27 Aug 2009 Hannah=Colicky
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HannahI never wanted to assume that Hannah was colicky, just a fussy baby who was having a hard time napping. Monday we went in for her 2 week check-up and the doctor asked me if she is colicky. I automatically said no because she does a good job sleeping during the night. The last few days have been extra hard though with how fussy she is and not just crying, but screaming to the point where her face turns bright red and looks like sometimes she is holding her breathe she is so mad.

So we have just been loving on her extra and trying anything and everything to calm her down. I’ve been doing better today with listening to her cry, it’s still hard, but if I get okay sleep I’m better at handling her. We are borrowing a swing from some friends in the church whose kid has outgrown it. It is really nice to put her in when I don’t have the energy to carry her around anymore.

Please pray for us and Hannah. That we can figure out what special treatment she likes to calm her down. So far to get her to sleep Tim and I have had to hold her on our chest and calm her down. Then when she is finally asleep we can put her in the bassinet. She was doing so good until just a few days ago, but I’ve been told that if a baby is colicky it usually doesn’t kick in until after the 1st or 2nd week of life. We also have to go back to the doctor this Monday because Hannah wasn’t back up to her birth weight yet. These extra things going on haven’t helped me, only stresses me out more than just trying to figure her out.


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    I’ll definitely be praying for you guys.

    I know this might seem hard to do, but a good stress reliever that I know of is to laugh. Just laugh it out. When I took psychology last year, my teacher tried to get us to laugh by pretending to laugh, which was hilarious and just made me start laughing. I laugh at a lot of stuff, so one would think I don’t get stressed out as easily, but when there is something stressing me out, I don’t always laugh it out and I get kinda angry.

    But I don’t think you can get angry from stressing over that cute little baby that you have, so laughing is my best suggestion. Also don’t worry because God has everything under control.

  2. Thank you Chelsea! Good words of advice.

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    Hi, Dana! My name is Beth, and I’ve been following your blog for a little while now. I originally found your blog when exploring/gaining insight from your husband’s student ministry website (my husband is a pastor). Congrats on your beautiful baby girl! The reason that I’m writing is that my baby boy (Silas) just came through really bad colic (he’s 6 months old now and doing much better). I blogged some about it on my personal blog. It was a REALLY STRESSFUL time for my husband and I, as Silas is our first child and NOTHING we did seemed to comfort him when he would have his crying fits. You may have an easier time dealing with it (and Hannah may not have colic as bad as Silas), but I struggled a lot during my first few months as a mom. The Lord just impresed on my heart to send some encouragement your way because I know just being a new mom it exhausting- not to mention having a colicky baby! So, all that to say, I’m praying for you!! (even though I don’t know you.. haha) If you need ANYTHING, please email me. You have a beautiful family and this season will bring you closer than you ever imagined. God bless you, Dana!


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    Aunt Melinda 

    Hope things are going better with Hanna. I did not know if you are bottle feeding or breast feeding. Well sometimes it could be the the bottle milk that she is drinking. Tammy we found out that Emfameal caused her to gain to much weight. Some babies it will cause more gas on their tummy. if you are breast feeding you have to watch what foods you eat cause they will cause gas on their tummy. I breast feed & bottle feed both my babies.
    some babies do not like the taste of some milks. Tim drank a different canned milk than Tammy. He was a picky baby. He liked the breast milk did not want to drink the can milk hardly at all. It took us a while to work with him. when I had got sick and Dr. had me on med. I really needed him to be able to drink can milk when I could not feed him.
    So with Tammy I tried to do both just in case something happen like that again.
    You all will do fine. The swing is a great idea. Sometimes babies fuss just wanting you to hold them all day. Like Tim always wanting me to feed him all day or just wanting to be next to me all day. We all have our home, husband & other things to take care of too. Call me if you need anything. I would love to hear from you. Aunt Melinda

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    Aunt Melinda 

    To take the stress away now, what I do is go and look out at the clouds and land out my back yard and think of all God has made us. Some times I will say a prayer. Sometimes just looking at it God shows me a clam and shows me he is there. See if that will work for you sometime. With having the swing. You will see if her fussing was either from her just wanting to be held all the time or if it was gas on her tummy.
    Everyone sayes you look like me. I have had so many people tell me. I love it & Iam so proud of you. Aunt Melinda