15 Sep 2009 One of my Favorite parts of Youth Ministry
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tennisOne of my favorite parts of youth ministry is going to student’s events. Whether it’s sports, band, choir, anything. I like to go and meet the students where they are, and it’s also a great opportunity to get to know the parents of our youth. When we first moved to Minnesota I think a few people were surprised to see us at events since we don’t have a kid of our own to go watch, which was a great time to let people know that we enjoy going and seeing what our youth are involved in, and to encourage them. Already with the school year kicking off, Tim, Hannah and I have been able to make a soccer game and 2 tennis matches, one of which we had 5 youth girls playing at the same time on 4 different courts. Even though I’m not leading a small group this Fall, I can take advantage of meeting the youth in their own element. And Hannah is always a popular girl wherever we go. I love watching the youth girls interact with her!

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