07 Apr 2010 We are going to Haiti
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April 23 Tim and I leave for Haiti with 16 other people from Minnesota. 14 from our church and my brother-in-law. And my sister Katelin is going too!

The day I needed to decide if I was in or out we had a doctors appointment for Baby Schmoyer and part of that visit was discussing if it was okay for me to go to Haiti in April and Mexico in July. I got the okay for both trips.

We discussed Haiti for a little bit. Last year I had read somewhere online that pregnant women are not supposed to use DEET. My doctor had not heard that before and did some research. She said I’m okay, and I can take the malaria pills they recommend. She gave me 100% support to go saying there is no reason at all that I shouldn’t. But I do need to take every precaution possible to not get malaria, and I’m assuming anything else I could catch.

So with getting the doctor’s permission to go, there is nothing holding me back. I committed. The week after I was pretty stressed about the decision. I’ve been on many missions trips. Most of them to Mexico, one to Venezuela and one to Belize, and a lot in the USA. As I think back to those trips I was never really out of my comfort zone. I was in highschool for most of them and loved the adventure and opportunity to serve. And then when we went to Belize with the youth a couple summers ago it didn’t really feel like a missions trip. It was the most plush trip I had been on.

So now I am transitioning from the nicest missions trip I have ever been on to going to Haiti where we will be camping in tents on a concrete slab most likely, during the rainy season. That is out of my comfort zone. No hard roof over my head. Last time I went camping was in 2000 when I was way younger and sleeping on the floor didn’t make my body sore.

I’m not too nervous about my health with being pregnant and going. I know the precautions to take, but I do want to be covered in prayer anyways because I do not need to chance the health of the precious baby God is developing inside of me. I am more nervous about what I will see. Seeing the children in Haiti will break my heart. I’m not sure if I’d be able to hold it together if I see a pregnant woman or baby around Hannah’s age or younger. I want to see how little I can take for myself so I can pack formula and prenatal vitamins. I know it wont be much. Checking a bag to take the Haiti is going to be ridiculously expensive. So if anyone wants to donate money to pay for a bag, or help pay for it that would be a huge blessing, and I can leave all the contents and the bag in Haiti so I don’t have to pay the fees on the way back home.

I’m sure I’ll have another blog or two before we leave for Haiti. And I’m sure I’ll have a lot to blog about when we get back. God is going to do huge things in me through this trip. I pray that he will do huge things through me for the people of Haiti.

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  1. Our whole family will absolutely be praying for you! What a great example of courage and stepping out in faith you are to those around you. I whole hardheartedly agree with you on how hard it will be to see children and pregnant women suffering in Haiti. It’s not even on the same level at all, but when I was pregnant with our middle son Josh and I took a team to Hungary for 10 days. Traveling during the second trimester was really helpful. I don’t know if this was the case with you, but I had a really hard time sleeping without a body pillow when I was pregnant. I bought a compression sack for it and brought it with me which all though it took up more room it really helped. I have no idea if this would help you are not though. 🙂

    Josh is working on a possible trip later this summer with people from our church who want to go and me as well. I would love to go, and am excited to see what God has planned for it all!