21 Apr 2010 42 Hours until we leave for Haiti
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I am officially stressed and nervous about going to Haiti. I think mostly about leaving Hannah behind. She will be in great hands, it’s just the fact that we wont see her for over a week. I’ve been trying to hold strong about it. Tim has been telling her for a couple days now how much he is going to miss her. I’ve just tried to ignore those comments. Yesterday I started packing my bag of supplies to take to the Haitians. That’s when reality hit that we leave on Friday.

I was able to get 7 small cans of formula that someone donated. And yesterday I went to Target and got 7 bottles to give with the formula. I need to rummage through Hannah’s box and get 7 cloth diapers to go with it. I also found some small games of jax for kids we’ll see. And I grabbed a few bags of candy. I almost broke down in the store yesterday as I saw things I could take for kids. I already know I’m going to have a hard time seeing the conditions they live in. It’s going to be tough to see a little baby. And it’ll also be tough to see a pregnant lady. Although sleeping in a tent on a small air bed will be hard on me with being pregnant, it’ll still be way better than what most people in Haiti have. Oh, and I also picked up a couple bottles of prenatal vitamins to bless a couple ladies, and a couple things of infant tylenol.

I have such mixed emotions right now of excitement and nervousness. I know God will take care of me though. My plan for today is to get everything packed up for the trip and to get Hannah all packed up for the week too. I’ll still have some last minute items of Hannah’s to do on Thursday before she goes away for the week, but if I can get most of her things in order it’ll be much easier. I think my biggest fear with that is she’s not going to remember us. Luckily we’ll be getting back in the afternoon on May 1st. So we’ll get to spend time with her before we all go to bed for the night.

Please be praying for us. Pray for health, especially for me and Baby Schmoyer. But also for the rest of our team, that no one will become ill, so that God can use us all to the fullest potential. Pray for safety with traveling and while in Haiti. I am very excited that my sister Katelin, and Tim’s brother Dan are going with us. It’ll be a great time to get to minister along side each other. Pray that God will move in all of our team and not only teach us through this week, but that God will be able to bless many people through the work he has planned for us.

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  1. You guys will have a great time and all those fears and nervousness will go away as God works through you guys. God Bless