01 Sep 2009 She was just hungry!
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full little tummy

Hannah had another doctors appointment yesterday because she wasn’t at her birth weight at 2 weeks of age. Well, yesterday at 3 weeks she still wasn’t. Turns out Hannah wasn’t getting enough to eat, so now we’re supplementing with formula. It was really hard news to get, and I had a hard time feeding her from a bottle the first time last night, even though I knew it wasn’t her first time to eat from a bottle. I’ve already noticed a difference in Hannah though, starting with her feeding at 5am this morning. The last few mornings she has been really fussy from about 5am-7:30am until her next feeding. Well, this morning after nursing and getting a formula supplement she went right back to sleep and Tim and I didn’t get up again until 8am. It was great to sleep in again with her, and now I am holding a very happy and full little girl in my lap. I’ve seen a lot more grins on her face today too with her full tummy. She is so cute! So the doctor and I figured yesterday that all her colicky tendencies were probably Hannah just being very hungry, so hopefully this week will be much better than last.

Hannah wasn’t wild about the taste of formula when she first tasted it last night even mixed with some of mom’s milk. As soon as she got a taste she looked up at me with a dirty little look, but ate some anyways. She eats pretty good from a bottle, but the flow is super fast for her, so we go through a burp rag at each feeding, but she is getting all the food she needs now, and that is great! Hannah and I went to Target today to find if there were any other bottle nipples with slower flow than the ones we have, but we’re already using the slowest they had. Hopefully with some more experience we’ll get better and have cleaner feedings. I should’ve just bought some bibs for her, but didn’t think about that ’til now.

Tim’s family was in town for a few days and just left today. It was wonderful to have the extra help around and to spend time with everyone. Hopefully I’ll start to update more often with more pictures and videos of Hannah. She hasn’t been fussy today, which would be perfect, but I’m enjoying a day of relaxing with my baby girl. We’ll put some up soon though.

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    GG'ma B 

    And it is also fun when she gets a little older to feed her cereal with the milk at night, and she’ll get to sleeping all nite !! She is your baby, not the CEO !! 🙂 🙂 That may come as a shock to her..

    I taught the children in SS Sun, and one mother said, ‘He has to be held all the time’ !!!!!!!!!!! He’s about 18 months old… cries when they leave him. AND he’s getting a little sister this week !!!!!!!! There will be changes THEN.

    GG’ma B.

  2. It’ll be nice when she starts getting some cereal. That baby at church has a rude awakening coming soon!