30 Jan 2010 Slick Road and Dumb Dog
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On the way to work I forgot a book I needed to make copies of, so I turned around to get it. On the way back to the house I took the turn into our neighborhood a little too fast and mad a 180 on our icy street. I was glad I did that instead of getting stuck in the snow bank on the side of the road. As I was turning around to once again face the direction I wanted, I saw the neighbor’s dog run out super excited. The dog followed me all the way back to our front step as I got my book from Tim. Luckily the dog is friendly ’cause it’s huge, and I am not fond of big dogs.

I was so super stressed because of this dog. To start off, when I got headed in the right direction again towards our house this dog ran in to the side of the car. And I couldn’t go fast enough on our road to stay infront of him because it was pretty much like driving on an ice skating rink, it’s so slick. If I got any speed I knew I’d be sliding around like crazy if I had to put on the breaks. I would slow down to let the dog hopefully stop trying to run infront of the car, but as soon as I stopped the dog stopped running and waited to see where I’d go next.

If trying to get back home didn’t stress me out enough, it took at least 5 minutes to drive like a quarter mile to the end of our street on to the main road. As soon as I started moving this dog would run up ahead and infront of the car. So I’d try to slowly put on the breaks to avoid sliding. Some how I avoided hitting the dog again, or he hitting me, whatever happened. This happened about 10 times all the way down the road. As soon as I’d get traction he was back infront of the car, and then I’d have to stop, hope the dog would move out of the way and then try to get traction again to move a couple more feet before the dog was back in front. I really want to know what the person was thinking who was driving behind me trying to get out of our neighborhood too. Oh, and honking at him did nothing but make him sit there looking around wondering where the noise was coming from.

And this would explain why I never want a dog of my own. (Sorry Mom and Dad for ever asking for one when I was younger!) By the time I was near the end of the road I started thinking, “Maybe it would be better if I just hit the dog and he couldn’t run infront of the car any more and I could be on my way to work.” But slowly I inched my way and made it on to the main road (which the dog followed). When he moved to the side of the road I gunned it in first and drove away before he could follow any further. So it took me 5 minutes to drive down our street, and another 5 to go 3.5 miles to the church. That’s┬áridiculous!

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