09 Oct 2009 2 Month Check Up
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HannahBundleHannah had her 2 month check-up since she turned 2 months yesterday. We got to do the fun weight and height measurement, and then came the not fun immunizations. Hannah was in such a good mood for the first part, then while waiting for her shots she started getting tired and hungry, but I made her hold off to eat until after her shots, knowing she would want the comfort. The doctor’s office got new computers so we had to wait a little longer for her shots, and by the time the nurse came back in Hannah was already putting herself to sleep sucking on her pacifier. She had to take some type of oral medicine first, which she really liked, and then came the surprise of the shots. She looked shocked at first then let out a terrible scream and turned bright red. I handled it better than I thought, which was good, but felt so bad for her. Tim was unable to go because he had a meeting that got planned two days in advanced. I was really hoping he would be there to comfort me too, but God had everything planned out. Before the appointment I got to see two ladies from church and one of our youth. And then when the appointment was over I saw two more ladies from church. God knew about the meeting Tim would have, and knew to send these special ladies for me, surrounding Hannah’s appointment.

I had Hannah’s bottle ready for her to eat after the shots, and she quickly ate her 4 oz bottle, and cried for more. Luckily I thought ahead and had an extra 2 oz of formula to give her, which was just enough. Hannah fell right to sleep (which the picture above is from), and we went home. Tim was home to welcome her and get Hannah out of her car seat and in to her crib. Hannah woke up in the process and gave her Daddy some of the sweetest smiles ever.

Our little girl is 11 pounds and 2 ounces now, 23 inches long and her head circumference is 15.5 inches. She is in the 50% for weight, and length and head I get mixed up, one is 70% and the other 75%.

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