19 Nov 2009 Hannah’s Holiday Plans
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Happy HannahHannah has been growing and developing like crazy! It is so much fun now to watch her purposely reach out for something and grab it with her little hands. She is still a little spastic with her arms, but when she concentrates really hard she can get them to do what she wants.

Hannah has also been sleeping really well lately. Up until this last week we have always slept her on her side. I know, I know, “back to sleep” but she really slept well on her sides. But this week I started napping and sleeping her on her back because the other day she was super fussy going down for a nap…I put her on her back, and she napped better than she ever has. So we slept her on her back last night and I didn’t hear her cry once through the night!

I am really looking forward to the next 3 months. They are going to go by fast with all of the holidays and traveling coming up. Next week we are spending Thanksgiving with Dan and Maggie, then Christmas is out in Pennsylvania with Tim’s family, then my family will be coming out to PA for Hannah’s dedication and to see Hannah’s great great grandmother in Maryland and get a 5 generation picture. We will get a break from traveling in January, then in February we’ll head to Texas over Valentines Day and at the end of February we’re heading to Chicago for the Simply Youth Ministry Conference. It is going to be so much fun to travel and show off Hannah to everyone. I’m just praying Hannah will think it’s fun too!

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