22 Feb 2010 Why am I timid to express myself in worship?
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Yesterday I struggled when I got in to our worship service at church. We just came up stairs form Sunday School where Tim told the junior highers about his trip to Haiti, and we watched a video and saw how sincerely the Haitians worship God. They dance in the streets and are so passionate.

When we walked in to the service the praise band was full of energy singing and the congregation was sitting. I turned to Tim and asked why everyone would be sitting. Why wouldn’t anyone stand and worship God? I didn’t want to sit. I really wanted to stand, but for fear of looking weird I sat. I’m not sure if the congregation was told to sit back and enjoy the music, ’cause to my knowledge it was a new song, or what the reason was for everyone sitting. We’ve come so accustomed to sitting and standing when we’re told. Thankfully one of the singers told everyone to stand and join in, I just wish I did from the beginning. Why was I timid of worshipping how I felt I needed to? Would it have been a hindrance to people if I stood?

This bothered me like crazy and I felt like I let God down for not following my heart and worshipping God like I needed to. Instead of focusing on God I focused on what others would think of me. We’re not a conservative church as far as worship style goes. People clap, people raise hands. After all the singing was over I continued to think of what I didn’t do. No one tells us when to raise our hands or not. Why is standing any different? Because I haven’t seen anyone in our congregation stand to praise God in song when no one else does. I’ve gone to churches like that, and I enjoyed them. I like feeling like I have the freedom to sit or stand when I want. Is this just a personal struggle, or does it have to be accepted by a church before it’s okay? Do churches become okay with that when people just start worshipping how they want? Or does someone have to announce “You are welcome to worship how you want.”?

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    Frankly I think it’s a bit of a personal struggle for me. When I have to go to chapel, everyone stands and everyone worships in their own way. But when I’m in church on Sundays and we start out singing and sitting, I’m not one of the first to stand up, but I will stand up when others around me stand. Also, I’m not really into the whole arms raised thing. I’m uncomfortable with raising my hands and I don’t really know why that is.
    And I don’t think sitting or standing is something that the church must make the decision on. I think God wants us to worship any way we want. It doesn’t matter as long as you worship.

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    Charles Wallis 

    Thanks for this article. I also struggle with why we do not fully express ourselves in worship and we get used to church being toned down. I am not saying we should be out of order or draw attention to ourselves, but I think about what worship is like in heaven as well. I feel restrained at times in churches that are quiet in worship, or frustrated that people need to be motivated to sing and clap. I also realize quietness can be a form of worship.