11 Aug 2009 Welcome Hannah Love
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Hannah LoveLife has been a whirl wind since Hannah Love was born at 4:44am on Saturday, August 8th. Our 7lb, 12 oz and 21 inch baby came into the world screaming making sure everyone knew she was here.

Thursday afternoon Tim and I had an appointment with our baby doctor, and we set a plan to be induced Friday morning because it was either Friday, or wait until Tuesday or Wednesday when family started leaving already. That evening everyone on my side of the family was here by the time Junior High Soul Fuel was ending, so we shared the exciting news that we should be greeting Baby Schmoyer the next day, finding out who our little bundle of joy would be. I still had to call Friday morning and make sure the hospital wasn’t too busy to take us in. Tim and I got hardly any sleep Thursday night with the anticipation of going in to the hospital. I called about 5:30 that morning and was told they were way too busy to take us in. At that point I slept really well being able to relax with the thought that I was getting to skip out on labor.

Friday was a great day spent with family. I was happy and upset that we didn’t go in to be induced because I wanted to meet our little one, but I also wanted to spend time with my family instead of spending the whole time in the hospital for their visit. So dad cooked his famous sausage gravy and biscuits and started the day off great. We relaxed around the house a bit, visiting then headed out to do some site seeing around our area. About 1:30 I started timing my contractions since they seemed to be coming pretty regularly, and I was already at 1 minute contractions every 5 minutes, which is the time they say to come into the hospital at. I didn’t want to be one of those people going into the hospital in false labor, so I timed for the rest of the afternoon. I called the hospital around 4 and talked to a nurse in our church who was on for the night and was told to take a nap or warm bath and see if the contractions would slow down, and if not, give them a call and come on in. We enjoyed mom’s great chili for dinner, I soaked in the tub, then called the hospital when my contractions were coming closer together, and packed up for the night.

We had the best nurses on staff while at the hospital. I am very grateful for everyone that helped us through Hannah’s birth. I tried to be as nice as possible with the labor since everyone else was so kind. I hope I wasn’t too bad. We went through the whole process with 2 doses of nubain, which helped me to sleep between every single contraction, but didn’t help with the pain. I told the doctor if we ever do this again I am for sure getting an epidural. My active labor started around 1:30pm and ended around 4:00am when it was time to push. So after laboring for 14.5 hours and pushing for 30 minutes Hannah was in my arms and I was overjoyed to be holding our little daughter.

Tim has been putting pictures on facebook, and made a new website that you can see pictures at too. I also uploaded pictures on picasa, so you can finally click on my picture link up above to see pictures of our little Hannah Love.

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    Mrs. H 

    So excited for you guys! Congratulations on your little “Love” bug 🙂