22 Apr 2010 Stay updated while we’re in Haiti
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Tim will hopefully be able to update what we’re doing every once in a while. If he is able to there are a few places where you can stay in the loop. Including the Adventures in Missions website.

Adventures in Missions:


Tim’s twitter:


Tim’s facebook page:


Alexandria Youth Webpage:


Alexandria Youth twitter:


Alexandria Youth facebook page:


We also have a facebook group for our Haiti team:


Please be praying for all of us. Hannah was picked up this afternoon by Cindy. She is in great hands for the week. I had a harder time yesterday than today with knowing we wont see her for over a week. Through prayer God helped me not to concentrate on my sadness of being away from Hannah. I need to have a clear head to focus on God’s will for this week.

We will get to Miami before noon on Friday. We’ll spend the day in several different training sessions then head to Haiti on Saturday morning. We’ll spend ┬áthe week in Haiti and head back to Miami on Friday April 30th. We’ll have a short evening and head home Saturday morning.

Pray pray pray for us!

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