06 May 2010 Some of my raw thoughts after returning from Haiti
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Tim wrote a great blog last night about the 200 year pact that Haiti made with the devil if he would free them from the French. Instead of restating what he has already clearly written, I’ll let you go over and read it.

Also, a little disclaimer before you read my words… I’m still struggling with what God is teaching me through Haiti. And I started studying the book of Matthew since coming back from Haiti, which was written to the Jews, the “righteous people” of their day who should know better than those who had not heard the Word of God. These are some of my raw thoughts.

Experiencing Haiti was life changing. We learned a lot from our translators about the history of Haiti and what God is doing since the earthquake. One of our translators even told us his personal testimony and how his own family paid a Voodoo priest to cast an evil spirit on him to stop him from preaching the gospel. Fortunately, if the Holy Spirit is living in you, then an evil spirit cannot live in you.

It is so clear to see how God has taken Haiti into his own hands now that the 200 year pact with the devil is broken. People are turning to Christ, even lots of the Voodoo priests. During our last day of ministry our translator asked me to pray with a lady who was holding her 7 month old daughter in the main tent city we visited. Before praying with her I asked if she knew who Christ is and she said no. I asked her if she would like to learn about him and she said yes. And after I shared with her about who Christ is she wanted to accept Him as her personal Savior. I couldn’t believe how open she was to accepting Christ. That night back at the compound I was thinking about how many people back home need to be convinced that they need Christ. I have come across so many people that want a reason why they should believe and want to know what they can get out of it before committing their life to Christ. But those that we came across in Haiti hear the name of Jesus and know that they need Him as their personal Savior.

This past Sunday night at youth group most of our team shared our God stories with the Sr. High students. Afterwards me and two of our youth girls that went to Haiti decided to get together Monday afternoon and go talk to people in our town about Christ and pray for people like we did in Haiti. We met at the church on Monday and prayed about where to go. We ended up walking around the mall and pretty much got shot down. The biggest disappointment was talking to someone who said they believe in Christ but believe that people should not go around talking to others about Him. Are you kidding me? Yes we live in a small “Christian” community, but what Christ follower ignores Christ’s words, “Go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.” (Matthew 28:19) That isn’t a suggestion that Christ gives us, that’s a command for Christ followers. One of the girls asked this lady how people are supposed to know God if no one tells them, and her response was, “If God wants them to know, He will let them know.” What good are we if we don’t live out our faith in Christ and just sit around not living a life reflecting the ministry that Christ modeled for us? Thank God that Christ didn’t sit around saying, “Well, if God wants to save people from hell, he can do it without me.”

After this disappointing encounter we met a sweet elderly man and lady to talk to. The conversations didn’t go too deep, but it was nice to converse with someone who didn’t shoot us down for wanting to talk to people, and they were open to talk a little about faith, even if their short term memory was short. We found out that the man we talked to goes to a local ELCA church and he brought up the struggles the church is going through since approving homosexuality, saying that he just kind of looks the other way and ignores whats going on, saying that whether it’s right or wrong, homosexuals shouldn’t be teaching in the church. I went a little deeper saying, it is a sin, but we all sin, but what makes the situation really sad is that a church is willing to say that a certain sin is okay.

The people of Haiti know what is of the devil and what is of Christ. I think part of the reason I really want to go back to Haiti is because the people know this. Coming back home I am brought to tears seeing how blinded people are by Satan. Just looking at public television and how movie ratings allow more and more garbage in saying things are okay, people start to assume that is normal, and we should accept it. “People just struggle with sin, it’s okay, we need to accept it.” But who are these ideas coming from? Coarse language, sexual immorality, idolatry, loving money, and so many more things to add to that list do not glorify Christ. If it does not glorify Christ who do you think is cheering when we fall into those traps? It’s not Christ, it breaks Christ’s heart. People, Satan is real. And if we can’t stand up for Christ and preach the truth, Satan will continue to rule and trick people. No, we don’t see people practicing Voodooism regularly like some are still doing in Haiti, but if you’re not worshiping Christ with every part of your life, then Satan has still accomplished in you what he desires.

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    I just came along your blog today and the part when you were talking about the older couple about their ElCA church. I’m not trying to be mean or rude in anyway, but I happen to go to that church and there is a lot more happening in that church than you probably know. The congergation did try to attempt to switch to a different cinnid, but at the time someone voted that they are unable to talk about it anymore. So the church is unable to discusss it anymore. There is more that has happened that has prevented it from being the church the congregation wants it to be. It was a very nice church at one time, so please don’t say anything about it unless you truly know. I’m glad you had a wonderful time in Haiti 🙂

  2. I don’t know what is going on in your church, I only wrote about what this man said about his church. The lady and the man we were talking with live in different towns and attend different churches. Today would be perfect to get your congregation together and pray that the discussion can open again. I’m proud of you for sticking through and making a difference.

  3. Dana I couldn’t agree more with every thing you said about our American culture and Satan’s power. People say all the time God Bless America, but I really think all of our “blessing” has become a cure to our souls. My parent’s regularly take extended mission trips to countries with religious persecution and the difference in the faith of the believers there is night and day. I say we Americans could really benefit from some more material and “religious” hardship.

    Josh apologized to one of the translators for what happened to their country and he said no don’t be sorry, this is the best thing that has happened to Haiti. And he also said during the nation wide prayer and fasting just before the quake, the pastor’s were asking God to break Haiti. And he did, and some serious spiritual bonds have been broken.

  4. Yeah, it’s pretty crazy. While in Haiti we were thinking, “We are so blessed to get to go home to America.” But then getting back over here from being in a country drastically different it’s very eye opening at how these blessings have made us feel like we can get along without God, which is not a blessing at all.

    I think everyone should follow in your parents foot steps and make an impact on our faith by visiting Christians in other countries. That shows a whole other light into what being a Christian is actually about.

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    GG-ma B 

    Very insightful.. and enlightening.. We may have to use different methods here to reach people, and God can show us which ones to use at different times. That was a good experience you had in the mall, .. Everybody needs to feel those emotions..
    Then we see how indifference is a great sin.. Our nation is changing so insidiously..sliding in one thing at a time.
    I heard Miss America is our first Muslim to win.. !! (I tho’t they killed their own girls for dressing/acting like this)
    We DO have to be aware of everything we do.. even what we wear. Girls don’t seem to realize this….
    GLAD you have your thinking cap on !
    lluvya, with all your dedication !!