09 Mar 2010 Photos of Hannah
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I just had to share some cute pictures of Hannah!

I’ve been trying to help Hannah start to figure out how to crawl. She still gets stuck on her tummy with her arms in the air and legs kicking. Today she let me put her in the crawling position and she actually held it long enough for me to take some pictures!

We spent Saturday down at Tim’s brother Dan’s house while Glory and Michael were in town helping Dan and Maggie install new floors. Hannah had a great time hanging out with her oldest cousin Ruby. It is so cute to watch these two play!

When Hannah and I were down in Texas for vacation and Tim was in Haiti, her G’ma and G’pa Wayman took her shopping in the church book store. Hannah got 2 tutus with 2 matching headbands. Tim wasn’t too thrilled to find out when he got home, but she sure is cute!

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  1. 1
    Mrs. H 

    Classic first-child “encouragement” 🙂 Just wait til baby #2 gets here… you’ll be hoping that one doesn’t learn to crawl, b/c Hannah will be all over the place. lol. 😉 She is so adorable, Dana. The chubby cheeks when she grins is too cute!

  2. Thank you Mrs. H! 🙂
    Her little cheeks are irresistible. I’m hoping she’ll know how to walk by the time #2 is here so I’m not carrying 2 babies around, although you’re probably right, I’ll be wishing she was immobile at times I’m sure!

  3. 3

    Hannah is up on all 4s, It wont be long now and she will be crawling and right behind that walking. All of it is such a neat thing to see them all go though. Keeps mommy & Daddy on their toes & running too. What fun!!!!! She is such a Blessing and so adorable. Cant wait to see her sister or bother.
    Aunt Melinda

  4. 4

    Daddy and mommy are going to have to keep all the boys away from her with a stick. LOL