03 Jul 2009 Tell the Truth
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seek_truthThe last couple of years I have struggled with being bold with the truth. When we first moved to MN and I was helping lead a girl’s small group about modesty, and prayed about how to go about it, and talked to my sister before hand to see what she thought about the tactic, and I went forth. I know I wasn’t as bold as I could’ve been, but it still turned this group of girls away, and so I have held back with the rest of the youth at our church. After reading through the sr. high ministry evaluations that other students filled out, and reading that they want us to tell them the truth and not tiptoe around things, but give them the truth of how they should be living, this gives me some confidence to turn back around and make sure these students are getting the truth.

Then at our parent dinner we asked how we could best partner with the parents in raising up their kids in Christ. A common answer we got was to stand out in our faith and not live like the world. This is very encouraging, and I pray that God will lead me to be bold in my faith and teach the youth he has entrusted to our youth ministry how to live out their faith, not just show up to be fed, but to live their faith at all times.

We can pray for our children, teach them about Christ and set an example for our children, but the decision to follow Christ is ultimately up to them. But if we don’t set that example and show them that our standards should be higher than those of the world, who will? How will they see authentic faith lived out if we and the parents of our students aren’t living it out first?

Proverbs 28

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