30 Oct 2009 It’s Gonna be a Long Winter
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DaddyDaughterWe’ve been staying pretty busy around here. We’re all pretty much better, just a little bit of a stuffy nose, but not in bed sick all day anymore, so that’s great! Last weekend David, Adrienne, Noah and Addison came up for a visit. We had a great time going out to eat, which was  a bit crazy with 3 kids and 4 adults. Restaurants aren’t really made for children. We spent most of the time inside from the dreary weather, but were able to get a nice walk in on Sunday after church. It is so much fun to get Hannah and Addison together with them being 3 months apart (exactly) and see the differences in their developments. It’s going to be so much fun to watch them grow up!

Tim and I have been trading places this last week with me working as a temp at the church while they look to hire a new secretary. To make that work a little better Tim will go to his meetings in the mornings, and then on the days I need to go work, he would come home and work here while taking care of Hannah. It feels like this week has been pretty long, but I have really enjoyed getting out of the house and around adults, and make a little bit of income to help us out.

Today we got a good snow storm. When I went to the church this morning it was raining, and all I needed was a light jacket. By the time I went home for the day the snow was coming down hard and I wish I had my heavy coat. Despite the snow, Tim and I had to get back out to go open a local checking account. We’ve been using our bank down in TX, but having to mail our checks in is a hassle, and we end up waiting longer than we should.

And…my most exciting news…. Southwest Airlines was having a great sale this last week, so Tim and I were able to purchase tickets to go to Texas in February! We haven’t used up any of his vacation days, and they start over February 18th, so we needed to use them, and figured February will be a great time ’cause we’ll more than likely be ready for a break from all the snow and cold temperatures. I’m super excited to take Hannah to Texas and let my parents show her off to people down there.

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