14 Aug 2009 Missing Daddy Tim
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daddyLife has been joyous and crazy tough since getting home with Hannah. She is just so adorable it’s hard to stay upset when staring down at her. We got home Monday after Jon flew back to Texas and had a couple days with Dad and Katelin left at the house. It was great to give Hannah’s grandpa time with her.

Wednesday night was terrible. Hannah had a stomach ache thanks to me overfeeding her during the day with trying to keep her happy. That’s one mistake I hope to never make again. Tim and I were up with Hannah until 3:20am when she finally fell asleep for the first time that night. I felt horrible for Tim too because he had to leave the next day for our annual junior high trip to the city for the weekend. I was able to keep Hannah quiet the rest of the night/morning when she needed fed so Tim could get some good rest. He even slept through me getting around in the morning so I’d be ready for my first morning nap after Hannah ate again.

I’ve always known Tim would be an awesome father. He is so good with Hannah and is always willing to give me a helping hand. I try not to bother him at night if possible so he can get rest so we’re both not exhausted. I figure since I have to get up with Hannah anyways, if I can handle her on my own there’s no reason for Tim to get up unless I’m struggling with her. I think Tim felt bad about that Thursday morning, but just knowing he is more than willing to help, helps me tons with staying sane. It was nice to see him get Hannah comforted Wednesday night because I couldn’t do it, she needed her daddy.

This weekend has gone better than I expected with Tim gone. I’d prefer him to be here, but we’ve always known that one day this would happen. That I’d have to stay home and take care of our child while he is on a youth trip. I am very thankful that my Mom was able to be here for this first time. I wouldn’t have been able to make it through without her. The weekend has been tough on Tim too with having to leave Hannah so soon, with her not even being a week old. Tim piled all the pictures of Hannah he could on his ipod and the videos he has made of her so he can look at them throughout the weekend.

I am so blessed to have Tim for my husband and Hannah is even more blessed to get him as her dad. It’ll be great to see what God teaches us through this new addition to our family. I’m already learning patience and how to let go and let others help. I’m sure this will be a non-stop learning process. I also recruited some women to really pray for me these first few days. God has put some amazing women in my life that I am very thankful for.

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