06 Jul 2009 Great 4th of July Weekend
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AddisonTim and I had a wonderful weekend for the 4th. David called Tim Thursday night to come up and spend the weekend with us, which was great ’cause we didn’t have any plans, and everything ended up falling in place. We had Dan, David, Adrienne and all the kids up at our house.

Everyone came up Friday afternoon and we were able to get one of our youth leaders on our lake to take us all out on the boat for the kids to ride and the boys to wake board and wake surf. I’m sure someone will be making a video of it soon. Then Saturday we took the kids swimming twice on our lake. I think we have the perfect swimming area with no drop off until almost the middle of the lake, so the kids have lots of space to play. And we ended the weekend Saturday evening with cooking hotdogs, s’mores and mountain pies over a firepit on the edge of the lake. And Tim and Dan ate their first Cheeto since I found some all nautral ones at the store.

It was fun watching Noah and Titus interact with each other, actually have conversations with their limited vocabulary. Ruby had tons of fun out in the water. She’s quite the outdoorsy girl with lots of energy. And little Addison has grown up fast. She’s already 2 months old and will focus in on you and react to you, which is really fun. That made me more excited for Baby Schmoyer to come join us. S/He only has 4 weeks and 4 days until the due date, or longer if s/he decides it’s not time yet.

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    we had tons of fun, thanks for having us up!

  2. Glad you had fun! Thanks for coming!