prayers, that they will have the energy to keep up with their very active granddaughter.

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