25 May 2010 Update on Hannah and Baby Boy Schmoyer
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I’m kinda frazzled right now. I think it’s a mix between pregnancy hormones and not getting a very good sleep last night. Hannah has been waking up a few times at 2am in the last week and eating about 12oz of her bottle before going back to bed. I didn’t realize how worn out I’ve been until these nights when Tim will get up with Hannah and sometimes I don’t even notice that she has been screaming at the top of her lungs, or not notice until Tim is already settling her down. Last night I got up in a hurry when I finally heard Hannah, and Tim was already down stairs in the kitchen getting her a bottle.

So this morning I’ve been reading a couple books trying to figure out why Hannah is getting up at 2am, and she’s just hungry. We need to increase the amount of food she is eating during the day. And I’m nervous about this. I haven’t cooked much since Hannah was born, it’s been almost 10 months and I just haven’t gotten back into my old routine. I’ve been reluctant to start ’cause our kitchen gets messed up enough as is without me cooking a nice meal every day, which I totally miss, but am kind of scared to start up again. I know I’d be proud of myself to get my act together and cook and let Hannah eat what we’re eating, ’cause she needs to. She is old enough to be done with pureed food, and I’m just too chicken to quit giving it to her. But yesterday at dinner was a total mess with her spitting almost every bite of her pureed veggies out, after doing so well with lunch, which was all finger foods. She’s ready to move on. I’m not.

On a very happy and exciting note….

Hannah started crawling! Sunday night after I got off the phone with my mom Hannah really wanted my cell phone, enough to actually army crawl to it for the first time. I called Tim in and we watched for a little bit, then got the camera out to capture her great achievement.¬†¬†Also, Yesterday morning Tim and I got to feel Baby Boy move for the first time with our hands! Last doctor’s visit we found out that my placenta is on the top, which is why I hadn’t been able to feel him move yet, except for internally. I’ve been kinda bummed about not being able to feel him with my hand, and not be able to share the excitement. So that was a perfect way to start our day off.

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