05 Oct 2009 Bye Bye MacBook
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MacBookWell, my MacBook was fried. Tim and I had a joint hand in doing it. Tim was handing Hannah over to me to feed, and while laying her on the pillow in my lap she started rolling off and we both went to catch her, and in the process my water cup got knocked over and into the keyboard in my MacBook. Hopefully Apple will start making them waterproof, that would be nice! We don’t have the money to buy another one, we got mine for free from the money Tim made on the referral website he does. So now we’re attempting to be a one computer family. Tim has his MacBook for church, so that helps if we both want/need to be on the computer at the same time, like now. We went down to visit Tim’s brother and family this weekend and went to a mall near Minneapolis to take my MacBook and get the Apple store people to look at it. We didn’t know you have to set an appointment, so we left my MacBook there to get looked at and they called Tim yesterday letting him know it’d cost about $700 to fix it, but for just a couple hundred more we could get a brand new one. We still need to go pick it up, probably this next weekend, and I’m not sure what we’ll do with it, maybe sell it for the parts? I don’t know. I guess we just will have to learn how to share a computer. This will probably be good practice for when Tim’s car dies. We’ve talked about trying to see how we can get by with just one car, and I think we’re in the ideal town to do it because our town is so small. It’ll be more inconvenient, but doable.

I have been pretty good at updating pictures of Hannah on Facebook, but for those of you not on Facebook, I will be updating our online photo album, so you can click on the photo link at the top of my blog and see the pictures. Check back soon for pictures!

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    Mrs. H 

    Ugh, what a bummer (well, beyond bummer). Would your computer be covered under your homeowners/rental insurance at all? I think we have something (possibly added vs. standard) on ours to cover computer damage/accidents. Just a thought.