14 Jul 2010 Getting Ready for Mexico
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We have 5 more full days until we leave for Mexico, and I still haven’t given an update on our vacation time in Texas with the Waymans and Wisconsin with the Schmoyers. That’s still probably going to have to wait, especially now that I’m realizing we leave in only 5 days, that doesn’t seem long at all to get everything in place!

We sent our support letters for financial help and prayers. Please start praying now if you haven’t already! Last night we had our last meeting before heading out to Mexico. I left feeling better, but feeling like there are some loose ends that still need to be tied up. I started working on some of them last night after Hannah and Tim had gone to bed. I can’t remember when the last time was that I was the last one up, but only ’til 11, Tim hasn’t been feeling well, so that’s how he beat me to bed. Pray for his health, he’s functional, but still not feeling well, and we need him well for the trip.

Specific prayers…

I need to call my health insurance and see if I am covered in Mexico, if not then I need to get some traveler’s health insurance. Anyone have any recommendations you’ve used? Our travel agent said he would get some info to me yesterday about it, but I’m still empty handed and thinking I’ll do something on my own. I’ve never gotten health insurance for a missions trip before, but I’m thinking since I’ll be 10 weeks out from Baby Boy’s due date, this might be the time to look in to it.

Tim’s health. He’s had a sore throat, and yesterday had the chills when our house was hot. He’s just not himself.

Organization for everyone leading different areas of ministry we are doing in Mexico, that everything will come together and we will all trust God to do that, and not depend on our own strength, ’cause that just wont work.

Communication. We have some more questions that need to be answered by our contact person for the missions trip. Pray that we get those answers tomorrow (Thursday) so that will ease our minds and we can better plan what money we will need while in Mexico. Also that transportation from the airport in Mexico City to where we are staying will get organized and figured out if it’s not already… we’re not sure.

Relaxation and joy. Pray that we will all be at ease with what God has planned before, during and after this trip. God knows all that is going to happen, and has everything under control. We just need to relax and enjoy God’s amazing plans.

Rest for me. I’ve already been totally exhausted in this 3rd trimester. I think it’s been a mix between staying home with Hannah all day, nesting getting ready for Baby Boy and getting things prepared for Mexico. Luckily I’ve been able to take a good nap every day in the morning when Hannah goes down for hers. I do need to start making myself go to sleep earlier at night. Like, I should be in bed right now.


I heard back from the doctor’s office and I do not have gestational diabetes, and don’t have to go in for the 3 hour glucose test to figure that out! That is such a huge sigh of relief. I had to go though the 3 hour test with Hannah, and didn’t have gestational diabetes with her either, but luckily this time they were able to tell from the 1 hour test I took. Yay!

I was able to get through to Continental Airlines and put Hannah on my ticket flying from MSP to IAH as a lap child so my parents will have an easier time getting through security to pick her up to spend the week with them while we’re gone.

Ooookay, that’s it for now.

Thanks for the prayers.

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